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Friday showers

Friday Feb 6, 2015

There’s a shower room in our office that people used post-gym/exercise sessions. The problem is it’s not in the actual bathroom area, it’s just sitting there in between meeting rooms on the way to the server room.

So every time I walk past it, and hear the shower going, I’m super aware that only a metre or two away one of my work colleagues is naked.

That’s my thoughts for a Friday morning.


Photo post!

Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

And by photos I mean mainly photos of my cat. Who doesn’t love that shit.


Poppy yesterday morning feeling the sads.


Hand me my washing stick, Ma! 



Sydney at this time of year is full of Jacaranda trees with beautiful purple flowers. This is the view from my office and it’s gorgeous.



Poppy licking my cardigan…….I don’t know either.



Check out the Dadsicle rocking ICU in his hospital issue pj’s. This is 2 days post surgery and he is totally flipping me the bird.



Spring evenings in my “backyard”, a.k.a. my tiny patch of lawn.



Poppy watching me cook. Creepily.

He’s good.

Monday Nov 17, 2014

Dad is slowly but surely recovering from his surgery. Unsurprisingly it’s the sternum/rib break and muscle cutting (retch), that was required to access his heart, that is taking the longest to heal. He is doing well, being compliant and being as patient as possible.

I spent a week down there post-surgery being a good daughter and looking after him, Sabine spending weekends there.

I am so so glad it is over and he made it through and is recovering well.

The day of the surgery was horrendous. The cardiothoracic ICU is a fucking awful place to be. We all (Sabine, I and his sister) went in to see him a couple of hours post-surgery, there aren’t many memories that I would pay to forget but I added a few more that day.

He was released 5 days post-surgery and we took him home where he’s been recuperating since.

Heart surgery is not for pussies.


Thursday Oct 16, 2014

We’ve just found out my father needs to have triple bypass surgery. He’s got at least 3 blockages in his coronary arteries that they need to unblock.

He had an appointment with a cardiologist Monday who straight after he performed the stress test told us we had to take him to the emergency department. Since then he’s been hanging out in the cardiology wing.

I was okay with it all (he’s relatively young, they caught it in time, he’s in a great hospital and has good doctors, he’s relatively healthy etc etc.) until I discovered today they not only stop his heart during the surgery but they will also crack through ribs or his sternum to do the surgery.

That’s brown trousers time for anyone, especially when it’s your Dad. My sister and I have been off work for a few days but head back next week until his surgery then we’ll take more time off to help him recover and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. He’s from the north of England and has a pretty strong will. I mean, he’s been having what he describes as mild discomfort in his chest for the past few months. When the cardiologist told him that was actually chest pain and was actually a pretty big deal he was totally un-phased by it all.

I’ve also started to see this new boy. He is delightful but it’s still early stages yet. He’s so pretty though.

So, that’s what’s been happening around here.

All nighter

Monday Sep 29, 2014

After the office move fortnight from hell I got to have one normal night before having to pull an all nighter after one of our systems broke and was needed by the CEO (of course) the next day.

In the same way that a sloth is not designed for marathons, nor a seal designed for using a rowing machine I am not designed to work for 30 hours straight. At all.

I’d nap for an hour in between epic teleconferences with the US.

It was made even worse because I was due to have that day off as time in lieu, so I had a massive day planned of watching the last few episodes of True Blood and doing sweet fuck all. Don’t taunt an introvert with a quiet day off to themselves, after spending weeks with people, and then take it away from them.

That’s just mean.


Thursday Sep 25, 2014

I’ve been in Melbourne for work the past week, we were relocating one of our bigger offices down there and I’m involved from the IT side.

I’ve always described myself as a lazy workaholic and this trip was no exception; 7 full days down there, minimum 12 hour days, no days off and now all I want to do is sleep and not work. I’m taking a day off soon as time in lieu (no overtime, boo) and just have to get through this week.

I did get a few hours off on Sunday where I got to catch up with one of my favourite people (Daniel) for breakfast but missed out on catching up with a whole bunch of other people I would’ve loved to have seen – Joy, Jen, John. J’s represent!

There apparently was a bit of fall out after my last blog post, I should know better than to write about people who may read here. After all I’ve been writing my silly posts here for nearly 10 years now, you think I would’ve learned by now.

I flew home yesterday and got to hang with Poppy and an off sick Sabine. Apparently Poppy missed me as I got a text from Sabine while I was away with an “FYI, your cat is an arsehole.” Poppy normally sleeps on my bed and Sabine wasn’t down for that so Poppy scratched at her door through the night meowing.

That’s my girl!

Throw rocks at them

Monday Sep 15, 2014

What a beautiful day yesterday was in Sydney. I slept in, pottered around and then there was a street festival for the suburb I live in so Sabine and I wandered up to take a look.

I got an adorable new necklace, got a pot of soil with carrot seeds in it (look how happy I am!) and then got a pulled pork and coleslaw roll.6tag-2490348-809021996678870963_2490348

Approx. 5 minutes after this photo I bumped into my ex-boyfriend. Sabine, who is not great under pressure sometimes, threw a garbled warning out which only confused me.

This kid, who I adored and had an amicable break up with, then blocked me on Facebook and started seeing the sister of a friend of mine. I found out when a mutual friend of ours saw a photo posted of him and the sister on Facebook. I don’t think he realises that I know this. But I do. And now there is anger. Because he was one of the good guys. And now he’s not.



You’re the one for me, fatty

Friday Sep 12, 2014

I’ve been on a healthy eating thing for the past few months now. It’s working which is great, but I am fucking miserable.

I am continuing this diet because:

I am fat.

Sheer stubbornness.

I am enjoying watching the kilo’s come off (12 kg’s so far) but that is literally all I am enjoying. A couple of people have asked me how it’s all going and if I feel better and my immediate answer is always, no, it sucks balls. I am miserable, I am hungry and I do not get to enjoy ANY OF THE FOOD I LIKE!

I miss out on birthday cakes at work. I miss out on work yum cha lunchs and ribs. I am taking skim milk in my coffee and it’s balls. It has been weeks since I had cheese or cream and fried stuff I can only look back on fondly.

Anyway. I am eating well and it is lame.

I also moved house a month or so ago. I’m sharing a place with my sister. I have a backyard:


Poppy and I are both massive fans. I bought a hand push lawn mower thing and it pleases me immensely to cut the grass. I have banned Sabine from touching, looking at, breathing heavily near the lawn. Tomorrow I go to Bunnings to buy an edger and lawn feed. Yeah. Shit just got real.

There’s even rainbows and shit from the backyard.

WP_20140821_17_04_14_Pro I have to be honest and say I’m not coping well not living on my own yet. I knew it would take a while and Sabine and I are getting along well, I just miss my own space. And weeing with the door open.

Work is busy as usual. I have an eye twitch at the moment, it migrated from my right eye to my left eye though. I travel interstate next week for work to set up a new office, that’ll be pretty cool. I love a freshly patched comms rack. And hotel living. And expensing everything. I do not enjoy working weekends but I’m lazy so that’s a given.

It’s been a strange couple of months, lots of change which I hate but I imagine is character building. I’m doing good though, good things are happening and stuff. Hope you’re all well x


Wednesday Apr 2, 2014

I’m afraid I appear to have turned into my father.

I just had a shower and while serenading Poppy as she sits on the bath mat creepily staring at me I broke into a whistle solo. The song I was singing did not have whistling in it, there certainly wasn’t a whistle solo for christ’s sake.

But whistle along I did, just like my Dad.

I also spent a full day on the weekend reading a book, I pronounced it a productive day too. Many a weekend passed living with Dad where we’d barely speak, just reading.

The final nail in the coffin was a call I received last night at 8:30 p.m. I looked at my mobile and thought who the hell is calling this time of night. Total Dad move,

I am a 60 year old man.


Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

I’ve been a bit down lately, although it seems like it’s normal down rather than stupid brain chemistry down.

After coming back from holidays, both the overseas trip and the usual office Christmas closure, I realised I was in minus annual leave to the amount of 3.5 weeks. Which means I don’t get another break until 2015.

Work is stressful at the moment. I have all of this responsibility and I hate it, it makes me nauseous. I’ve been with my current company for over 5 years now and I’m not sure if I want to continue in the industry I’m in. But I don’t know what else to do.

Beth is pregnant, finally hugely pregnant after trying for 2 years. I can’t describe how much of a wonderful mother she will be and I can’t wait to meet the little puddin’. I’m also aware that things will change a lot and I’m sad about that.

I’m very aware that now all of my best friends have families and children. I’ve never felt left behind before, Meg and B. have husbands and kids between them but Beth feels different.

I’m feeling my single-less for the first time and that’s making me uncomfortable.

I’m just a bit overwhelmed at the moment and I know it’s normal and understandable blah blah blah.

Anyway. This is what’s happening. I hope you’re well.

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