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Monday Aug 31, 2015

It’s the last day of winter today and I am ready, totally fully ready, for Spring. We’ve started getting cold but sunny days and it is marvelous. I used to have chickens as a teenager (I did an Agriculture class at school and surprised Dad one day with three chicks) and when they’d hit a sunspot in the backyard they’d stretch one wing out and just collapse. Exactly like this.



This is me at the moment, hit a sun ray, want to collapse.

Things are chugging along okay. I’m still doing okay with my study and I’m up to my third assessment. It’s an assist client topic so it’s pretty similar to some of what I do in IT, e.g. help the helpless, so I’m chugging along nicely.

We had a death in the family quite recently and Mum flew home for the funeral, while it was a shit occasion it was so good to see her and her side of the family. They’re all good people and fucking hilarious. We kind of neglected that side after Mum moved interstate so it’s good to reconnect. I, as usual, look nothing like anyone in the family. Everyone’s all fair skin and freckles and thin and I’m tubby and brunette with olive skin tones.

It’s also a nice change from Dad’s side of the family. Did I tell you they buried our grandmother without telling us? Good times! It’s the first time we’ve had a family falling out and while I’d really really prefer not to have had it happen I can understand how people hold a grudge for decades and decades. I am stubborn and I will hold this motherfucking grudge until they apologise. Because? Don’t bury one of my favourite people in the world, not invite us (including her son) and then get angry with us when we find out the day before and ask what is happening. In a bonus I got de-friended on Facebook by them. That’s a first during a fight from adults rather than teenagers :/

Still single. I’m pretty sure that I should just take a lover and avoid relationships. Is lover the adult euphemism for for FWB’s? I think so, much easier 🙂



Friday Sep 21, 2012

Dot points because I can and I’m lazy:

– I’m single again and I’m sad. You know of my theory of the 3 relationship requirements? Right person, right place and right time? And even if just one is missing it’s all out of whack? Timing was our downfall. It was amicable and mutual and we broke up sitting in his car on the way to breakfast last weekend. I cried (recently I have been crying at everything, EVERYTHING) because it was the right thing for both of us right now and it sucked.

We’re going to try being friends, we were friends for a while before we started with the dating. I mentioned though that all that time I’d been trying to get into his pants. I said tearfully, sadly and snottily, “I like what’s in your pants.”

I kept it classy obviously.

I really hope we do, I’m not ready to give him up just yet. He’s worth it, he’s always been worth it.

Actually, I’m not really feeling like posting anything more.

I hope you’re all well xx


Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Life is delightfully full at the moment.

Work is stupidly draining but I’m working on a couple of projects that I just love. Family is doing okay but lots of contact going on, but not too much, which is great. Friends are awesome, and I’m making plans with this ridiculously good looking boyfriend of mine.

I know I’m not usually a gusher but God he’s a great kid and I’m enjoying the hell out of him. He makes me laugh and laugh.

Went and saw Lana Del Rey last week, she is this amazingly awkward sex kitten. Fantastic singer and one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while.

The Family Griswald vacation is taking shape. We’re already arguing over stuff so I can’t wait until we’re actually stuck in the confined space of a campervan for a week, shits gonna get real yo.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. How’s everyone been? Your hair looks good….


Saturday Jul 21, 2012

For someone who is a hermit and doesn’t like leaving my house I’ve been out and about recently. Making out with John is a strong motivator.

You know what he bought me yesterday? Think about one of my favourite things to do, watching TV (in comfy pants obviously) right? So he buys me a DVD player that can play from USB. In addition he downloads Game of Thrones S2 for me. And I’m not allowed to tell you how often he cooks for me. The man’s a keeper.

The International Lampoon’s Vacation, I.e. the Antilogy family take a campervan trip around New Zealand, is shaping up. 5 days, 10 family members, 3 campervans. I’m genuinely excited. Can you imagine the potential for disaster for just my sister, my Dad and I to go on holidays? Combine that with the creepy uncle, the precocious 5 year old daughter of my cousin, two siblings not getting along and three brothers who fight almost constantly?

It’s going to be ah-mazing.

Monogrammed track suits

Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

My sister Sabine called me yesterday. In amongst the general catch up she told me, “All of those boyfriend sappy posts you blog about? Cut that shit out.”

Being the younger sister my natural reaction to being told by her what to do is “Get fuuuuuucked.”

She was only kidding, she is my biggest awesomest cheerleader in the world, is really happy for me and is my team mate in the crazy family known as the Antilogy’s.

But I also get it, i hate that shit. Only a delicate little line separates that from going on bike rides with your partner wearing matching monogrammed tracksuits.

But you know, I’ve been single forever. I’ve been involved with emotional unavailable guys, emotionally unstable guys, married guys (unaware) and with guys who didn’t seem to like me all that much despite saying differently.

The relationship trifecta of right person at the right place with the right timing is sheer fucking luck. You can try and help things along but if you don’t have all of the luck gods working in your favour to provide all 3 you’re stuffed.

So yes, even though I unashamedly tried to seduce John on twitter for months (I’m better on the Internet) him being single, ready and digging me at the same time as me being single, ready and digging me was chance and I’m really thankful for that. He’s a great kid and I love his face and could make out with him for days and days.

I’m going to do my best not to fuck it up but despite being horrendously stressed and busy at work I’m really happy and if you occasionally get a ridiculously saccharin post about him then suck it.

I can only promise there won’t be any bike rides in the future, even if I can ride no handed like a boss.

Sunday Jun 24, 2012

Had a big day today, John (the boy) met Beth and DJ over breakfast. Nerve wracking. Luckily, or obviously since he’s lovely, they both thought he was awesome so tick of approval there.

But before that? I met his mother.

John’s Greek and has a great relationship with his mother, so I was terrified. As you guys know I’m not really great with relationships so I’ve never actually met the parents before. Fuck me, I don’t know how people do this.

Also luckily she is just adorable and lovely. I went home with some passion fruit she gave me from her vines, so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t hate me.

Life is pretty busy at the moment. Work is nuts, I went in yesterday because I had so much to do and just needed a few hours of quiet with no meetings or new emails/phone calls to actually do some work. It was great but I don’t want to be doing that all the time, things should settle down a bit in a month or two.

We’re at the start of a 7 year astrological cycle at the moment, so my Dad says anyway. And it’s showing itself in the lives of a lot of people I know. Think about things that were going on in your life around 7 years ago, amd that’s happening again now. People are starting new things, ending old things, suffering from severe stress, there’s just a lot of change going on.

It’s been 6 weeks since Grandma died. I find myself talking about her in present tense sometimes. God, I miss her. She’s left such a gap and I know we were lucky to have her around for 89 years but I would’ve liked her to stay for another few. The visions of her towards the end are fading. I’m remembering more of the fun stuff, of her cheeky and funny self. Of her endless war stories. Of her constantly reciting poetry. Of just sitting with her in her backyard and having a chat. And I’m thankful for that. She was well and vibrant for 99.9% of her life, I’d like to remember that than the 0.1% towards the end when she wasn’t.

Apart from that things are trucking on.

Life’s pretty full and good at the moment.

Who knew?

Friday Jun 15, 2012

Right, so I’ve been away from home for the past few days doing a work project.

It took me 3.5 hours to drive home. In what should have been a 2 hour trip.

I’m tired, it’s been a long day and I just want to be home.

A few minutes from home the boy calls me, he’s waiting on my front door step with dinner he cooked for me and a block of chocolate.

He stays for maybe an hour, we make out and then he heads home leaving me to have a quiet night.

Who knew boys did this???

I didn’t know they did kind and considerate and thoughtful things.

No, but for serious, no one’s ever done this for me.

This is awesome! As is he.

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