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Friendship card

Sunday Apr 28, 2013

I have been very well lately. My birthday was last week and not only did Meg leave her babies and drove 6 hours to come out for my birthday drinks but Sabine flew over FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY for my birthday. I am we’ll lucky.

Had an excellent night, I believe Meg was dancing in the middle of a dance circle at one point, may have been a dance off actually.

Friday Beth and I went to Costco. Holy mother of Jesus that place is fucking amazing. Live on my own but 40 rolls of toilet paper? Sure! Cooking for one but 2 kilos of tinned tomatoes? Get in my trolley!

While Sabine was here she stayed with me and we were talking smack as usual. Somehow I mentioned I was going to elope when/if I got married. Well. Apparently I am not allowed to do this. If I elope I have to bring Sabine. Then, the sneaky wench, she told Beth about my (obviously hypothetical) plans. Double well. I did not realise how strongly people feel about eloping and not being there. Beth? Furious. She actually pulled out the friendship card. The friendship card is the friendship veto, we have never used it on each other before in 15 years of being friends.

So now I’m just not getting married. Loophole friendship card win!

Also I bought a new car. Stella, my beloved Stella, was showing her age and had become less reliable. When she broke down on the approach to the Harbour Bridge in peak hour traffic I traded her in for this puppy. Her name’s Penny and we’re still getting to know each other, she has all of these fancy magical features. Magic!


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