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Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

The wedding week is over, I was an excellent bridesmaid (except for crying while walking down the aisle – they were happy tears!) and I’m finally home.

My dress was cleavage-riffic and I was threatened with motorboating multiple times.

The wedding was just lovely, Beth looked absolutely beautiful and DJ all handsome in his suit and converse sneakers. All of my favourite people were there and I had such a great night, I got to bed late and drunk and happy.

Sure my Dad made out with Beth’s Mum and Sabine with DJ’s nephew, but I always knew my family were deviants so no surprises there.

I also didn’t end up doing shots with the ex-premier at the bar which was surprisingly lady-like of me.

Now I’m home and have the apartment to myself for the first time in over a week. Poppy and I are hanging out, I’m on my slob clothes and it’s noice.

I inspected a property yesterday, it was charming and I loved it. 3 bedroom apartment in a big old federation building a couple of hours outside of Sydney. There’s a batty old woman who’s lived there for nearly 30 years who I’d probably keep on. High ceilings, sash windows, overlooks a cathedral and park and there’s an attic room screaming to be converted.

I made an offer this afternoon so now I just wait and see how it goes. I’m nervous as fuck, both for it being accepted and rejected. I’m not real big on commitment so a 30 year mortgage makes me feel queasy.

But still, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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