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Hi, my name’s Lucy.

I –

– Am 30

– Am an IT specialist.

– Am technologically challenged, a.k.a. retarded yet keep getting a salary as a member of the IT department. Suckers.

– Go to my public library each week and read 4+ books a week.

– Get up far too early each morning for work, hence why I don’t go out much on school nights.

– Have great friends in the form of Beth, Meg the Mormon Housewife and Bec.

– Live on my own.

– Fall over a lot while getting dressed, it’s usually the pants that get me.

– Love sleeping and will nap at any opportunity. God help you if you interrupt my sleep.

– Am single.

– Love to spoon.

– Watch Cops a lot.

– have an internal voice that sounds like Jay from Silent Bob & Jay. Complete with tourette’s style cursing.

– Write here a couple of times a week month.

– Love going out for breakfast, preferably involving poached eggs, asparagus and turkish bread. Ooh, and corn fritters.

– I dig these blogs and read them daily: Adam, Jen, Kristen, T, Sundry, Jason Mulgrew.

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