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Thursday Oct 19, 2017

*tap tap* Is this thing on? *tap tap*

You mean to update every couple of weeks, then before you know it it’s been 2 years.

Things are good around here. To get caught up:

  • Dad’s surgery went really well and he is fully recovered. He actually retired a little while ago and moved out to the country. He has a little house on a quarter acre block and his veggie garden spans half of his back yard. He just adopted an old farm dog called Mac. Mac is 12 years old and Dad adores him. He’s well.
  • Sabine and I called it a day on sharing a house. We made it 2.5 years and surprising to everyone we parted on good terms and didn’t kill each other. Fucking miracle, man.
  • I’m still at my IT job. I actually just passed my ten year anniversary here and now have a couple of months of long service leave. I feel slightly depressed about this.
  • In the past year or so I’ve travelled a little bit, went to Hong Kong with my friends for a long weekend (amazing, although travelling with 5 other women was interesting), went back to Tasmania for a week (this time up north to Devonport), Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane for work.
  • Poppy is still alive and kicking. Slightly less fat but only slightly. She’s 8 now but still acts as she always has. Still shouts for attention but generally a lazy sweetheart.
  • I met someone. Luke. I quite like him and we ended up moving in together a few months back. He is smart and funny and interesting and a massive nerd. He has more books than my father, more music than a typical music store and hates people as much as me. He had two cats so we know have three. (FYI: when the cats out-number the humans you are shit out of luck. )

Things are good for me, it’s nice 😊

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