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Friday Jan 29, 2010


I am a wee bit stressed at the moment. I know this because I’m cleaning when I get home from work (this is not usual, I tidy up before I go to bed at night and clean the kitchen but normally I don’t dust and polish stuff when I could be watching crime documentaries). Cleaning is what I do when I’m stressed or upset about something. But the thing that’s making it worse? I’m having trouble sleeping.

Everybody who knows me in real life knows that sleep and I are on the best of terms. Eating, sleeping and sex – 3 of my favourite things and not necessarily in that order. So getting to sleep at midnight when I’d usually be in bed at 9:00, all the while still getting up at 5:00 a.m. means I am tired. And cranky and I have an eye twitch.

The celibacy thing blows. Mark is back from his holiday and has sent me a Facebook message. I’m ignoring it for now as I’m not yet in the no sex “Zen” zone or where I’d prefer an early night that getting naked with someone. So need to keep my distance from that or I could hurt him.

I also found out that since Beth is so close with my family she’d like to invite both of my parents to her wedding. Which is absolutely lovely and I know Mum and Dad would be absolutely overjoyed at the idea.

Except that Mum and Dad are divorced and aren’t really on the best terms. In fact I think the last time they saw each other I was in high school. Maybe primary school I can’t remember exactly since it’s been so long. And the idea of them being in the same room, let alone at the same table is kind of stressing me out. Even though Beth and DJ aren’t planning on having their wedding until early next year.

Anyway this weekend we’re having celebration drinks for the kids engagement. We’re going back to where they met……drunk at a dive city bar – It’s a beautiful story and we plan to commemorate it.

Anyway I’ve had enough for today so I’m going to have an early mark and go buy me a pair of new shoes.

Hope you’re all well.

dot points

Friday Jan 22, 2010

1. I’m wearing red nail polish at the moment and I feel a bit whorish.

I know wearing red nailpolish does not make me a whore, but I’m used to french polish. Anyway, yes, nails=easy.

2. We have Australia Day here on Tuesday so I’m taking Monday off and taking a lovely 4 day weekend. Did I just have 2.5 weeks off over the Christmas break? Why yes, yes I did. Am I still sick from this bronchitis 2 weeks after first getting it? Why yes, yes I am. So I’m taking 4 days off because I can.

3. I received one of the rudest work emails I think I ever have in my career earlier this week. I won’t get into too many details but one of my favourite parts is when he opens with –

“Lucy, Excuse me, but LISTEN!!! “ 

And proceeds to tell me I am useless because I do not understand that HE. IS. RIGHT AND. I. AM. NOT. But my favourite is when he ends it with “Kind Regards”. Because when you’re tearing someone a new arsehole one mustn’t forget their manners. 

I waited a couple of days before responding because the only replies I could think of centred around telling him to fuck himself. And while my work can be frustrating sometimes I love my job. The worse part is when I escalated it to our big boss he asked me to take a look at the problem, so I had to help him rather than just deleting and moving on. So I wrote him a polite response that included my favourite –

“I understand your frustration with this situation xxx and we will do our best to look into this for you, however the tone of your email was unacceptable and against the [company name] values and behaviour of Respect.”

He’s a manager so to be reminded that he was going against company policy wasn’t good apaprently. It was nice to come in this morning to an apology. Knob.

4. Celibacy update: Because Mark has been overseas since before Christmas I realised that technically I could wipe 4 weeks off my 3 month count. But, I am dedicated to the cause (I don’t know what the cause is, but there’s a cause) so I’m not counting it.

Until I’m 4 weeks until the end and desperately need to make out with someone and I may just use those 4 weeks as my get out of jail free card.

5. I am tired. It’s been my first full week back at work since before Xmas. Damn you holidays for making me soft.

6. And the news that I got early this morning from Beth and DJ, those crazy kids are overseas at the moment and they got engaged last night. My little chicken is getting married, it is fucking insane and she is already freaking out (she does not particularly like commitment, and no, don’t ask why she’s getting married then.) Can’t wait until they’re home so we can celebrate.

And seriously if I do not get made bridesmaid in this wedding, since I’ve never been one, I will totally cut Beth.

dear me….

Monday Jan 18, 2010

While I’m still coughing like a 90 year old smoker I’m finally feeling better after last week’s black lung epidemic. This is good as while I still sound dodgy I feel much better and can finally sleep through the night.

Next stop cutting back on smoking. I’m not going to quit, quitting is for losers. Plus I’m not ready, so cutting back is a good alternative.

I’ve also decided on another sabbatical. It’s not the good kind of sabbatical though, as I’ll be on a sabbatical from any type of low down action. I’m doing a 3 month celibacy run again, I quite enjoyed the one I did a couple of years ago. Well, enjoyed is not the right word but I met a lot of really awesome new boys and did not sleep with the old boy/s once. This was a win in my book.

Even if (and I can’t believe I’m putting this in writing) my celebrations at the end of the 3 month period last time involved sleeping with 2 boys in one week and then realising with horror that my period was late.

For a good few days I had a skanky Jerry Springer/Maury Povich style freak out that if I was actually pregnant I wouldn’t know who the father was, and one of the boys was a gorgeous Canadian backpacker who left the country the next day, aaannnd I couldn’t remember his first name.

 So, maybe the celebrations will be a little more low key this time.

 But yes, no sex. No boy action at all. For 3 months.

 Trust me, it’s a good exercise for me as I tend to keep boys around long past their use-by date and before you know it you realise that you still see the boy you lost your virginity to regularly and you’re still having sleepovers with a boy you broke up with 5 years ago.


 Anyway, I was going to do a normal update (hung out with Dad this weekend, went and saw Avatar in 3D and just ended up getting motion sickness, found out I apparently talk in my sleep) but you got a Lucy is a whore update instead.


hello! is it me you’re looking for? no?

Friday Jan 15, 2010

Dudes, this will be a quick update but I just wanted to say hello, and that I am finally back with proper internet access that involves using a screen bigger than my itty bitty Blackberry.

I had over 2 weeks off work and the holidays were just perfect; relaxing but I did enough stuff to feel like I didn’t slob on the lounge for a fortnight. Unfortunately on the night before I was due back at work I started to feel not so great, and 3 sick days later, a metric tonne of used tisssues/nose and throat remedies I’m finally starting to feel better after a sweet dose of bronchitis (acute!) and the flu.

Although seriously, the stuff that is currently blocking my sinus/head space and lungs up is fucking foul and making breathing hard. So fuck you snot!

 But yes, I am back, I scored well in Christmas presents (Beth bought me real diamond earrings – weee!) we only one arrest during our family Christmas’ (I wish I joking) and I had a great holiday but now I’m back at work and snotty and yeah, proper update Monday kids.

I hope you all had great holidays, I missed you.

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