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All the pork pies!

Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

It feels like ages since I’ve written here so I thought I’d drop in and say hi.

Things are going okay. We had a round of redundancies at work and lost about a third of the IT department, most of them outsourced overseas. Will be interesting to see how long it takes for the roles to come back in house. They nearly always do.

I’ve had the flu and spent a few days last week dying at home. I am not a good sick person, I want to be left alone but then I get cranky when people don’t come over with soup and stroke my hair. I am a pleasant person. Still, was nice to have a couple of days at home.

I’ve got two gigs coming up, You Am I and Ash, both my 16 year old self and my current self are excited about this.

It’s been over a year now since Grandma died and the grief still surprises me. I was dusting and washing my tea cups and tea pots and had forgotten she’d put a sticker on the teapot I liked of hers. Tea Pot

She went through a phase where every time you’d visit she’d ask if you wanted any of her stuff. I’d say she was being morbid and I didn’t want her stuff (except for the teapot.) Didn’t realise it would be so fresh still this far after. Because she did some acting there’s film out there with her on it and I can’t bring myself to watch it. I miss the old duck.

I picked up a stray cat last week, she was living in a church across the road from me. Slept under my car at night, was ravenous when I started feeding her and was skinny. So I grabbed her and took her to the vet to see if she was microchipped, when they couldn’t get a hold of the owner for a couple of days I brought her home. She was a sweetheart, a little manx cat that when she was happy she’d wag her little tail.

Not Stray

Except it turns out she did have an owner, there is an apartment above the church that I didn’t know was there. And the owner had been worried sick. So yeah, I kidnapped a cat.

Anyway. I apologised a million times and the owner and I are okay, in fact I offered to cat sit for her if she ever needed it.

It’ll be a while before I “rescue” any strays again.

It’s my Dad’s 60th birthday this year. Sabine and I were trying to convince him to have a party, just do something. He decided he was going to the UK and that we should come with him. So come mid October Sabine, Pater and I will be spending a month in the UK. A week in Ireland and a week in France. If we make it through without killing each other it will be ah-mazing. I am going to eat all of the pork pies and have a lady date with ihatemyname. I’m going to work on my terrible rusty French, currently I only know the greetings, how to buy cigarettes and have to order a cheese and ham baguette. Should be enough. Is going to be awesome.

I’m single still although I am stealth dating J, and by stealth dating I mean we’re hanging out and he doesn’t know we’re dating. I’m sorry but if I make out with you and then go to Ikea with you on a Sunday? Dating. If I go furniture shopping with you? Dating. If I spend weekend afternoons at yours watching the IT Crowd and making out? Dating. If you come to things as my implied date? Dating.

It’s only creepy if you think about it too much…..

Poppy is still my furry faced little companion. She oscillates between being a complete jerk and being a sweetheart. Although she has taken to sitting beside my pillow of morning and staring at me until I wake up. This is the view and I do not like it.

Creepy Wake Up

She is not excited to see me, she is plotting my downfall and I ruined it by waking up, look at the suspicion and loathing on her face.

Overall things are good. How is everyone? Your hair looks great.


Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Life is delightfully full at the moment.

Work is stupidly draining but I’m working on a couple of projects that I just love. Family is doing okay but lots of contact going on, but not too much, which is great. Friends are awesome, and I’m making plans with this ridiculously good looking boyfriend of mine.

I know I’m not usually a gusher but God he’s a great kid and I’m enjoying the hell out of him. He makes me laugh and laugh.

Went and saw Lana Del Rey last week, she is this amazingly awkward sex kitten. Fantastic singer and one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while.

The Family Griswald vacation is taking shape. We’re already arguing over stuff so I can’t wait until we’re actually stuck in the confined space of a campervan for a week, shits gonna get real yo.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. How’s everyone been? Your hair looks good….


Saturday Jul 21, 2012

For someone who is a hermit and doesn’t like leaving my house I’ve been out and about recently. Making out with John is a strong motivator.

You know what he bought me yesterday? Think about one of my favourite things to do, watching TV (in comfy pants obviously) right? So he buys me a DVD player that can play from USB. In addition he downloads Game of Thrones S2 for me. And I’m not allowed to tell you how often he cooks for me. The man’s a keeper.

The International Lampoon’s Vacation, I.e. the Antilogy family take a campervan trip around New Zealand, is shaping up. 5 days, 10 family members, 3 campervans. I’m genuinely excited. Can you imagine the potential for disaster for just my sister, my Dad and I to go on holidays? Combine that with the creepy uncle, the precocious 5 year old daughter of my cousin, two siblings not getting along and three brothers who fight almost constantly?

It’s going to be ah-mazing.

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