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dance of joy

Sunday Jul 24, 2011

You know what I’m doing today?

As little as possible. I’m in my leopard print flannelette pyjamas, I’m eating pasta and I’m watching movies.

I watched Hot Fuzz this morning and I just finished The Men who Stare at Goats.

I’m cooking some chorizo and peppers pasta for lunch and I’m probably going to have a nap shortly.

Last night I went to a dinner party at the BeardedMan’s house, he has the best flatmates who have a young daughter that I want to steal. Great food, great company, just a really nice night with cool people.

I am so fucking pleased with my day I want to do a dance of joy.

Hope everyone is having a great day too

ughhhh mach 2

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011

Fucking gross.

I just logged onto my profile on the dating site for the first time in a couple of months.

Did a search for my latest matches were online. Turns out homeboy has re-activated his account.

The funny thing? His tag line is:

“I’m one of the nice guys!”


I don’t know why I’m surprised really, but I am. Even knowing he’s someone who cheats on his wife with a newborn child at home I genuinely thought he was remorseful, that it was a lapse in judgement.

I didn’t pick myself as gullible.

But colour me gullible!

I really don’t like boys right now.


Wednesday Jul 13, 2011

I went and saw the last Harry Potter movie this afternoon.


I saw it in a gold class session with the very pregnant Bec. At one point in a particularly sad scene (Snape – Waaaah!) I was eating my brownie and ice cream and crying while wearing my 3D glasses.

I’m not sure if you want to think about that image a little more……fat girl, sobbing, eating ice cream in 3D glasses………but yes gentleman, I am single.


Sunday Jul 10, 2011

God I’ve had a great weekend.

Yesterday I woke up ridiculously early and decided to go grocery shopping. Shopping at 7am is awesome. Except that everybody is in tracksuit pants.

Now I don’t think my love of tracksuit pants is in question here. It is a love that is pure and true.

But tracksuit pants are not public wear, they’re just not. And I felt a little sad that at some point people just decide that actually tracksuit pants are totally public wear. And that’s it. No more jeans, no more pants that require ironing, just an elastic waistband.

There are many comfortably pant options, harum pants are insanely comfortable, chuck a pair of them on, I did. Hell even leggings are better. (Typing that made me retch a little.)

Anyway, bygones.

Then I went to Bunnings, the car park was a complete clusterfuck but I love me some Bunnings.

21 whole aisles of just house stuff. I looked at paints for 10 minutes. I have no need for paint, I live in a rented apartment, but still.

Then I had a nap, I had to do a bit of work and then I mooched and it was awesome.

Today I treated myself to a lazy breakfast out with a newspaper. After I went and saw Bridesmaids and I cannot say enough how I loved that movie.

The problem I have with female orientated movies and TV shows is that they don’t resemble me or my friends. I’m not Rachel Green, I’m not Lauren Conrad, I’m not Meredith Grey and I’m not Carrie fucking Bradshaw.

It was refreshing to see these stereotypical women that actually resemble the women I know. It was obvious it was written by a female.

That and it was funny. I saw it on my own and guffawed my way through it.

It also hit a little too close to home with some themes. Being Beth’s bridesmaid recently there were shades of things I went through on the screen.

Beth and I have been friends since we were 14-15 and we joke that she collects strays. Stray people, needy people, the stray scruffy dogs and cats. She nurtures people and takes care of people, as a result there’s quite a few people in her life (and subsequently mine) who think that they’re her best friend. It’s not done maliciously, not at all. She just has a way of making people feel special so with her getting married there were a lot of people seemingly coming out of the woodworks to share and help her on the day and the lead up to it.

There were a lot of people who wanted to be right in the middle of it and I’m not one to fight for attention, to make sure I’m in the thick of it. Sometimes sitting back can feel like not being a part of the action so to speak.

So the ‘new best friend’ storyline hit pretty close to home.

It’s also exacerbated by Beth and DJ being overseas at the moment on their honeymoon. With a bunch of our friends joining them for a week or so.

I’m not going to harp too much on how I feel about friends essentially crashing their honeymoon, needless to say I think it’s uncool. Way uncool. It means though that there’s going to be stories and nights that I won’t be there for or be involved in. And that makes me a little sad.

Yeah, Bridesmaid hit a little close to home. Can you tell I’m feeling a little lonely and abandoned at the moment?

Hmm. I still had a great weekend, even if it didn’t sound like it, promise.

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