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goldigging lying cheaters

Tuesday Nov 23, 2010

If I have to see one more tweet or facebook status comment about gold digging women, or cheating men I will punch someone in the snatch.

I am all for stereotypes and snap judgements, they please me and keep me entertained. But bullshit inaccurate gender stereotypes just irritate me because they’re not even close to fact.

Let’s play a game, see if you can guess the genders in the below scenarios:

1. This person was dating someone for a couple of months. They slept together for the first time and this person dumped them the next day because the sex was bad. The other person was a virgin before they slept together.

2. This person slept with someone else a month after returning from their honeymoon. Their spouse doesn’t know and they don’t have plans to ever tell them.

3. After 3 wedding celebrations this person left their spouse only 6 months later with no explanation. They’ve been having an affair with a work colleague and had slept with them the night of their wedding.

4. This person had been with their partner since they were teenagers. This person passed on an STD to their partner after cheating on them, and accused them of cheating rather than owning up.

These things all happened, are all true. Below are the genders:

1. This was a girl, sure she was only in her late teens but so not cool regardless of age. This girl is one of my best friends.

2. This is a dude. Another friend of mine, not a cunt but a cunty thing.

3. This is a girl, her husband is a friend of mine. Needless to say she’s not my friend anymore.

4. This is a dude.

So, we have girls cheating on people, lying. Turns out boys also cheat and lie.

Colour me stunned.

People can be arseholes. People can be goldiggers. People can be liars and people can cheat.

Not every female is a lying bitch who will lie about pregnancies to trap men. Not every female is only interested in a man’s bank balance.

Every time you state these as facts you not only insult every cool girl out there who would never dream of doing these things but you insult me.

Not all men are useless deadbeat Dad’s. Not all men are cheating lying arseholes who are playing you.
And every time you state these as facts you insult every decent loyal man out there who is incapable of doing any of these things. You insult your fathers, your brothers, your future husband.

I’m just tired of these snipes, from both sides. I’m tired of people lumping me in with a small minority of people who are douchebags. I’m tired of people tarring every guy with the same brush, of writing off decent guys because you once dated a complete schmuck.

That’s all.

(Ps – I have some kind of funky cheat infection and have been off sick for the past 2 days. Until Poppy develops opposable thumbs someone come over and stroke my hair please.)

wanky angry post

Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

The Antilogy family has had a rough couple of months, starting with the death of my Mum’s sister a month or so ago.

My aunt was estranged from the family, for pretty good reason. She was my aunt but in the bluntest possible way she was a hot mess. Without the hot. The family wasn’t told of her death until a couple of months afterwards and that’s upset the hell out of everyone. Mum and her other sisters missed her funeral, she had children that we haven’t met yet and because we’re not next of kin we can’t find anything out. We don’t know what date she passed away, we know what date she was buried on purely because of an online article I found. It’s a fucked up situation and my Mum is sad and I hate that more than anything.

To make matters worse we found out the son of one of Mum’s closest friends passed away over the weekend. He was only 22, a baby really.

I have discovered though that I remain in the anger phase of grief for probably an excessive period of time. Sure I’m probably a pretty angry person, which is the easy explanation here. But death is not happy, it’s not graceful nor peaceful.

I remember at my Grandad’s funeral, I was sitting next to Sabine holding hands. I’d brought a single. tissue, thinking I was well prepared. I wasn’t. I was sobbing and I was so fucking sad and I couldn’t stop crying. I had to give Sabine half of the tissue and it did sweet fuck all. When it was over we were all outside the cathedral waiting for gods knows what and some fucker tells me, “let’s celebrate his life” and I wanted to punch them in the throat. We’ve literally just finished his funeral, he’s on his way to be cremated and I’m supposed to celebrate my Grandad dying?

It’s the same with the two recent death’s. I hate platitudes. Jack was 22, he died a stupid fucking death, sure celebrate his life, but maybe wait until his poor mother is not so completely destroyed.

People want to put positive spins on everything, they want to look on the bright side and you know? Sometimes there isn’t.

Sometimes life is just messed up and sad and royally fucked up.

It’s like the whole Secret wank. Put your mind to something and it will come to you. Buuullllllssshhhiit.

Having children is a beautiful thing. It’s also a bunch of snotty noses, horrific childbirth, poopy nappies, whining, mindless washing etc.

God. What a depressing post. I’m not even depressed or angry. I just wish people would drop the bullshit, sometimes manners or what people think they should do or say is completely the wrong thing. I mean, don’t ask newlyweds when they’re going to have babies, don’t say pithy things when people die because you feel like you need to say something. Just, stop it.

(In other news I bought a car. It is fricking adorable and its name is Stella. Photos will come soon.)

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