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Tuesday Jun 22, 2010

Good lord, today has been slightly interesting.

I got reamed, and I mean REAMED by my new manager today. Like blaming me for losing 1 million in revenue, and for his possible sacking.

I always thought that I’d be relatively meek if I ever got a dressing down like that. Turns out I’m not. Mainly because most of the issue wasn’t my fault. I will be more than accountable when I’ve fucked up, I will apologise, try to do all I can to fix it and not do it again. Which I did for my stuff up in this. But trying to blame me for your fuck up apparently infuriates me.

I also thought I may cry since I’m one of those girls who cries when they’re angry, even if I’m not sad at all.

After it was all over I was sure that I was going to be sacked. I mean surely you don’t get that level of anger if it will all be dropped right?

Except for an hour later when he came over and apologised and I had to be gracious. Well, as gracious as I’m able to be.

Seriously though, management tip for today? Don’t blame an employee for your imminent bollocking if it’s not their fault.

It’s a shame really as I quite liked him. The final test will be whether he tries to drop me in it with his manager tomorrow. If he does? Snatch punch.

In good news though I sent through my mortgage application this afternoon.

So now I wait, and hope they’ll give me the loan. And if I don’t I’ll cry and write bad poetry here and you guys will have to read it.

Sucks to be you dude.

balconies and babies and nemesis

Wednesday Jun 16, 2010

Still doing the mortgage thing. I’m in the process of completing the 15 page application form, that’ll go back tomorrow with proof of my riches to the broker.

Then I wait for another week to see if I’ve got it before I can make an offer.

I thought I’d be more excited, it’s actually making me nauseous I’m so nervous. I mean I really want this property, it is gorgeous and lovely and I want to raise babies on it and have a big house with a big wrap around balcony on it. But what if I’m not approved for the loan? I mean, that’s a possibility right. And then there’s no balcony or babies!


In other news Mel has 2 days left at work. In other more awesome news her role isn’t being replaced.

In the worst fucking news ever the help desk guy who will be taking over a lot of her tasks?

Is my nemesis.

He grinds on my last nerve. He sometimes wears leather pants to work. He wears man perfume so toxic that girls in the office have sneezing fits. He combs his hair before going out to lunch in case he sees a pretty girl. He hums loudly whenever he passes my desk. He’s been banned from coming to Mel or my desks. He is incapable of following simple instructions and will ask 5 billion questions rather than show initiative. There is a rule list we have for him that the first 7 rules are just variations that he’s not allowed to speak to me. He honestly thinks I like him and I’m “playing hard to get.” He wrote me a fucking poem!

And this is my new Mel.

I complained about him being appointed to his boss and was told to relax.

FYI – Telling a naturally highly strung person to relax is literally the worst management technique ever.

I really hate my job at the moment (I’d insert a sad face here if I used emoticons)


Thursday Jun 10, 2010

Man, being on holidays is the best.

Being on holidays with a car is the bestest.

So far this week I’ve done my first solo “road trip” (the commas are because it was only a 2 hour drive away, but for me it was like driving to Darwin), found a property that I love (love!), had a buttload of naps, gone grocery shopping, gone clothes shopping, gone to trivia (we won and I won free beers, that’s an uber win in my book) and this morning I’m going to Bunnings.

One week isn’t long enough, not even close considering next week is Mel’s last week at work and then things will really turn to shit. But it’s enough right now.

Tomorrow I hopefully go and meet with a mortgage broker to see if I can buy this property. I really want it, it’s 25 acres of just perfect, I can picture where the house would go, where I’d plant my fruit trees and my magnolia tree. It’s just lovely.

Plus it’s reasonably priced. Please keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get it.



Friday Jun 4, 2010

Hmm, does this WordPress Blackberry app actually work so I can post while I’m away (!) from work (!) for a week (!!)?

Let’s try it shall we?

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