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Photo post!

Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

And by photos I mean mainly photos of my cat. Who doesn’t love that shit.


Poppy yesterday morning feeling the sads.


Hand me my washing stick, Ma! 



Sydney at this time of year is full of Jacaranda trees with beautiful purple flowers. This is the view from my office and it’s gorgeous.



Poppy licking my cardigan…….I don’t know either.



Check out the Dadsicle rocking ICU in his hospital issue pj’s. This is 2 days post surgery and he is totally flipping me the bird.



Spring evenings in my “backyard”, a.k.a. my tiny patch of lawn.



Poppy watching me cook. Creepily.

He’s good.

Monday Nov 17, 2014

Dad is slowly but surely recovering from his surgery. Unsurprisingly it’s the sternum/rib break and muscle cutting (retch), that was required to access his heart, that is taking the longest to heal. He is doing well, being compliant and being as patient as possible.

I spent a week down there post-surgery being a good daughter and looking after him, Sabine spending weekends there.

I am so so glad it is over and he made it through and is recovering well.

The day of the surgery was horrendous. The cardiothoracic ICU is a fucking awful place to be. We all (Sabine, I and his sister) went in to see him a couple of hours post-surgery, there aren’t many memories that I would pay to forget but I added a few more that day.

He was released 5 days post-surgery and we took him home where he’s been recuperating since.

Heart surgery is not for pussies.

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