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Friday Dec 12, 2008

No George L


I had Wednesday off work sick, so I called around to all of the councils, vets and pounds in the area but no luck. The posters are going up around the neighbourhood tomorrow (once it stops raining) and then I just wait.


This week has fucking sucked and I cannot wait until it is over. I’ve been trying to just keep on trucking with the boy and the cat thing so I don’t get bogged down and have a little depressive meltdown. It works okay, sometimes when it’s busy at work though I get a little stressed, but hey work is called work for a reason. Not meant to be fun.


I was having drinks tonight with Beth and K, but it is cold and miserable tonight and I left my umbrella on the train this morning. Not good. Although now my hair is so big it’s technically a white girl-fro so that’s pretty awesome.


Tomorrow for some reasons is going to be like 30 degrees and hot, so breakfast tomorrow morning with Beth instead. Her and DJ share an apartment with the long haired tattooed boy I accidentally slept with earlier this year. And tattooed boy’s new girlfriend just moved in with them so they’ve got 2 couples in a relatively small 2 bedroom apartment. Beth is not handling the lack of space too well, so must make sure do not choose the busy poky little café tomorrow.


I always joke that with IT departments always kinda laying people off left right and centre that I’d fall back onto dog walking if I was ever made redundant. And man, I gotta be honest with you a career as a dog walker would be pretty sweet.


I think the only thing I’d miss would be my sweet salary.


Although I’m kinda scared of big dogs (actually just German shepherds) and I’m relatively lazy, so may need to finetune some details.


I think that I have terrible relationship karma, Adam disagrees with me on this, but geez I am not doing too well with boys lately. Absolutely no luck with them, it’s all bad timing, right guy wrong time, wrong guy right time, right guy has a girlfriend already.


So I’m think that maybe in a past life I was like Henry the 8th or something and I’m being paid back for all that chopping and beheading stuff he was into.


It’s just a little frustrating is all and I’m just a little tired of the hope and then the not. Combine that with my lack of sleeping buddy with George and it’s just been a long week, you know?

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