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Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Hello there.

Thought I’d pop in and do a quick update, I’m still finding blogging in my real name stifling and hate when people just end a blog without any updates of what’s going on. I’m nosy, I assume other people are too.

Things are good.

MormonHousewife and her family moved to the mid north coast a few months ago so I went on a road trip over the weekend to see them. I miss her face, I miss chatting with her husband and I miss her babies.

6 hours driving is ridiculously boring when you’re on your own. Stella did an amazing job as usual (I love that fucking car) and I got to see where they’re living, I didn’t like not knowing what their house looked like or what their new town looked like. It’s a gorgeous little coastal town and at night we’d go for walks down to the beach, it’s perfect for them. The babies are tanned and happy.

I’m planning a trip early next year to the US with a friend. We know we’ll be staying in San Francisco for a few days and that we’ll be driving from Chicago to New York, still trying to decide if we do a road trip from San Fran to Utah. I imagine the landscape in Utah is beautiful in spring. Apart from that we’ll fill in the blanks as we get closer. I’m ridiculously excited, despite saving up for the trip with rent and a mortgage pushing me into poh child territory.

My grandma turned 89 Monday. I called her to wish her a happy birthday and she initially denied it was her birthday. I can never tell if she’s being cheeky or senile. She then said she forgets she’s this old, that she still thinks she’s either 19 or 70, considering she was fighting in World War II at 19 I thnk 70 is a better age.

She then promised she’d go out and razzle and dazzle. Since this is my grandma this could mean anything, she’s a saucy minx.

I went over to Kalgoorlie for Christmas and to visit my mum and sister. Despite being hot as balls it was a lovely trip. Sabine and I did a road trip and despite seeing a few road trains, a couple of old cemetaries and almost hitting a goanna there’s not much out there.

2012 is still the year of no casual men business. So far I’m doing well. I can’t do what I’ve always done and expect not to be disappointed in the men I’m involved with. I will always choose being single and content over hearing another man tell me between his wife/girlfriend/partner and I we’re his ideal woman, or that a man I start dating is secretly married or that someone is not okay with being seen with me out in public. I can’t do it and I won’t do it. I don’t want to expect that all men will behave like this, because I know men that don’t. I just seem to find them.

Work is going well, it ossilates between being uber busy and ridiculously quiet.

So, that’s what’s been happening. I’m not sure if I’ll start writing here regularly again but just wanted to say hello.


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