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Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

Another Australian footballer has been charged with assaulting his partner. For the second time

I especially like how he did exactly the same thing last season when his team didn’t make the finals. Except his partner was pregnant that time.

Charming man.

It doesn’t seem to matter which football code it is it’s a rare month when a player isn’t involved in a scandal relating to sex or violence.

Let me just say this upfront and whole heartedly – these men are disgusting excuses for human beings, their attitudes and behaviour is abhorrent.

With that said these men are trained, supported and encouraged to be aggressive, violent, physically strong and full of testosterone on the field by families, friends, team-mates, sporting clubs and coaches.

And people are surprised when they act like this off the field?

Colour me fucking stunned.

If you create an animal, hell, you reward him for this type of behaviour what do you expect?

The thing that fucks me off is that Australia is never going to change their attitude towards footballers, they’ll never stop creating these men.

There are simply too many supporters who are willing to excuse disgusting behaviour off the field of the players provide results on the field. It’s the “boys will be boys” excuses followers give, the “she was asking for it” attitude when it’s a sexual scandal.

I’m not even going to start on the men themselves, I don’t have enough swear words to go there.

Sorry for the rant, I’m just disgusted at yet another one of these stories and even more furious that there’ll be another story next week/month.


Thursday Sep 15, 2011

While singing Oasis in the shower tonight I remembered an argument I had with my sister eons ago.

(There’s a common thread here, promise I don’t think of my sister when I shower.)

(I just vommed a little.)

So there’s a line in the Oasis song Morning Glory “all your dreams are made, when you’re chained to your mirror and your razor blade.”

I was in my early teens I think and I patiently explained to Sabine that the line was about shaving, that the Gallagher’s were simply complaining about shaving every day.

She tried to explain to me that it was actually about drugs but I was not having it.

Not those nice Gallagher boys.

(I was an idiot, obviously.)

Not so happy

Monday Sep 12, 2011

Sad news today that the emperor penguin, Happy Feet, who got lost and wound up in NZ may have been eaten

Sad face.

The GPS tracker attached to him hasn’t transmitted anything since Friday and they think it either fell of (the story we’ll tell kids) or he got eaten (likely.)

I hate to be a complete shithead about this but this penguin is an idiot and the fact that he survived the original journey is a miracle against natural selection.

Homeboy was rescued with 15 kilo’s of sand and twigs in his stomach, they think he mistook sand for snow.

I can understand mistaking sand for snow the first time lil’ Happy Feet tried to eat some. But 15 kilos of it?

Idiot penguin.

(With that said I’m still hoping he might be still be swimming his way home and the transmitter did actually fall off.)

(Shut up.)

fat frilled neck lizard

Friday Sep 9, 2011

I don’t say this very often but this week I’ve very much enjoyed my job. I wasn’t stressed, I left at a reasonable time, I did some interesting new work stuff. It’s been a good week and I’ve needed it after the rough past year or so here.

I had a horrifying thought last night. Beth and DJ are talking about trying for a baby in a year’s time. This means that this summer is likely to be our last before there are pregnancy and little people (not midgets) running around.

I called Beth and she almost choked (can you tell she’s excited!) So this summer is our hurrah, and we plan to make the most of it. And by most of it I mean be drunk from pretty much October until March.

It’s going to be awesome.

I went to my first roller derby bout last weekend and it was pretty much the coolest thing I’ve seen. It was the finals so it was fast and feisty. I don’t whether I got seeing an ice hockey game stuck in my head but I expected to see more blood and broken bones. Possibly I’m just a little blood thirsty.

I also drank a few too many canned vodka drinks (mmmm, tastes classy) so I had a great time.

My roller derby name has been decided – I’m Eve of Destruction, accurate and fiercesome!

I bought this dress for a friend’s wedding in November. I’m getting it shortened to just below my knees and I got it in black. I realised I may look a little like a fat frilled neck lizard, but I am okay with that, you know my thoughts on a ruffled neck dress.

Beth and I will be sitting by ourselves as the rest of the kids are either the ones getting married or in the bridal party. We have decided to be the drunk girls, it’s only apt during our Summer of Lush. We have only set ourselves one rule: Do not fall over. There is nothing more pathetic than a drunk girl in a frock falling over.

I never check the stats on this page, I probably should but I’m lazy. But I checked for the first time in a couple of years today and boy howdy, there are some people reading that surprises me.

It’s always a surprise to find people reading who you used to get naked with, and purport to hate you. So hello man-who-hates-me!

I have a quiet day planned for tomorrow, the last few weekend’s have been pretty hectic and I am looking forwarding to watching some True Blood (I am slightly obsessed with Eric, and wish Bill would die – does anyone actually like him?) sleeping in and hanging out with Poppalopagus (Poppy) on the couch. I may even stretch myself and have an afternoon nap, good times.

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