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Friday Oct 30, 2009

Dear, this week has been busy and boring. I am still absolutely bored at work without Adam here, but one week down one to go. On the plus side I am powering through my work each day without the coffee breaks we normally have, so I’m only doing 9 hour days. Score.

So, you know that cute maxi dress I bought to wear to Sabine’s 30th this weekend? I decided against it. I’m such a knob when it comes to buying outfits, I get a single outfit stuck in my head and then I buy it all and get it home and try it on, and I don’t like it all that much anymore.

Instead I bought this top, it’s pretty cute and I figure with skinny (chubby) jeans and heels I should be okay. Photo’s will be up on Twitter over the weekend I top

I’ve got the relatives staying at my house for the weekend (thanks Sabine.) I’ve spend the last couple of days cleaning and fussing. I don’t know when I got so retarded with visitors coming and how clean the apartment is, I mean they’re family, they don’t care about dust. But yeah, the house is wickedly clean.

I found this little table at an online auction. And because I am awesome and by awesome I mean incapable of losing I won it. It is going to look so fucking gorgeous in my apartment. I think it might go in the bedroom maybe?


I’m a little worried about Saturday night. The last time I had a bit of a big night I ended up crying over something stupid. I don’t do public crying, so I’m hoping that that night was just a one off, because dear God I don’t want to be the crying drunk. I am the cheerful drunk girl and I better bloody keep that title. In fact I’ve decided I will instead have a great night with a lot of my friends to celebrate my sisters birthday, the end, full stop.

Sorry, this turned out to be a little boring so I’m going to be conscientious and leave work at 4:00 p.m. Hope you all have a great weekend.

ageing disgracefully.

Monday Oct 26, 2009

Oh dear, I keep forgetting to update. Sure the information isn’t all that exciting but it’s all I got people.

 Today was a typical Monday. It’s been pouring in Sydney all weekend, which is lovely if it’s a Sunday and you spent all day, bar 10 minutes toddling down to the shops for coffee and the Sunday newspaper, inside all warm and dry.

 Today, while coming out of my front door my umbrella blew inside out. I really should’ve seen that as a sign to just turn around and go back to bed. But, Mel my sidekick got in before me and called in sick so I knew she was away today, and since we are our whole team for the IT  department if she’s away I can’t be. So yeah, I got wet, and my hair got boofy and it sucked.

 But, I got to work and I got a good coffee. I saw the stripper girl again  – Oh, I forgot!

 So Adam, whether through the people power exhibited on this page, or because my nagging had finally worn him down pointed out work stripper lady to me last week. Television has lied to me as she did not look like the Barbie-esque blonde stripper I was imagining. She was small and a brunette and frankly she had no breasts. I don’t understand it, if strippers are legally not allowed to show their vajayjay then why would you be a stripper if you have small breasts? What do you have to entertain with aside from your winning personality?


 Adam gets married today, over in the delightful Fiji. I’m still sad that I didn’t end up going but let’s be honest, being trapped on an island for over a week with Adam and his mother is just a little too much for me. (Seriously, his mother is terrifying.)

 But now it means I don’t have a coffee buddy to have coffee breaks with or do swift kidney punches to when no one is watching.

 It’s beginning to dawn on me that in a couple of years I will be arriving at a place where there are things I just shouldn’t do/wear/saw anymore. I’m 29 next year. That is fucking ancient (sorry Alec) and I just realised that I probably won’t be able to wear shoes with bows on them after 30, or give Adam kidney punches in between meetings, or tell particular annoying IT kids that I will smash them if they don’t do the work I’ve just given them. I mean, sure I look grown up and all –


But isn’t there a period of a decade or so where I have to not be childish and be grown up and shit before turning 50 and becoming disgraceful again? Are these the rules and if so what the hell inappropriate behaviour do I have to jam into the next 2 years before I’m not allowed to do it anymore?

 Suggestions for a before 30 bucket list please!

strippers and stuff

Wednesday Oct 21, 2009

Apparently there is a stripper that works in my work building a couple of floors above me. I know this because Adam had his buck’s party this weekend and she turned up to entertain the boys.

But the mean thing is Adam won’t point out which girl is the stripper, saying it contravenes bucks party rules (i.e. Fight Club rules.) So now, whenever I’m in the lift or downstairs having a cigarette I am on Stripper Watch because dammit I want to know who she is! Who doesn’t pass on this stuff?

So, I need some assistance. If I get 10+ comments telling Adam to tell me I will make him tell him who the stripper is.

If you care about me, and my entertainment at work, you will comment and say “Adam, stop being a douche, tell Lucy who the work stripper is.”

If I get 2 I will hate you all and be eternally curious about which lady gets her kit off regularly for money. Don’t put me through that scenario, okay?

(I couldn’t hate you all, but I’d be cranky for about an hour.)

cut and cullens and stuff

Friday Oct 16, 2009

Right, I have been tardy with this here place lately.

I’ve been sick, the flu with a nice cheeky dose of strep throat. So I’ve been laying low , hanging out at home, whimpering and generally being pathetic. It’s been tops.

But! Today I feel much better, I’ve finished my second course of antibiotics, I had an interrupted 8 hour sleep last night without being woken up struggling to breathe (sexy!)

So this week has been much better than last.

I got my tax return back and I’m a little seduced by my bank balances at the moment. I was good and transferred $6,000 straight to my credit card. The longer money stays in my account the weaker my resolve would be, so it was in there about, ooh, 2 hours before I had to get it the fuck out.

Willpower, thy name is not Lucy.

I have put aside some cash for me to go a little nuts with, if I didn’t get any play money out of the whole return I would feel very very hard done by. Because life is hard, obvs. First purchase, new gold necklace. I wear silver and I’m trying to switch to gold. So first gold acquisition –

my riches!

Last night I watched a beekeeper come and take down a massive hive that had been built (grown? created?) in a tree outside my apartment. It was cool, he got lifted up via cherry picker with his smoker thingy. Smoked the hive, put a box thingy underneath it, and just tapped it and it all fell into the box. Just fell. It was all very cool and seamless, until I saw him with him hands down his overalls 5 minutes later trying to get the bees out of his pants. That made me laugh.

I’m going to the farmers markets tomorrow. I have very big plans to acquaint myself with some locally produced vegetables and cheeses and meats and pretty pretty flowers for my apartment. Because it’s just me going I’m going to get up at the crack of dawn so I’m there at 7:00 a.m. when it opens. No sloppy seconds for me, thank you very much.

I got my hair did and put a colour through it, the colour is a wee bit gothy for my liking. Apparently dark brown means different things to different hair colouring companies. But no grey so it’s a win in my book.

(Actually I found a photo I took of the new colour/cut

wee bit gothy

. Excuse the no make up, mouth full of toothpaste yes?)wee bit gothy

I bought advanced tickets to the New Moon movie on the day of release. I’d apologise for being so lame, but I have no shame whatsoever. In fact I will be bunking off from work early on that day to watch the movie with Bec who gets my lame Cullen fascination. In fact we’ve already told one friend they can’t come with us because they would disparage us. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty bloody excited.

Anyway, I’m beat so I’m going to head home. Hope you all have a great weekend.

(Thanks for the comments about remedies for strep throat too, muchly appreciated.)

Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

I’ve been sick (did you know strep throat is actually real? And a complete bitch to actually have when combined with the flu?) but will update in the next day or two once I’ve caught up on all the work stuff that I’ve missed.

Be good.

the good, the bad and stuff

Wednesday Oct 7, 2009

The good:

I spoke with my tax guy/accountant/whatever last night. He is awesome, he is completely legitimate and legal but just slightly dodgy enough to get you great returns and advice. I didn’t do my tax return last year. I’m not sure why, I think I just couldn’t be bothered. But because of this I didn’t get a HECs (university degree payment payback loan) statement, so my usual re-payments have been coming out each pay since early 08.

But, because I didn’t get a HECS statement I didn’t get an update on what I’d paid off. And it appears I paid off my full HECS loan in mid 2008. Which means I get all of the payments I’ve made since mid 08 back. I scored an $8k tax return and I pretty much want to have my tax guys babies.

I have never had this much money before (in one go) so I made Adam tell me if my plan for the money was good. Since he is the Rain man of finance (you should seriously see his colour coded budget spreadsheets) he said they were good. Which means I’ll be debt free in 6 months rather than 18 months.

(If you need an awesome but slightly tax guy in Sydney let me know, you need to use this guy.)

The bad:

I’ve never been hesitant about posting anything here, mainly because I have no shame and I’m just a bit open and wrong generally so it doesn’t bother me. But the lecture I got yesterday about a pretty personal matter fucked me off so badly you get to hear this.

I needed to take the morning after pill this weekend. Long story short because Mark and I have been tested for STD’s I use the pill only as contraception if we’re sleeping together. Normally I keep taking the sugar pills when I get to them in my pill packet because unless I take the pill daily I forget when I’m supposed to start again. Which is exactly what happened this time. I realised on Monday that it was surely time to start the pill again, and when I look at the packet I should’ve started Sunday, which is when Mark came over. So I was unprotected.

Because I am not ready to have children, I went to my chemist to get the morning after pill (in Australia this emergency contraception is available over the counter at chemists). This was embarassing, I’m solid when it comes to being protected, and I was already annoyed at myself for missing a day and putting myself in this position. Because Adam is one of the best friends you’ll need he came with me.

So I went into the pharmacy and very quietly asked for this pill. The woman behind the counter does not ask about my normal contraception, or if I’m taking any other medication. She puts the pill on the counter, asks if I’ve taken it before, I say no, and then she says, and I quote, “There are other more cheaper and more effective forms of contraception to rely on you know.”

Right, because even though I’m sexually active I don’t use condoms or the pill and rely on the morning after pill and terminations as my contraceptive.

She doesn’t ask me about my normal method, doesn’t ask any other relevant questions, doesn’t take the information that I’ve never taken this pill before that no I don’t take this regular, but just assumes I’m some kind of whore. Doesn’t factor in anything about my appearance (in my corporate wear), doesn’t factor in my age (28), doesn’t check my medical records which she has on file, doesn’t ask me any fucking information but assumes the worst. And then proceeds to give  me a lecture of appropriate contraception.

If I was a scared teenager and I came across that attitude I would never go back. I get my contraceptive pill scripts filled there and I don’t get a lecture, I get my anti-depressant script filled there monthly and I don’t get a lecture. But I make a mistake, and do something to be responsible and rectify it and I’m some kind of slut.

I’ve never been more mortified or embarassed. And if I didn’t want to get out of there as soon as possible Adam would’ve said something on my behalf (he’s a bit of a feminist) and made a scene.

I just didn’t realise that to get medication I would get a morality or stupidity lecture from a pharmacist. And I’m furious that a medication that I’m legally allowed to access, that I’m medically suited to take comes with a moral lecture rather than medical qeuries and questions.

Needless to say I’m not going back to the place again.

The end.


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