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Sunday May 13, 2012

My grandma passed away on Wednesday.

I’m sad, so very sad and I don’t quite know what to do in a world that doesn’t have her in it.

She was a fucking firecracker. She was funny and bolshy and was a smart arse and gave amazing hugs and would make you make her endless cups of tea (but they had to be strong cups of tea or she didn’t want them) (and she would ask you if you wanted a cup of tea and when you said yes she’d say ‘oh, well while you’re up best make me one’) she was completely unjudgemental of me and supportive and thought I was tops. She professed to being deaf but if you spoke about her from the next room she’d hear you, and she would tease my Dad and when he got cranky she’d mime like she was fishing at him, drove him mental. And every time you’d see her she’d make you do a tour of her garden to show you how everything was going. When it was cold in the town she lived in (as in less than 15 degrees) and I asked her to turn on the heater she’d call me nesh, which appears to be a Welsh word for soft.

She went downhill quite quickly, she was her usual self just 4 weeks ago. My sister and I were in her room when she passed and that experience is well and truly crossed off a bucket list I never knew I had.

I’m wrung out, I just miss her and I hated to see her deteriorate so quickly but I’m also relieved that is was so quickly. She deserved to pass away in her sleep, everyone does really.

I’m just at a bit of a loss at the moment.

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