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boys and toast and stuff

Thursday Jul 30, 2009

Update – Since I am always thinking of ways to entertain I’ll likely be twittering the awkwardness of meeting a geek boy this Saturday afternoon/evening.

As well as drinking tequila.

Could get interesting, come and see here.


God, I’m toast.

 This week I’ve been having discussions with Adam about this meeting of the boy thing this weekend (in between starting heated discussions by making highly inflammatory comments about Germans, no reason really, just bored with the conversation we were having.)

 He gives me the advice of “be nice, and don’t tease him.”

 I am fucking toast. Those are two of my most charming aspects of my personality. Take away not being nice and not being able to make fun of people what do I have left?

 I hate having such a smartarse personality sometimes. Many other girls seem to have the being nice and coquettish thing down pat. I veer between discussing Lord of the Rings/gaming/music with them (friend territory) or teasing the shit out of them as my way of flirting (little sister territory.)

 Both of those scenario’s do not lead to making out

 This is why I do not date. I prefer the route of seducing my guy friends, all of the hard stuff has already been done.

 Maybe my cleavage will be enough charm?

set up and moving and stuff

Wednesday Jul 29, 2009

Things have been much better this week, with work and also with feeling much better.

 I had the last vet appointment for Poppy last night. In a fortnight there’s been 1 surgery, 5 check up’s, 2 courses of antibiotics, 1 cat cone collar, $400+ and one very pissed off cat and owner and we’re all done.

 I forgot how quick Poppy is when she has her full peripheral vision, trying to give her the antibiotics this morning was an exercise in futility. She’s a zippy little bugger.

 I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to kill Beth’s boyfriend DJ. For some reason the dude thinks I’m awesome, and in the nicest way possible seems to be personally offended that I’m single. He works with this boy who he has a man crush on, and DJ thinks he would be perfect for me. By the sounds of it he does sound pretty cool, he’s a nice guy, reads a lot, is into music since he works at a music store and all and I’ve seen photos and he’s the nerdy type I like. But I just assumed it was DJ’s pipe dream and nothing would come from it.

 Except when I got a call from Beth last night saying DJ had invited this boy to a BBQ we’re having this weekend. Since DJ does not hang out with this boy outside of work it appears I’m being set up.

 I fucking hate being set up. It’s awkward and obvious no matter how it’s played out. But even though I am going to punch DJ in the kidneys when I see him I can’t be too mad at him. He’s a good guy, and I never feel patronised when he talks of setting me up with his friends, which if you’re single you know is rare.

 I’m just feeling far too fat and uncool to be meeting new nerd boys.

 Dad has his last day at work today. I was speaking with him last night and he’s been with the library since I was probably 3 or 4, which means he’s been working there for 24-25 years. It’s insane the amount of people he knows locally and how many know him. He’s been getting gifts from all of the elderly folk and there will be many single mother’s out there grieving tonight (he’s popular with the single mothers who come in.)

 Both my sister and I are sceptical about how long this WA jaunt will last, and since he’s intent on going over with as little as possible including furniture Sabine and I are going to organise for a storage place to take some of the stuff he’d otherwise give away. Like the dining table we grew up around, and furniture made by our (now dead) grandfather. Like hell is that stuff is going to strangers. And, if he needs it again, then he’ll have it. And if he doesn’t need it (which I hope he doesn’t) we can organise for it to be moved to our places.

 I’m still bummed, but he’s doing it so it’s really just about getting him packed up and moved over as easily as possible. And organising for the step mother to be whacked if she doesn’t make every effort to make Dad feel welcome.

 I know people who know people you see.

non whining and stuff

Thursday Jul 23, 2009

I had written a whole whiny post about the past week covering –

– Having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics my dentist prescribed to me that left me with headaches so bad they made me cry.

– Another visit to the vet for Poppy with antibiotics for her, wearing the cone for another week and a generally discombobulated cat who was running into things because she has no peripheral vision.

– Dad’s crazy ex girlfriend contacting me to tell me he’s worried about him. I met her once. For half an hour.

– Work being weird and really not wanting our IT boss to leave. Being worried about Adam and what’s going to happen with his role.

But I got bored with it. There’s a lot of change going on at the moment, for everyone it seems, and I’ve got to suck it up because complaining about it isn’t going to change it. It’s just going to make me feel more miserable. So on the flip side –

– The non penicillin antibiotics my doctor prescribed me have left me feeling a hundred times better with most of the headaches, fever and weirdness gone.

– Poppy got her stitches out last night and we’re on the home stretch. She wears the cone and takes antibiotics for another 5 days and then we’re done and she can go back to tearing around the house without getting stuck in the blinds.

– I spoke to Dad, he is fine. I replied to the crazy and thanked her for her concern but told her he’s fine.

– Work is work, and while I’m still worried about Adam we’ve worked together before, and we’ve not worked together before. Whatever happens as long as he has a job he enjoys then I’m good.

I haven’t seen Beth in a couple of weeks so we’re heading to the Balmain markets this weekend to hang out and forage for trinkets and stuff. Meg (Mormon housewife) is pregnant again so I’m already planning buying teeny teeny clothes and cute baby stuff. And I get to watch Poppy bang into things and fall asleep with her con pressed again walls and other vertical surfaces. So yeah, getting better.poppy cone sleep

dentists and resignations and moving and stuff

Friday Jul 17, 2009

This week? Has sucked massive donkey’s balls.

First I find out our head of IT has resigned. He is the boss you wish for, he’s funny, he’s insanely smart, he swears and when we have our meetings if its been a particular stressful day he plays Gregorian chanting, or if we’ve had good days he plays Pink Floyd.

He is the boss who in a normal meeting (at the height of the depressive funk I had earlier) asked me how I was doing and I burst into tears. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable, he put me at ease until I had finished crying and the only mention of it is he’ll occasionally ask how things are in a non generic way.

He is the shit. And he’s leaving and it makes me sad.

Secondly I took Poppy to get microchipped and de-sexed. I was better this time dropping her off, and by better I mean unlike with George I didn’t cry after I’d dropped her off.

poppy is sore and shaved

When I picked her up? She was the saddest cat I’d ever seen, all randomly shaved and woozy and my poor baby, I did that to her. I tried to put the protective cone collar thing on her, even semi-stoned she was nothing to do with it.

I’m actually writing this at the vet while they do a 3 day check up. It’s not too bad here actually, plus they’re open til 8 during the week which is awesome.

Plus cute Irish vet.

Thirdly – I need to go to the dentist tomorrow. My wisdom tooth is infected again and I am officially in pain.

I’ve had a referral to get my wisdom teeth taken out since the root canal a few months ago but I just cannot handle the pain and the expense at the moment.

Fourth and the worst of the week, my Dad is moving to WA. In like 2-3 weeks.

Turns out the step-mother (ex step mother, now step mother again) had a heart attack last week. She moved to Freemantle last year but they’ve remained in contact. He flew over, and decided he needs to be over there.

He resigned from the library (he’s been there 20 years) and is selling most of his furniture.

I get it, I don’t like it but I get it. It makes me sad and I had the most exhausting sobbing fit in the shower last night.

I’m pretty close to my Dad and with Mum living over there as well Sabine and I are feeling pretty shit at the moment.

All up, I want this week over pronto.

scratched and tired and stuff

Thursday Jul 9, 2009

If you grew up in Australia during the 90’s you’d probably remember those advertisements on TV on the benefits of iron or red meat, with all those women talking about why they’re tired all the time. You know – “because I’m a single Mum with a daughter”?

Those ads used to annoy me, I’d be all just fucking sleep more you daft bints!

Yeah. I want to smack my younger self around the head because now I’m grown and working and stuff I’m tired all the bloody time.  And this is with a 9:30 p.m. bed time.

Granted I get up at 5 each morning and work an average 10 hour working day but it seems like everyone else seems to do okay whereas I spend half the time yawning and the other half fantasising about my bed with all it’s pillows and fluffy fluffy quilt.

Is is just me with the tired-ness or does everyone else feel like that but stifle their yawns better?

In other news I want a spoon partner.

Mark came over a couple of days ago, and while we get on really well and are awesome at the making out I want something else, something more solid and (retch) meaningful.

So if you have any single lovely chubby bearded men you know who are smart, cute nerds send ’em my way okay?

(No six packs though, they weird me out.)

My little sidekick at work, Mel, designs handbags. Which is awesome, but now she’s doing jewellery too.

I’m toast. I already own 3 of her bags and they’re expensive. My savings account hates her. But she’s making pearl necklaces (snort) and these gorgeous gold wishbone necklaces and I want.

I’ll have to figure out a way to link to her site without leaving a referring page because she is insanely talented.

I love my fringe, best bloody hair decision made in a long time.

In Poppy news she drew blood last night. Turns out that her sleeping stretched out on top of me is dangerous if I’m ever to cough in the middle of the night.

Because if I do cough she will feel threatened and dig into whatever surface she can.

Which in this case was my shoulder, face and stomach. It stings and waking up to being clawed is not pleasant. At all.

Anyone else watch the Australian Next Top Model final last night. Because I like you guys I can fully admit here with no shame that I not only turned down dinner with Beth and DJ to watch it, but was immensely pleased when Cassie lost and Tahnee won.

Bogan fail.

photos and stuff

Saturday Jul 4, 2009

Reasons why I’m going to punch Poppy.

1. She has been on heat this week. I am absolutely horrified. She’s finished now, but for 5 days she did nothing but molest everything and anything in the apartment and yowl like I was killing her. She defiled my work shoes, Dobby (my stuffed toy I’ve had forever) the washing basket and pretty much everything she could reach. She is a foul disgusting cat that is being de-sexed next week because I cannot go through that ever again.


2. She loves to race around the apartment which is fine, albeit annoying. When she does it on the balcony railing I have a heart attack. I can’t sit out there when she’s out there as she likes to turn around, scratch herself and run along an inch wide balcony ledge – below is a two storey fall to a concrete driveway. Cannot handle it.

poppy+balcony=heart attack

This week was horrendously busy at work. I can’t actually remember much about this week except working and coming home. It was gross, the end.

I think I’ve finally finished unpacking properly now. Since I half-arsed cleaned the apartment this morning you get photos!

balcony 2


living room

And I don’t normally do tag-meme thingys, but I like Suvvygirl so you get 6 unimportant things that I love –

1.  After a long day having a good hot shower. Man, washing my face, shampooing my hair, all toasty warm and clean is awesome.

2. Painting my toenails red. Instant fancy.

3. Ceramic flying ducks. I have no idea why but they’re just cute. I want them for my apartment.

4. A Saturday afternoon nap. Especially the type that you wake up drooling from them.

5. People who snort when they laugh. Makes me laugh and is infectious.

6. Broccolini. Like normal brocolli, but teeny and miniature.

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