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Saturday Jan 29, 2011

In another one of my silly decisions I stopped taking my antidepressants over Christmas. Yeah, I know.

I’d run out of them and since I’d been (relatively) stable and things were going really well I thought I’d take a break. A few weeks later I realised it was a really stupid idea when I kinda crashed. So back on them but it’s going to take another week or so to kick back in.

As a result I am sweetness and light to be around at the moment. I pretty much just want to be home alone until everything settles back but it’s been a busy month.

Beth and DJ’s wedding is less than a month away so there’s been a bit of prep for it. We went and tried on the bridesmaid dresses last weekend, thank fuck mine fits. There is a shit ton of tulle involved but the skirt of the dress is tutu-esque so I love it. There won’t be much breathing going on, the dress maker was all “breathing’s overrated”, thanks you silly wench. There’s boning in the top so I don’t have to wear a bra but I’m hoping there won’t be any ahem, incidents during the night.

The hens and bucks night are tonight. Beth seems to think that DJ may come home sans eyebrow or with broken limbs, hence having them a few weeks out. In a reverse of the stereotypical vibe DJ is completely relaxed about the upcoming wedding, Beth is the one who looks vaguely horrified about the wedding. She’s always been a bit commitment phobic and she’s out of her comfort zone. She’ll be fine, there’s no worry about the runaway bride, it’s just quite entertaining to see her pale visibly when you mention forever.

I had dinner with Bec last week, she’s part of the best friend trinity of Beth and MormonHousewife. She announced she was pregnant, I cried I was so happy. We grew up together with our parents babysitting for each other since we were babies. We both have slightly dysfunctional families so that’s always a bonding experience.

Since she’s pregnant and Beth’s getting married the trinity have all succumbed to the married/babies thing. It’s quite boring, I mean good for them and all but I’m just not a fan at the moment. My mother made a comment about how she’ll never be a grandma when I told her about Bec. I told her no, she’d never have grandbabies if she keeps making comments like that. Should keep her quiet for a while.

I’ve got to go and get ready for tonight, and by get ready I mean have a nap and get ready at the last minute.

Have a good weekend.

no, just no.

Monday Jan 24, 2011

It’s a really hot day today in Sydney, 35 degrees last time I checked. Summer is an awesome time for clothes with the dresses and cute thongs. Except that some chubby girls appear to have received the wrong memo, they got the skinny girl clothing memo. As a result my eyes have been assaulted over the weekend, resulting in this PSA.

Disclaimer – I am a chubby girl, obvs.

Leggings – Leggings are not pants. Full stop. If the leggings have a gusset they’re tights, which means they’re under garments. This is especially so for chubby girls, leggings are brazen and ballsy and unashamed. Which are great characteristics in a girl, not so your pants.  

 Halterneck anything – Halternecks seem to be exclusively aimed at chubby girls and from the front they can actually look cute, all v neck and flattering.

 But the back view? Back rolls and bingo arm waving. Wear a cardigan is all I’m saying.

 Anything made out of jersey – Again this seems to be marketed as a chubby girl miracle fabric. It’s not, it doesn’t skim it clings, it highlights every bump and chub. Unless you’re wearing those awesome support garments that go from your knees to shoulders do not buy into the jersey – flattering. You know who looks good in jersey? Girls with no boobs.

 Low cut jeans – Dear baby jebus no. Just no.

 Spaghetti straps worn with thick bra straps – This point is not against spaghetti straps, they can look cute on chubby girls. If worn with a strapless bra or a bra with thin straps. But if you’re wearing a bra that has thick straps to hold in the girls spaghetti straps are not your friend. In fact they’re your enemy who wants to get you fired from your job and sleep with your boyfriend.

 Strapless anything – If you have breasts larger than a C cup strapless dresses/tops are not a good look, they give you the boobage overflow (that 3rd and 4th breastage is not cute) and you’ll spend half the day tugging up the front or your strapless bra. Boobage spillage is hot in certain situations, this is not one of them.

Short shorts – The majority of girls, large/small/whatevs, have cellulite. Nothing wrong with this. But short shorts, i.e. they’re only hitting the upper though, are not for us. They’re just not, I understand they’d be really really comfortable to wear on a hot day but so would wearing no pants at all and there are laws about that.


Saturday Jan 22, 2011

And I’m back.

I didn’t mean to take such a long break in between writing, but hey here I am.

I had a lovely Christmas break, taking off a fortnight from work. I visited friends and family, I took my little Stella (car) on road trips, I went to the beach, I slept a lot, o read a shit ton of books, played my DS for hours and just generally relaxed.

I can’t get into it too much but the week before Christmas we had a pretty heavy round of redundancies at work. Adam went, my boss went and Bearded Man also left as a result.

Work has not been fun lately. I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about where I work, whether I want to keep working there, whether I want to stay in the same field or try something different.

I’m 30 this year and I’ve spent the past decade working to get where I am career wise. I have an awesome job title with the term specialist in it, I earn a great salary and most of the time I enjoy the work I do. But I’m completely burnt out, I’m exhausted most of the time, I dread Sunday nights and I expend most of my energy on getting out of bed on week days.

This isn’t healthy, but i don’t know what to do just yet. For now I’m keeping my options open and giving it a lot of thought.

I spent today with Beth doing wedding errands, it’s less than a month now. We tried on our bridesmaid dresses for the first time and they’re adorable, still too much tulle for my liking but they’re gorgeous.

We ordered them 6 months ago and as there was only a size 10 in stock we got measured and ordered them. There’s boning in the top and I got a very stern warning from the dress lady that they couldn’t take the dress out, at all. So for the past few weeks I’ve been living on lean cuisine trying to make sure I could fit in mine. I can’t breathe all that well but it fits and my cleavage isn’t obscene so it’s a double win.

It’s been great helping Beth with the wedding planning but I’ll be eloping. It’s all insane, between chair covers and bridezilla’s and motherzilla’s and candles and centrepieces I’m all wedding-ed out. Eloping is definitely a better prospect.

Mormon Housewife and I were supposed to be driving to the Northern Territory, a road trip to celebrate both of us hitting 30 soon. I have been looking forward to this trip for months and now the silly wench is trying to pull out. Now Beth can’t come since she’ll be on her honeymoon, the other best friend has just announced her pregnancy so she’s unlikely to want to do a 1,500 km road trip.

So I need some input, do I do the trip on my own and try and avoid a Wolf Creek situation? Do I fly to NT and have a holiday on my own?

What should I do to celebrate my 30th birthday?

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