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hells angels and work

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Man, being this close to holidays, and having so much work to do that it makes me cry, is cruel and unusual punishment. Mel is away, Adam is off gallavanting around Australia doing…, of some kind, and I am stuck at work.

To make myself feel better I’ve bought 3 dresses, all possibilities to wear on Christmas Day. The possiblity of me not wearing any of them is quite high but still, a girl likes her options.

I mean I’ve also finished my Christmas shopping (except for Beth’s) and I’ve organised for a cat minder/babysitter person to come in each day to feed and play with Poppy while I’m away, and I’ve done other stuff that warranted rewarding myself with dresses. Uh, nothing comes to mind but I’ve done loads.

I have all sorts of rants floating around my head, including Beth now being unemployed since our good old premier was unceremoniously shafted, and our stupid bloody federal government implementing the biggest and lamest firewall to the Australian innernet the world has ever seen. But I’m tired now, so let’s just assume I do not like either of the above. At all, although Beth is taking a couple of months off and I am so jealous that deep inside I hate her a little. That’s a lie, a lot.

My mum flies in this weekend and dad is floating around the state somewhere, so that’s nice to have the family in the same state. But the step-mother has come over with Dad for Christmas so it will be interesting to see whether she ruins Christmas this year like Mum’s partner at the time did. (Ex-Hells Angel dude, he really made an impression at the Christmas lunch a couple of years ago.) The step-mother talks. A lot. So we’ll have to get used to that again.

So overall work is still busy, but each day I get closer to 2 weeks holiday which is an awesome thing. Plus I just realised I can hang out with Beth for it too, score!

Friday Dec 11, 2009

Man, things got busy there for a while. Work has been pretty gross busy, and it’s only going to get worse since Mel is away on holidays for nearly a month, lucky wench.

Things have been good, I am doing this awesome project at work which is letting me do the things I really enjoy doing, i.e. rolling out kick arse new technology that people will love. It’s tiring and I’ll be happy when it goes live but all up pretty good.

It’s the staff Christmas party tonight and there is no way in hell I’m going. I like the people I work with, I have good relationships with them and I see no need to have enforced socialisation. Plus it had a bollywood theme and you all know my thoughts on themed parties.

I was chatting with Mel today and found out she doesn’t use site stats on her website, so you can see her handbags and stuff here. Expensive, but beautiful. 

We had our performance appraisals this week at work, and surprisingly we both did well. Which is awesome as I’m always convinced someone is going to call me into their office, sit me down and say, “Look, we know you have no idea what you’re doing so we’re going to need you to leave now, okay?” So it’s nice to get good feedback that says I’m doing okay, and they’ll keep me on for a little while longer.

I’m half way through my Christmas shopping.  I also downloaded a bunch of recipes to make rum balls and shortbread and stuff so when I go visit the separate relatives I at least have something I can bring. FYI: I only need 45ml’s of rum for the rum ball, I think I may try and get sloshed on rum and see if I feel pirate-y.

I did also buy my christmas wrapping paper, I don’t like a lame themed paper so went with this. Sure, I spent nearly $50.00 on wrapping paper, and sure I don’t really need 60 metres of it. But I bought chocolate and cream coloured ribbon and it’s going to look fucking delicious, if not very festive.

The non-Mark state is going well. I’m going out a bit more, and by going out I mean once a week which watch out! It’s surprising how slight the relationship with him is, and yet when you take it away you realise how much back up it provided. I mean, it removes any effort required if you want to go make out with a boy, or to have spoon and that’s annoying when it’s taken away because I am lazy. Eh, I have a lady date this Saturday night where I’ll put on mascara, red lips and a frock and I’ll try not to be lazy.

Unlikely, but I’ll try.

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