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Sunday Feb 27, 2011

My offer on the apartment was accepted. Which makes me a home owner. I am well grown up now.

That is all.

my own miss havisham

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

The wedding week is over, I was an excellent bridesmaid (except for crying while walking down the aisle – they were happy tears!) and I’m finally home.

My dress was cleavage-riffic and I was threatened with motorboating multiple times.

The wedding was just lovely, Beth looked absolutely beautiful and DJ all handsome in his suit and converse sneakers. All of my favourite people were there and I had such a great night, I got to bed late and drunk and happy.

Sure my Dad made out with Beth’s Mum and Sabine with DJ’s nephew, but I always knew my family were deviants so no surprises there.

I also didn’t end up doing shots with the ex-premier at the bar which was surprisingly lady-like of me.

Now I’m home and have the apartment to myself for the first time in over a week. Poppy and I are hanging out, I’m on my slob clothes and it’s noice.

I inspected a property yesterday, it was charming and I loved it. 3 bedroom apartment in a big old federation building a couple of hours outside of Sydney. There’s a batty old woman who’s lived there for nearly 30 years who I’d probably keep on. High ceilings, sash windows, overlooks a cathedral and park and there’s an attic room screaming to be converted.

I made an offer this afternoon so now I just wait and see how it goes. I’m nervous as fuck, both for it being accepted and rejected. I’m not real big on commitment so a 30 year mortgage makes me feel queasy.

But still, keep your fingers crossed for me.

written out of the will

Saturday Feb 12, 2011

I should probably pick my timing better when having fights with people than a few days before they’re due to stay with me.

Still, a very satisfying argument.

My parents divorced when I was a wee one, I think I was about 5 and Sabine 6 or 7. Since I’m turning 30 in a couple of months it’s been a while.

Beth and DJ’s wedding is next weekend and since Beth and I have been friends since high school she’s invited my parents to the wedding.

Except my mother didn’t want to sit with Dad. Not next to him, not on the same table.

Never mind that it’s a relatively small wedding and that you don’t want to be that guest being demanding. It also meant that Mum was sitting with Sabine, Mormon Housewife and her husband while Dad was sitting at a table on his own.

So I raised it with her, I didn’t think it was fair on Dad sitting on his own when it’s been such a long time. It didn’t go well and she hung up on me. It may have been me telling her I was disappointed in her. Hmm.

Mum and Dad did a fucking fantastic job raising Sabine and I post divorce. They never went to court, worked out support agreements and custody themselves and they were civil to each other. I mean considering the marriage wasn’t particularly happy they handled themselves really well.

But I’ve never had a single birthday celebration where both of them were there, they never both came to school events and I’ve never pushed it. Dad doesn’t have an issue with Mum and doesn’t have any problems with seeing her but she does.

And I’ve had enough. What happens when I get married? Will I have to have two receptions?

Or when I have children, I’m sure as hell not having separate christenings or birthday parties because she doesn’t feel like being around Dad.

I didn’t choose to have divorced parents but I do and the least she can do is make an effort with the father of her children.

This is me putting my foot down, it’s been a QUARTER OF A CENTURY! She’s a grown woman and she can bloody well sit at the same table at the rare event with Dad and she will bloody well be civil.

She flies in tomorrow and is staying with me for a couple of nights and we’re going to talk about this. I’ll let you know if I’m written out of the will.


Monday Feb 7, 2011

Today I am disgusted in people.

A friend passed away quite suddenly yesterday, less than a couple of hours afterwards a friend of his had created a Facebook group outlining that he’d passed away and invited all of his friends to it. This is how all of his friends were told of his death.

 I hope to God his family didn’t find out that way, I know some of his best friends did. I can see the value in creating this group after his family and close friends have been notified, after at least a day or two has passed. But a couple of hours afterwards before phone calls could be made?



Thursday Feb 3, 2011

Today has been a shitful day; I’m depressed and I hate my job. So I thought that I’d do something here that would cheer me up, childhood memories that I like:

– My Dad teaching me and my best friend how to cartwheel in one of our paddocks on the farm.

– Our Italian next door neighbour Maria. Sabine and her had a lovely little friendship and would frequently take off over the paddock to go and have chats with her. She called her ‘my company.’

– Mum making home made pasta, you’d walk into the kitchen and it would be covered in pasta hanging from every horizontal surface.

– Christmas with Dad’s family. The adults would drink too much and the kids would run riot.

– Our family dog Sid. He was a great dane cross ridgeback and was a wonderful wonderful dog. We used to go for walks together.

– The baby goats. We lived on a goat dairy farm and you’d get kids and bottle feed them, they were beautiful and frenetic and lovely.

– I pretty much always lived close to Bec (friend that just announced her pregnancy) so every afternoon after school we’d hang out, ride our bikes, play Super Mario, go swimming and come back home when the street lights came on.

– I was a latch key since Mum and Dad both worked after they separated. (Sabine and I mostly lived with different parents, when we did live together soon enough one of us would go and live with the other parent. We, uh, didn’t get on too well growing up.) I used to love coming home to a quiet house, I’d make milo and drink it out of cocktail glasses and watch afternoon cartoons. Good times!

There, I feel almost cheery now. If you feel like playing along leave your best childhood memory in the comments.

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