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Wednesday Oct 20, 2010

I took a couple of days off from work and I had a great long weekend.

I’ve been doing this project at work that’s meant steady 12 hour work days for the past couple of months. And I am the laziest workaholic you’ll ever meet. So I’d been feeling a bit burnt out.

I’d planned for a short-ish road trip but the hire car plan had fallen through. Instead I lazed around and slept a lot, and I went to the zoo and I had Beth over for dinner (and cooked my first lamb roast) and my Dad came and stayed for a night and we got drunk together.

It’s been lovely and I haven’t thought of work once and I didn’t get my usual ‘Sunday’ night headache, which is a fricking miracle.

I also had an appointment with my tax dude and discovered I’ll get a nice tax return too. I’m thinking of using it to buy a little car. Just a little buzz box that squeals a little when you go over 100. Not that I do that on my P’s though ahem.

The farm? Is still plodding along. Apparently a lot of banks don’t lend on properties over 25 acres. My little plot? 26 acres. Throw in me being a first home buyer and doing it on my own and it’s taking longer than I thought it would.

I’ve been a bit down about it all to be honest. I feel like a financial fuck up. I know I’m not, but there’s been two lenders who’ve said they couldn’t offer a mortgage. One of them because the land was “too remote” (no shit Sherlock, it’s a fucking rural property.) The other because they could. Sure the [insert bank name that rhymes with Fommonwealth] can have my business for the past 25 goddamn years and offer me credit card after credit card with retarded limits, but a small mortgage? Nooooo.

(As you can see I’m a little fucked off with this particular bank.)

So I’ve been keeping an eye out on other properties that would be easier to get a loan on but that would still make an awesome weekender. I found an old church for sale today, it’s kind of lovely and is obscenely cheap. Maybe that’s a good alternative.

Even if I’d have to hold my breath every time I walked into it [god and I have a strained relationship.]

Apart from that things are pretty good. Oh, except for the birthday invitation I received yesterday for a masquerade themed party. A masked party that all of the girls who I went to high school with will be going. I’m going to try and force BeardedMan to be my date for the night, just so I have a partner. Also so I can talk trash about the girls there to someone. It’s going to be a trainwreck, God give me strength.


It is okay to “just say no” to the party 😉 I will keep my fingers crossed for your loan to go through but the church could be fun. There are a few around here that people have bought and renovated and they are absolutely amazing! And good for you taking a couple of days off…I’m sure Poppy enjoyed having you around more. By the way how is she? Haven’t seen any new pics of her in ages!

October 22nd, 2010 | 7:57 am
Mr. Guinness:

You go girl!! If you are happy in “your own skin”,….well screw the rest of them! So far as the bank goes you must realize banks are staffed with people whose IQ is less than the seeds in an orange, and they all go(as my friend Carl says), “to the approved formula taped to the bottom of their desk drawer”. So far as the Church goes, look at it this way,..without Lucy a church would go to waste, so you are “saving the church”, how could God hate you fro that? (If he does he ain’t the same Dude I know!)
And the masked ball, you did not ask me 🙁 I’m hurt. I am an equal opportuntiy “offensive asshole”, ask anyone who knows me!
Love your new attitude, be strong, there is no lifeguard on the gene pool sooner or later we will be the “elite”!

October 23rd, 2010 | 4:15 am
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