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facebook stalking gone bad

Friday Mar 5, 2010

I’ve been giving serious thought to retiring as soon as possible, i.e. at 30.

However I’m 28, turning 29 in April, so I’m thinking I need to work out a game plan.

So far the game plan is either turn wild and catch/grow all of my food and live in the bush. Or win the lottery.

Both are unfeasible and retarded. Which just leaves me with a job that I like most of the time (but is horrendously busy at the moment and giving me an eye twitch) a credit card debt that I’m slowing chipping away at, and a desire to buy this (but not live that far away from civilisation. And pay half a million dollars for the pleasure.)

Life has been busier lately. Work has yet to settle down, so work days are just 10 hours of constant busy. My 2 new bosses are working out well though which is cool.

The wedding planning for Beth has started already, we went to the Hunter Valley last weekend to look at wedding venues. We looked at 3 venues, and good lord people get married in funny/ugly places. One of the larger places we went to held their reception in essentially a cafeteria. Beth refused it on the grounds that if she can see the bain marie from the reception then that is not the place for her. Normally I think she’s too fussy but it’s a valid point.

She chose a gorgeous old convent for the wedding instead. It’s beautiful and small and we can stay there as well and she did good.

I am a complete fatty at the moment. There was talk of orange dresses for bridesmaids before K and I beat some sense into Beth, as we’d look like chubby little pumpkins.

Pumpkins are not hot.

Delicious. But not hot.

So, I’ve been having a relatively shit time with things lately. Yesterday in particular, so I thought I’d cheer myself by doing two things I enjoy – shoe shopping and Facebook stalking of boys I adore or dated. Stupid decision. There were no cute shoes, and do you guys remember this boy?

Facebook tells me he’s engaged.


So I’m feeling like an unlovable loser at the moment. Normally I think I’m just tops and should be beating the boys away with sticks (humble too bviously.) So this is not particularly pleasant.

Actually it fucking sucks.

So, this weekend I’m having a lady date with Beth and Meg who is 1 week away from her due date. I’ve already had a conversation with her that if she goes into labour while I’m there I’m not helping. I cannot see her vagina in any circumstances and I will only be at the party end of a birthing suite with her.

Fingers crossed she waits until after said lady date.


Yeah, sounds like you’re having a sucky time. If it’s any consolation I’m not having a great day either. I’ve even scheduled a mandate on the weekend to unwind 😉

Hope your lady date goes well, and anyways keep it together OK?

March 5th, 2010 | 10:08 pm
Mr. Guinness:

LOVE the property!! Perhaps a “Bed & Breakfast” on the site would work very well if the local ordinaces allow it. If it’s not far out of civilization a perfect place for “Yanks” to come and see the beauty of Australia and still be close enough to “party hearty” at night. (Set up your own transprtation type tram from the Inn to the Pubs, drop off and pick up, (an extra $30 a day of course), shopping expeditions led by the “expert” Lucy, and “nightlife tours” by “The Sydney Seductress”, again Lucy. Always felt getting paid to shop and party was a hell of a great career concept. 🙂

March 6th, 2010 | 5:55 am
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