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Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Life is delightfully full at the moment.

Work is stupidly draining but I’m working on a couple of projects that I just love. Family is doing okay but lots of contact going on, but not too much, which is great. Friends are awesome, and I’m making plans with this ridiculously good looking boyfriend of mine.

I know I’m not usually a gusher but God he’s a great kid and I’m enjoying the hell out of him. He makes me laugh and laugh.

Went and saw Lana Del Rey last week, she is this amazingly awkward sex kitten. Fantastic singer and one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while.

The Family Griswald vacation is taking shape. We’re already arguing over stuff so I can’t wait until we’re actually stuck in the confined space of a campervan for a week, shits gonna get real yo.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. How’s everyone been? Your hair looks good….


Saturday Jul 21, 2012

For someone who is a hermit and doesn’t like leaving my house I’ve been out and about recently. Making out with John is a strong motivator.

You know what he bought me yesterday? Think about one of my favourite things to do, watching TV (in comfy pants obviously) right? So he buys me a DVD player that can play from USB. In addition he downloads Game of Thrones S2 for me. And I’m not allowed to tell you how often he cooks for me. The man’s a keeper.

The International Lampoon’s Vacation, I.e. the Antilogy family take a campervan trip around New Zealand, is shaping up. 5 days, 10 family members, 3 campervans. I’m genuinely excited. Can you imagine the potential for disaster for just my sister, my Dad and I to go on holidays? Combine that with the creepy uncle, the precocious 5 year old daughter of my cousin, two siblings not getting along and three brothers who fight almost constantly?

It’s going to be ah-mazing.


Saturday Jul 14, 2012

Watching Dance Mom’s. This show is so good it’s bad. Also women are insane.

I went on a road trip today with John. He is ridiculously funny and it was an awesome day. It’s been 6 weeks now that we’ve been dating and the kid is amazing. He’s met Beth & DJ and “passed” with flying colours and on Tuesday he meets the rest of the kids at trivia. I’m only slightly nervous, and mainly for him. My friends can be kinda……loud? Will keep you updated.

Work is taxing at the moment, I’m pulling 11-12 hour days and while my brain enjoys it my body is a lazy slob and not enjoying it. I hope it calms down since it’s entirely possible if it doesn’t they will find me naked, gibbering in the foetal position in the server room one day…..

I had a Skype chat with Meg the other night and I think it made it worse. They live 5-6 hours away and seeing her babies and seeing how they’re growing bigger and I’m missing it, made me sad. I think I’ll stick to voice chat from now on.

I miss Grandma a lot lately, it’s been a little over 2 months and God I miss her. She wanted to be buried in New Zealand with her parents so the family is taking her over. In campervans.

It’s going to be fucking awesome, and by awesome I mean it’s 50/50 between the Antilogy family spectacularly imploding on a New Zealand roadside and it being amazing. Sabine hates the idea of 10 of us staying and travelling around in campervans. Like with a fiery burning passion. And let’s face it I’m going to need a healthy supply of Valium to spend 5 days with a few of the family members or alcohol.

Either way, it’s a Griswald’s family vacation and I think Sabine and I are going to video it, just for shits and giggles and a bit of prosperity too.

Car stuff

Saturday Jul 7, 2012

My car was due for registration this week. Since little Stella is older than 5 years I had to get a pink slip from my mechanic.

I have the best mechanic in the whole wide world, for serious. If you need a mechanic in the inner west of Sydney go here. He is honest and quick and cheap and has never ever charged me for anything before he’s spoken to me and talked me through whether it can wait, how expensive it’ll be and what the repercussions of doing or not doing it are.

Anyway. I’m unfortunately a stereotypical woman car owner. While I know how to do the basics of my car, like change a tyre, fill up the wiper fluid etc., and I’ve been meaning to learn how to change my oil from my parents for yonks I’m shit at all of the technical stuff.

With that said though I apparently know more stuff than most of my independent female friends. One never fills up her car with petrol, her boyfriend always has. All don’t know how to change a tyre. Most don’t know how to fill up their windscreen wiper fluid. This is embarrassing and I wish more mechanics would do basic 101 classes on these and other essential stuff. Their responses are that they have road side assist so if they run into any issues they just call them.

But this visit I learnt a few things. Like the sticker the mechanic puts on the car of when the car due for oil change, service, brake checks etc., aren’t a recommended guideline. That by only going to see him once a year for rego checks isn’t efficient but bad for Stella. Who knew?

I also found that Stella had been making some odd noises that I would’ve heard mainly when going fast. However I only drive fast on highways and when I drive highways I listen to music really loudly so don’t hear said odd noises.

I also only found out about a brake light not working by dating John. Living alone is bad for seeing certain car issues. So yes, I learnt some things this visit.

What type of car knowledge do most people have? Are my friends and I an embarrassment to car owners?

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