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Thursday Feb 3, 2011

Today has been a shitful day; I’m depressed and I hate my job. So I thought that I’d do something here that would cheer me up, childhood memories that I like:

– My Dad teaching me and my best friend how to cartwheel in one of our paddocks on the farm.

– Our Italian next door neighbour Maria. Sabine and her had a lovely little friendship and would frequently take off over the paddock to go and have chats with her. She called her ‘my company.’

– Mum making home made pasta, you’d walk into the kitchen and it would be covered in pasta hanging from every horizontal surface.

– Christmas with Dad’s family. The adults would drink too much and the kids would run riot.

– Our family dog Sid. He was a great dane cross ridgeback and was a wonderful wonderful dog. We used to go for walks together.

– The baby goats. We lived on a goat dairy farm and you’d get kids and bottle feed them, they were beautiful and frenetic and lovely.

– I pretty much always lived close to Bec (friend that just announced her pregnancy) so every afternoon after school we’d hang out, ride our bikes, play Super Mario, go swimming and come back home when the street lights came on.

– I was a latch key since Mum and Dad both worked after they separated. (Sabine and I mostly lived with different parents, when we did live together soon enough one of us would go and live with the other parent. We, uh, didn’t get on too well growing up.) I used to love coming home to a quiet house, I’d make milo and drink it out of cocktail glasses and watch afternoon cartoons. Good times!

There, I feel almost cheery now. If you feel like playing along leave your best childhood memory in the comments.


My best childhood friend and I would have tea parties with my grandmothers good tea pot and cups and we would use Sunkist pop then pretend it was beer and laugh so hard we’d cry cause we knew how silly we were.

February 4th, 2011 | 6:39 am

I lived in a tiny coastal village and on days like today we would get off the stinking hot bus and be changed and down the beach swimming until we couldnt see in the dark and then wander home. This time of year meant that we would have the entire beach to ourselves and it was awesome.

February 4th, 2011 | 8:46 pm

The latch key kid existence was pretty awesome. Delightfully freeing and not at all scary.

Do you remember raiding Mum’s telephone tin for 1cent pieces then running up to the corner shop to buy Milky Way Bars?

And since we’ve got a theme – you and Bec offering to buy me a Mars Bar only to return home empty handed after scoffing it? Swearing blind that you must’ve dropped it on the way home?

Ah, chocolate…

February 5th, 2011 | 6:03 pm
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