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Tuesday Jan 21, 2014

I went overseas at the end of last year to the UK and France. It was fucking amazing.

it was my father, my sister Sabine and I for 4.5 weeks for my Dad’s birthday. We did London, Bath, Salisbury, York, lakes District, Northern England, Wales, Dublin, Belfast, Scotland, Paris and Normandy.  While travelling with your family is, uh, interesting it was a trip of a lifetime.

When I’m with my family I turn into the jerk younger sister that I am. Considering that Sabine and I had to share rooms and beds for several nights the woman is a saint for not strangling me in my sleep.

Rather than beautiful scenic photos you get the below photos where I pull faces at the camera all over!


On a sight seeing bus.



On the flight home. I’m overjoyed.


Waiting at the airport to fly home. I’m really overjoyed.



Trying to take a photo.

Flipping the bird at my sister at the Bronte parsonage.
That place was awesome and sad.




Scotland National Museum pretending to be a giant skeleton head?



On the Scottish Coast on the drive to Edinburgh. Bitterly cold and blowing a gale.


Waiting at St Pancras station for the Eurostar to Pariimage

This is the vending machine outside our hotel rooms in Paris. I put money in for the brownie bites you can vaguely see hanging half way out.
There may have been an unsuccessful shoulder charge and the next day there was this sign.
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