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Friday May 28, 2010

Hello there. I’m still here.

Work has been a little insane. And by little I mean a lot. Anyway since it’s been a while but I’m still busy you get bullet points!

  • I passed my driving test, I have been judged by the RTA and I have been deemed worthy. 
    1. I was so nervous for the week before that I was crabby and jumpy (just like normal actually) but as soon as I got in the car with the lady tester I was okay.
    2. Oh, except I didn’t close the door properly and I only noticed as we were driving out of the car park. While it wasn’t on the list of fail items I’m pretty sure not closing your door properly is a bit of a no-no. So I ignored it, I ignored the dashboard light telling me a door wasn’t closed and I ignored the strange thuds when we went over speed bumps. And luckily the lady must’ve been half deaf as she didn’t notice (and if she did it wasn’t on my marking sheet.)
    3. I also did an exquisite three point turn and parking.
    4. In short, I am awesome and I can drive.
    5. I went for my first drive on my own the day afterwards and let me tell you it is as liberating as skinny dipping. I will be doing more of it, the driving too.
    6. Boom tish!
  • Mark, a.k.a my sleepover friend, has a girlfriend. Ergh. I won’t get into my lame sadness over this (I don’t love him, but I don’t want him dating other people, what’s wrong with that?) but let’s just say the day I found out I had an hour long shower, and I took in a bottle of champagne with me. I came out barely able to walk, it was awesome.


  • My sidekick at work, Mel, resigned. I am still in my angry grieving phase, in fact I made her these cupcakes earlier this week. They say “you suck!” I thought the exclamation mark would show I was only half serious. She’s going to work full time on her bags and accessories and that is an awesome thing for a 24 year old (maybe she’s 25) to be doing. I will be happy for her when I no longer whimper at the idea of my work load after she’s gone.




  • I bought some upholstery fabric for an antique (actually let’s not be wanky here) second hand chair I bought. It is gorgeous, and I also bought a couple of yards of this fabric because it’s so gorgeous and bright and I think will make lovely cushions. Or a dress. Who knows where my genius will take me. Also You can design your own fabric, favourite discovery on the internet this month.


  • I sent Jason Mulgrew an email in reply to a post of his and I got a response. He said I was awesome, therefore that pretty made my day/week.


  • Umm, I think that’s it?


  • How’s everyone been?


Ps – Weird, I posted exactly a month ago. Crreeeepppy.

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