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Thursday Dec 18, 2008

I’ve been working hard this week, getting up earlier than usual (and seriously, earlier than 5:30 a.m. should be made illegal) and logging in when I get home. It’s tiring but oddly enjoyabe.

I’ve been at my job for over a year now and while I’m working hard I do enjoy the work I do. I’m also a massive fan of staff sending me thank you notes with chocolate. That I really loike.

Still no sign of George. It’s been two weeks now and I’m beginning to get used to the idea that he’s not coming home. I hate the idea, but 2 weeks is a long time. I can’t throw anything of his out but his fur has been vacummed up and his paw prints on the bathroom mirror have all gone. I miss the furry little bugger.

This weekend our Mormon Housewife is coming to the city for a lady night. I bought a new dress (another black shirt dress) and there will be heels and it will be nice. I need her in my life, and she needs me. She took one path (marriage, beautiful babies and suburbia) and I took the other route (umm, single career city cat lady without a cat?) and when we have bad days it’s nice to call someone from the other side of the spectrum and get a little perspective. Plus despite being Mormon, and having a father for a bishop and a missionary as a husband, she is fantastically dirty and is so pixie-like that I want to bite her or frame her and keep her on my wall.

I have this problem with a friend on Facebook. I met this boy back in the day, and he’s always had this delightful girlfriend. But I was checking out his profile the other day and realised his relationship status was Single. And he apparently has been for at least a couple of months, but it could be longer or shorter. So now I want to ask him how he is and say how crap that must have been, but what if it happened like 6 months ago and I am the shittest friend ever?

I really need to be more observant.

Also, found the best dress ever at Etsy, I want to make out with this dress and have it as my date for New Year. Which I guess I will when I wear it. Score!

New Years Eve plans have been locked in, house party at K’s house which has a pool. I am all over that idea like white on rice. I will no doubt be sleeping in K’s room (as we always tend to room together being the only single girls of the group) which at least means I can get very sloshed on cocktails, swim while dangerously sloshed, and then pass out later all while being frocked up and wearing thongs. I’m sorry but that has all of the favourites covered.

 Anyway I’m off to bed, hope everyone is well.

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