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dammit dammit dammit

Wednesday Feb 24, 2010

Goddamn it!

 All I have wanted to each day this week is to update here, and each and every afternoon I’ve run out of time.

 So he’s my life in summary and bullet point (I am well efficient)

 –       I finished things with Mark.

–       It sucked.

–       Work is really busy.

–       It’s semi-okay.

–       I am starting wedding plan stuff with Beth this week.

–       This is exciting

–       I discovered that as I’m over 25 I don’t have to do a minimum number of hours on my learners permit before going for my driver’s license (it was previously 120 hours, or 50 hours if you got your learners before 2008.)

–       This is awesome because 50 hours is actually a shitload of time, and apparently I am busy and don’t have as much time as I thought I did. Technically I could go for my license now, but I think I need more than 5 drives under my belt.

–       I am actually using my sewing machine.

–       This is tops. I’ve hemmed stuff, loosened stuff, tightened stuff, changed the shape of stuff. I am the (swearing and smoking) Martha Stewart of sewing.

–       I have locked in my property plan, I’m not going to buy a city investment property because I’m not interested. I can afford to rent where I can’t buy. So I have my eye on a 25 acre property a couple of hours outside of Sydney.

       I am possibly unnaturally excited about this. Lucy is heading back to the farm bitches.

–       I’ve run out of time again 🙁


Wednesday Feb 17, 2010

God, I am still here.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but things at work have been pretty busy lately.

I have a new boss. Actually I have 2 new bosses. For a team of 3. There’s a lot of work to do to get them up to speed.

And so I leave my house at 6:15 a.m. and I get home about 12 hours later and then I cook my dinner, tease the cat, have a shower, watch as much reality TV as possible, and then go to bed.

Oh, and once or twice a week I risk many Sydneysiders lives by doing some driving practice. It is a very boring world I’m living in.

I’ll try and update more later this week. Hope you’re all well, tell me what you’ve been up to in the comments.

lifts and drinks and blisters

Tuesday Feb 2, 2010

God I’m tired and it’s barely lunch time. I’m sleeping like a log but I’m just getting to bed later and later. I stand firm that tonight I will be in bed at 9:30. No later. And tonight I won’t let Poppy sleep in the middle of the bed so I’m sprawled out around here, and that I kill any (fucking) mosquitoes before they drain half of my blood during the night.

I went out on Saturday night for celebration drinks for Beth and DJ’s engagement. While I hate going out at night I love seeing my friends because they’re pretty much the nicest/coolest people I know. So, I got frocked up and headed into the city.

There’s an RSL smack bang in the city that is an oasis of cheap drinks away from the wanky bars and clubs that make up the usual Sydney city night life. Any place that has lounges where I can buy a round of drinks for 5 people and get change from a $20 note (a small amount but still) is a good place. Except that on the way up with Beth and K in the lift, the lift dropped a floor. One second we were going from 2 to 3, and then the lifted plummeted back to 2. I would say that I burst into tears or vomit because that’s what I thought I would do, but it was too quick. It was gross and scary and we did not go in that lift again.

I drank a lot of vodka and champagne and then we started having shots because see: cheap drinks. We then retired to the local for last drinks, in the walk across the city I gave myself some wicked blisters from the heels I was wearing. But, you know, vodka heals a lot so I drank some more before getting in a cab and making the cab driver go through McDonalds drive thru. The quarter pounder never tasted so good.

Celibacy update: Getting a wee bit harder now, actually I don’t even know when I started. Let me check.

Jesus I only started 2 weeks ago, this is not going to end well. Well, it’d end well for me but not for the poor man.

Oh! I forgot the news. Beth totally made me a bridesmaid. K and I and Beth’s sister are all bridesmaids. I am ridiculously excited especially after she reassured us that the dresses would be black cocktail dresses and hair also suitable restrained. We also warned her that as a bride she gets ONE DAY to be a total bridezilla and since her wedding is a year away if she tries to pull that crap we will revolt.

So, terms and conditions have been accepted on both sides and everyone is happy.

Except DJ who had to spend the day after the drinks at a bridal expo. Sucked in groom.

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