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Lucy in the middle of bumfuck nowhere…

Friday Aug 1, 2008

That’s where she is folks, and it’s all pretty much down hill for her from here on out….

Things you might (or might not) want to know:

1. I was privelliged to join Lucy when she purchased a maxi dress for her monumentous trip (men, I have no idea what this is, however, keep reading).  Importantly, when worn, ‘the girls’ have decided to escape the boundaries of bra and bodello and expose themselves in ways that would make miner boys lose their mind.

2. Unfortunately for the men, I doubt she will be posting a photo.  For the ladies, I’m sure you understand the predicament….

3. Lucy’s mum is a unique figure in the world, therefore I believe right now she will be dragging her daughter (and her daughters friends) to every strip joint, topless bar, rough hangout, bikie gang clubhouse and shady dealing premises you can imagine.

4. You can be assured that Lucy will be delighted with these activities.

5. Drinking on schoolnights is a requirement when you’re in a mining town.  Drinking in the middle of the day is a requirement when you’re in a mining town.  I believe Lucy is succeeding at meeting her drinking quota for both occasions.

6. And finally, Lucy is probably going to regret the fact that I was the one who set up her account and still have the admin password 🙂


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