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Thursday Oct 16, 2014

We’ve just found out my father needs to have triple bypass surgery. He’s got at least 3 blockages in his coronary arteries that they need to unblock.

He had an appointment with a cardiologist Monday who straight after he performed the stress test told us we had to take him to the emergency department. Since then he’s been hanging out in the cardiology wing.

I was okay with it all (he’s relatively young, they caught it in time, he’s in a great hospital and has good doctors, he’s relatively healthy etc etc.) until I discovered today they not only stop his heart during the surgery but they will also crack through ribs or his sternum to do the surgery.

That’s brown trousers time for anyone, especially when it’s your Dad. My sister and I have been off work for a few days but head back next week until his surgery then we’ll take more time off to help him recover and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. He’s from the north of England and has a pretty strong will. I mean, he’s been having what he describes as mild discomfort in his chest for the past few months. When the cardiologist told him that was actually chest pain and was actually a pretty big deal he was totally un-phased by it all.

I’ve also started to see this new boy. He is delightful but it’s still early stages yet. He’s so pretty though.

So, that’s what’s been happening around here.

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