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tradition and costumes and stuff

Wednesday Sep 16, 2009

I really shouldn’t have a twitter account, I am far too boring and predictable to update consistently with new and exciting things I do.

 Most day time updates are “I’m at work, it’s busy.” And most night time updates are “Cops is on, I’m in my tracksuit pants.”

 These do not maketh interesting reading.

 In other news my cousin is having her 30th birthday next weekend. Because she hates me she’s made it a themed costume party, where you come dressed as what you wanted to be when you grew up. WWHHHYYYY?! Surely we are too old for this shit.

 Especially considering that I wanted to be either a Physical Education (PE) school teacher (totally laughable now) or the prime minister. Or Rainbow Brite. Either way I do not do costumes, I fail so miserably in keeping my dignity intact on a normal day that dressing in costume would instantly destroy any remaining dignity I may be clinging to.

 This Saturday is an annual tradition within my group of friends. Essentially it’s our local pubs birthday and to celebrate they open at 8:00 a.m. and have celebrations and stuff. Now because we are loyal and half of us are borderline lushes this all day drinking thing has become an annual shindig/endurance contest.

 The girls are much more clever about it, we don’t arrive until early afternoon, the boys get there at 8 a.m. have the breakfast provided and start with the beers. It’s messy and awesome and tradition and I like being able to be home, drunk by 8:00 p.m. with a packet of honey baked ham Kettle chips.

 Last year one of the girls was cut off by the bar staff within an hour of arriving, and fell off the table while dancing on top of it. Last year DJ punched one of his best friends in the face because he was trying to get DJ to nap for a couple of hours because he was terribly hammered. The year before that one of our mildest mannered guy friends disappeared into the bathrooms with 2 Swedish backpackers for an hour.

Plus, 3 years ago DJ and Beth had their “first date” there, and she made me go along as support. While they spent the day making out in a corner (we are classy people) DJ’s friends looked after me and made me feel welcome and I made a lot of good friends from this drunken annual tradition.

 As of today all of my immediate family is in Western Australian, Mum and Dad live there (separately obvs) and my sister is being the good daughter for once and visiting Mum. To this I say, fuck you WA, give me my family back!


 I also discovered this baby photo of me and it’s possible that I am the fattest child in all of Australia, possibly the world. Also, the one and only time I had/will have blond hair.

3 quick things

Monday Sep 14, 2009

1. You people are wonderful. The comments about Lily were lovely and comforting and I really want to thank each and everyone of you who wrote something because it meant something to me.

2. I don’t think that the banana I ate with my cereal this morning was completely ripe. Now my tummy hurts and is making some very awkward noises that people sitting next to me can hear. Awkward. I need someone to come and rub my tummy until it feels better.

3. I bought new work shoes on Saturday. Although cute and peep toe’s they were obviously made by Satan’s minions because I am in horrendous pain with my blisters upon blisters on my heels. Fuck you Wittners, I pay you nearly $150.00 for shoes and you make me bleed? Asshole.

sad stuff

Friday Sep 11, 2009

Well, well, well.

 It appears that my ongoing fight with the universe is not going well, as this week has well and truly gone to shit. Let’s do this via bullet point because it is easier and I am lazy.

  1.  1. For my job I work in IT, I try not to discuss work too much but in essence if you have any type of audio communications (i.e. mobiles, fixed, PBX’s) I look after that stuff. I also do a lot of reporting for this since anyone who’s received a big mobile bill knows you need to monitor that shit. So this week I have been doing nothing but collating data and costs and reporting on it for my big boss. I have been writing this report and working with Excel for minimum 9 hours each day and I fucking hate this report already. I don’t even care if it’s good or not, I just want it to go away. I’m dreaming about dollars and VLookUp and my head hurts. Oh and Mel is away sick so I’m busy as it is. Work blows this week.


  1. Dad left for WA on Wednesday, he’s half way there and I fucking hate it. He calls every night (I made him do it since he’s driving by himself) and we talk but I hate the fact he lives over there now.


  1. And the worst news of the week? Lily was driving over with Dad since he wanted her to come with him but didn’t trust her to fly, and she was killed yesterday and it makes me feel like a sad sack but I bawled my eyes out when Dad called to tell me last night. She was loving the driving and spent most of the time curled up sleeping in the back or in Dad’s lap looking out the window. She jumped out of the window, and even though she is awesomely defiant you can’t win a battle with the road at 120 km’s. Dad cried, he feels terrible. I’m sad because as much as that fat ball of fuzz annoyed me she was my first pet of my own and lived with me when I first moved to Sydney. Even if she pooped in all of my plants and killed them and weed in my shower, and nearly ate me out of house of home and weighed 50 bajillion kilos and shed like a bastard I loved her. And it’s so fucking typical of her to die doing something stupid.


It’s been a bad week. I’m going to breakfast and then shopping with Beth tomorrow. I plan to eat and shop my sad feelings away. It is a good plan since I am a chubby girl who loves her food, and a shallow girl who gets happy from buying new shiny things.

 Hope you all have great weekend’s.

boring update and fathers day and stuff

Monday Sep 7, 2009

Tired, tired, tired today.

Not sure why, it was a relatively quiet weekend but I got a lot done. I spent most of Saturday cooking for the picnic on Sunday for Father’s Day. I made mini spinach and fetta quiches, mini chicken and leek pies and because apparently I hadn’t prepared enough fattening food I made chicken schnitzel.

The weather was lovely on Sunday as well so we ended up going to Centennial Park and hanging out in the park for the day. Nice day. Except for when Dad dropped me home and said goodbye and I cried.

I hate this shit but I seem to be getting better at it. When Mum move moved interstate it was not a good time generally and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Now with Dad? I’m just sad.

Things that have cheered me up though are the teeny pies I made, they were delicious. And finally watching the third season of Dexter. And possibly getting to make out with a boy this weekend.

Oh, and I bought this new rug for my apartment, I like it a lot and I cannot wait for it to be delivered. All I have to do now is train Poppy to only shed white hair on the white bits and her black fur on the black bits.

The likelihood of failure for this is high but I remain optimistic.

This is a boring update, so I’m going to leave it now before it gets any worse.

finances and non judging apartment and stuff

Monday Aug 24, 2009

I’ve finally started to settle into my new apartment. I don’t know what it is, I think it was just too new and shiny and I felt like it mocked me as I sat on my lounge in tracksuit pants, old Nirvana t-shirts, watching Cops and eating Honey Baked ham chips.

 Which it should really when you give that image some thought.

 But I think I’ve discovered the main problem – it’s all wood floors, and shiny silver appliances, and tasteful beige walls which is really depressing when it’s cold as it feels stark and unwelcoming.

 But you know when it feels lovely and warm and comforting? When it’s sunny and warm, and I can open up the sliding doors to the balcony and there’s a nice breeze, then I like the apartment.

 Which is lucky since I signed a 12 month lease.

 I did my financial mission statement over the weekend. I’m sick of counting down the days until pay day when I earn more than enough. Plus I really want to buy my own apartment, and since I want to buy in Sydney I need to have my financial shit together.

 So I applied for and got a consolidation loan to pay off my debt – damn you credit cards and your fake money feeling. I’m pretty sure it’s the only debt I have so paying off that is my main priority. (I’m not completely sure but I’m almost positive I’ve paid off my HECS debt, but since I didn’t lodge a tax return last year it appears that I’m just paying the repayments into the great taxation office void. If I have paid it off I am going to get an AWESOME tax return this year)

 Once the credit cards have been paid off, I get down to the saving. I save for 12 months and I have a deposit for an apartment. Then I buy said apartment.

 This is the plan anyway and it’s a good plan for me. I will be Financially Responsible Lucy.

 I’ve also decided that I’m going to buy a sewing machine, I bought a couple of dresses lately for summer that are just adorable but look so easy to make. I tend to live in dresses during summer and how awesome would it be if I could make my own?

 Mel, my work sidekick, has sent me some links to patterns and machines and stuff and has made me promise I will start with some simple stuff. She does not agree that starting with a prom dress is the smart move, so once I locate and buy a kicky little sewing machine I get to make some cushion covers for my lounge. It’s going to be awesome. And by awesome I guarantee I will fuck up approximately 4 covers, sew my own hand together a couple of times, and maybe get bored with cushion covers and make Poppy an outfit like this  instead. And also stuff it up.


 I’m going home now, work has been a little frantic today and I need to get the hell out of here. Ciao ciao!

annoying parents and stuff

Friday Aug 21, 2009

God, what a week.

 It’s weeks like these where I just want to either punch someone square in the face or just never get out of bed. Since neither of these are feasible this week has been loooong.

 You know how I’ve looking after Lily while Dad’s interstate. I got her last Monday and was told he’d be back in about a week.

 A week and a half later I hadn’t heard anything from Dad and two cats in the house was officially driving me nuts.

 Turns out my Dad got back from his trip a few days ago. But forgot to tell me. And didn’t return 3 text messages asking when he was coming back. Because apparently he didn’t feel like talking much.

 Nice work Dad.

 Work has been crazy busy, there are far too many projects going on at the moment and I just don’t have enough hours in the day and I’m refusing to do crazy hours anyway. To me if I have to regularly do over 11+ the problem is not enough staff, so I’m trying to jam it into a 10 hour day and it’s not bloody long enough. Stupid work.

 I can definitely say that missing half a week of anti-depressants has not made this week pleasant whatsoever.

 Also two cats in one apartment which is roomy for 1 person, not so roomy with a small cat army who are intent on killing each other. Or in Lily’s case, pooping in my closet all over my work clothes.

 I have not enjoyed this week, and so tonight what I’m going to do is go home from work, get into my pyjamas, open a bag of chips, watch a documentary on the West Memphis 3, and have a solid night of sloth and gluttony.

 It’s going to be awesome. What are you guys up to this weekend?

stupid things and stuff

Thursday Aug 13, 2009

Is it sad that I want to update my blog design so it matches my twitter design?

 Because while I’m a big fan of the current design I do like the garish purple-ness of the twitter background.

Thoughts, complaints, whatevs?

I really should know better than to do two things –

– Let my prescription for anti-depressants run out.

– Agree to cat sit for Dad.

The first one is self explanatory and shows I am a fucking idiot. I’m on anti-depressants for a reason, and forgetting to renew my prescription is just downright retarded and I’m scared that the 3-4 day break is going to cause some issues. Adam has promised that if I start making macramé and throwing my cats at passerby’s from my balcony that he will get me help.

Which is comforting.

The second is due to the fact that Dad’s cat Lily is a disagreeable, wilful and disobedient animal that hates everyone, including Poppy and I. So far she is making her unhappiness at being in my house abundantly clear, her unhappiness manifests itself in her peeing on the kitchen floor, pooping in the shower and showering my apartment with her half Persian coat. Oh and hissing at Poppy.

Fucking cat.

I was supposed to go to (enter town near Canberra) this weekend for a family get together but realised I’d already promised Beth’s brother I’d go see his soccer final. Since he also has some red haired ranga’s on his team going means I don’t break a promise and I get to sledge some ginger’s which I do love to do.

In another news I’m on a meal shake/replacement thingy to reduce the size of my arse. I prefer not to do weight related stuff on this page because frankly, I find it boring and it’s me going through it so I’m assuming other people think the same. Needless to say I’m hungry but for the greater good blah blah blah.

the great outdoors and stuff

Monday Aug 10, 2009

My friends and I appear to not do well in the great outdoors.

We went to a national park yesterday for a picnic for Beth’s brothers birthday.

Because while it was a lovely sunny day and there was good food and beer and great company we had a few mishaps.

In the 3 or 4 hours we were there K. took an awesome tumble running after a soccer ball (I’ve never seen anyone bounce like that), DJ fell into the duck pond (also chasing after the soccer ball), during playing around with Beth’s 5 year old nephew I gave him a wedgie and he cried a lot (I’m a terrible human being) and then another friend of ours also fell into the duck pond (again trying to stop a soccer ball going into the water.)

Morale of the story – The great outdoors is dangerous and we should stay well away.

reunions and lame stuff and stuff

Wednesday Aug 5, 2009

Oh dear. I just received an invitation to my high school reunion.

 An 11 year school reunion because we were too lazy to organise a 10 year one? Organised by girls who left in year 9-10? At a horse racing club? With half the people going that I don’t even know/remember?

 Oh no thank you.

 I went to a decidedly dodgy slash ”disadvantaged” high school, it was pretty rough but I had great friends and awesome teachers so I never really noticed. Besides high school finished a long time ago, and I have a lot of good memories of it. But it’s done and I’ve kept in touch with the people who I wanted to.

 I will of course look at the photos of it afterwards on Facebook, because why the hell not.

 Other lame things going on include –

 –       Finding out my hairdresser works Sundays in Leichardt, which is about oooh 5 minutes away from my house. Ordinarily she works at a salon that’s 2 bus rides away. Awesome, thank you Carol who does great things with my hair. I’ve got an aapointment this Sunday and I’m hoping she won’t be too cranky with me for trimming my own fringe, at work, with paper scissors.

–       Going to a picnic and kick around at a park on Sunday afternoon for Beth’s brothers birthday. There will be food and sunshine and probably a full contact soccer game. Lovely.

–       There is a fight brewing in our little group which is descending into awesome high school-esque displays. It would be funny if it wasn’t so lame.

–       I think I’m getting sick, I’m hoping it’s just a couple of days of some lame sickness that will go away soon versus turning into full blown swine flu.

–       Mel and I have just been called into a last minute meeting with our manager, I’m trying to convince her that we’re being sacked. She doesn’t believe me. (Update – Holy shit, we’re not getting sacked in fact she’s now 100% doing Voice stuff rather than 50%. Full time sidekick!)

–       I’m going to trivia Friday night, since I’m going with Sabine, Beth and K I’m pretty sure we’re going to kick arse. Although it is a Labor party function, which means we could either be the smartest people there or the dumbest. We’ll see.

–       Mark is sick, and has been in and out of hospital getting tests done. I’m worried about him, since he’s been experiencing a weird and scary range of symptons. But he asked me for a photo of the girls last night so that’s a good sign.

–       Work is weird without our crazy little head of IT who left on Friday. It’s not as irreverant or as fun without him here. Maybe we’ll get used to it, and hopefully we won’t get a complete douchebag of a replacement.  

–       I’ve cut out carbs from my dinners and it’s been surprisingly easy. Although I do want some mashed potatoes, I wonder if Deb contains actual carbs or just fake carbs?

–       Dad leaves in 3 weeks. Still not happy about it.

–       It was exactly a year ago that we were all in Kalgoorlie for Mum’s birthday. Cannot believe a whole year has gone by since this post. Just looking at those photos makes my liver twinge.

monday and bags and boys and stuff

Monday Aug 3, 2009

How on earth does a man leave the house without carrying a bag? Half of the boys I work with come to work empty handed, they have their wallet, keys and phone in their pocket and that’s it.

 What’s in my handbag at the moment includes – an umbrella (what if it rains?), purse, phone, keys, one of those fold up green bags, my camera, a book, my Nintendo DS, iPod, cosmetic stuff (blotting tissues, mascara, nail file, comb, lip balm, hand cream, sunscreen) medical stuff (headache tablets, band aids etc), my emergency kit (this is rarely used, and it’s mainly used if I don’t end up going home for work or whatever reasons – it has face cleansing wipes, spare underwear, (don’t look at me like that) hair ties, essentially everything I need to make it look like I went home.)

 What the hell happens for boys if it starts to rain, or if the train is delayed and they’ve got nothing to do but sit there for an hour? I know that I was a very terrible Girl Guide (what with the single badge I earned in 2-3 years and the hatred of camping) but the “be prepared” thing has carried over.

 I had a relatively lazy weekend, slept in Saturday, shuffled downstairs for a coffee and the newspapers, shuffled back to the balcony and woke up that way. Since I had no idea when the BBQ was starting I had an afternoon nap too. Beth woke me up saying they’d be at my place in 10 minutes, I threw on whatever was closest and headed over to Beth and DJ’s place.

 The boy was nice and nerdy, a little shorter than I thought but let’s be honest I’m 5’2 so everyone is taller than me. There were two strikes against actually getting to know him though, he is shy and my friends are loud and can be slightly overwhelming. On their own these things are not too bad, but combining a shy man with a room full of……loud people in an established group and I think he was just generally overwhelmed.

 But since he showed potential and Beth liked him, and DJ is itching for him and I to get married, there will be a future catch up with just a few of us so there can be more talking.

 God, this whole meeting new boys thing is bloody exhausting. It really is. I think what I have with Mark (a.k.a. SleepoverBoy, who if I don’t clarify that it’s not Mark from he will whine again) has spoilt me and made me lazy. While things were a little angsty in the beginning (what with him being an ex and all) things have been pretty cool for the past couple of years. We get on well, we make each other laugh, we make out, he goes home, the end. We’d catch up maybe once or twice a month and that’s it. I like my space but I also like having that physical and emotional boy contact so it suits me well.

 So the idea of having to start again really, in getting to know someone, to figuring them out, just tires me rather than exciting me.

 I think I’ve been single too long I’ve turned into Patty and Selma (but without the iguana and lesbian thing.)

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