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Wednesday May 27, 2009

Jebus, I have been stressed lately and I am not enjoying it.

I have this report to do for work, it’s kind of important and the main advice I received from my manager was “Lucy, do not fuck this up.” So, no pressure or anything.

Essentially if I do it well the benefits will be awesome, if I don’t do it well my career is likely to remain where I am now without the chance of advancement. I quite like my job, and the company I work for, so I’m a little panicked.


I also get to move next weekend. This is awesomely exciting, but also a little sad. I’ve been happy in my apartment here, I like my neighbours, I like the neighbourhood and I’ve been here longer than any other place I’ve lived in. I will miss my ceilings most of all.


Plus, because I last saw the new apartment mid-renovation I have no idea what it will look like once it’s finished. It’s like my own private surprise apartment. Will I have carpet, floor boards or tile? What colour will the walls be? Who knows!


Beth is, as I type this, in surgery. I am also slightly worried, read: panicky. She’s gone in for a relatively normal kind of procedure to get some funky pre-cancerous stuff removed (we do not talk of the C word) but man, she’s got the flu at the moment and I’m all worried about her being anaesthetised while being sick. DJ will let me know once she’s out but I am worried.


We had dinner at Beth and DJ’s house last night, I made a flourless chocolate torte that was insanely chocolately and delicious, DJ and K want to marry me. K is aware of the fact that I am not a lesbian and would cheat on her constantly with the penis, she is okay with this as long as I continue to cook for her. So I have options.


My uncle’s partner also passed away earlier this week, she was not well, had cancer, and it spread to her liver. I didn’t know her that well, so I’m not hit with the full force of the grief but it still makes me sad. Funeral is next week so I guess we’ll have another Antilogy reunion at a funeral.


All up though things are really busy, really stressful, a few sad things but generally all is well. I do have to break Poppy of the habit of this though, she likes sleeping in the drawers even though she has a bed, lounge and cat bed all available to her. But why would she sleep there when she has a drawer full of my cardigans to sleep on. And yes, she knows how to open the drawer if it’s closed.


Poppy Houdini.


Thursday May 21, 2009

Sorry guys, I only have time for haiku’s today. I gave notice on my apartment yesterday and have a massive report required at work that if I do well at will cement my position here. The flip side is if I do shit at it, I’m kinda toast.


I am so busy

Work is trying to kill me

Send halp – SOS!


I move in 3 weeks

My new house is so pretty

Dishwasher AND Dryer!


Dude has a new site

He won’t tell me the address

What an utter knob.


So tired today,

Do I need more sleep or do I

take iron tablets?



Oh Poppykitty,

Stop sleeping on my black clothes!

Looks like a penguin.

apartment hunting

Thursday May 14, 2009

I went and saw this place this morning, it’s close to where I live now and it’s a nice new place and I wanted it.apartment1

I was prepared, I was working from home today so I could pop over and see it without interrupting work too much.

Except I’d left the application form at work.

So I had to get up at my usual time (stupid bloody 5:00 a.m.) and head into work. Before I realised that I’d left my access pass on my desk at work. So I buy a coffee and wait outside the office waiting for someone to come in. I realise that I start work very bloody early because I had to wait at least half an hour before anyone else in my office came in.

Printed everything off, photocopied all of my ID, now have everything I need.

I turn up and there’s another couple waiting, this is fine. One other person as competition is far far easier than the 20+ people that you’re usually competing with. I see the apartment, as per the photos, and I like it.

Except it’s on street side of the apartment block and while not overly noisy it’s noisier than my quiet little apartment I have now. But I can live with that. So while the couple is looking at the bathroom I give my application to the real estate agent and say I’d like to put a deposit on it.

Go Team Lucy!


I head back to the real estate agent and start chatting with the front office lady who I get along like a house on fire with since I very politely and nicely harassed her for a few days so I could see the place before the standard Saturday viewing time. She, luckily, thought I was being friendly and flips through my application (all the way the other couple is frantically filling out their application form – you snooze you lose bitches!) she gets to my salary and winks at me and tells me well done. I’m thinking this is looking really good, and this is why you are always hella nice to the receptionist/admin people because they will if you’re rude to them but will be your best friend if you’re nice to them.

She looks at me and goes this is great, but……she looks over at the couple and beckons me closer. She whispers that there’s another apartment in the block that hasn’t come on the market yet as it’s been completely gutted and is being renovated as we speak. The apartment is slightly bigger, has 2 balcony’s and is on the quiet side of the apartment block. I tell my new best friend I would totally love to see it, but I’m concerned that if I wait to view and apply for the second apartment that I may miss out on the  first apartment. his would be bad if I don’t get the second one. She looks at me, looks at my application form and then at the other couple, and then back at me. She tells me that with this application I can choose between the two, and which ever one I don’t like can go to the other couple.

Do I know why she had it in for the couple? Who knows, she could’ve been a raging discriminator because they were obviously gay, she could’ve liked my name, they could’ve been wearing something that offended her.

I do not care.

She likes me and arranges for me to see the apartment being renovated so I can the layout and dimension and whether I like it. I go and see it an hour later.

I like it, it’s lighter, there’s a second balcony just off my room, I don’t get the kitchen island bench I really wanted but I get the dryer and dishwasher (I’ve never had a dishwasher!) there’s plenty of sunny places for Poppy to nap in (and no, they do not know I have a cat and I plan to keep it that way for a little while) plus let’s be honest everything is going to be brand new when I move in. I head back to the agency, put in my deposit, she changes the apartment number on the application form and tells me they’ll be in touch in a few days to give me a completion date on the renovation for when I can move in, calls me darl and sends me on my way.


(Also, because I am apparently a bit of a nerd, while I was waiting for the agent this morning with the other couple I was a bit nervous and feeling psyched out. So I read your comments you guys left on the last post and it made me feel better.

This is probably the lamest thing I’ve said to people I’ve never met, but it was nice to have your support there, so thank you.)

no nuns for you!

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Dudes. I forgot how awesome, and how shit, looking for a new place to live is. It’s pretty much the ultimate in shopping, except rather than just going into a real estate agency and putting my money down to ‘buy’ it I have to jump through hoops and put money down to possibly, maybe get it. Maybe.

I did not get the nun place. Getting a place to rent in Sydney involves nothing but timing, sheer luck and sometimes being sneaky. So when I saw the saw the nun place at 5:15 p.m. (when the house opened at 5:00 p.m. for the viewing) there were already 2 applications and deposits in.

Apparently living next door to nuns is not just my dream….

I had a great weekend, I headed to the homeland (i.e. the central coast) to hang out with Meg, the Mormon Housewife. She is wrong on so many levels and it’s why I love her. Saturday we had a thing for her birthday involving a bbq, many people and many children, a jumping castle and no alcohol. Surprisingly I had a great time. As soon as the kids went home Meg and I demolished the jumping castle. Her babies just slay me, I love them and while it just reminds me that I’m not ready for that I do know that I want children.

Just as soon as they invent unconcious childbirth.

Work is busy, a lot of stuff going on. The whole global financial shemozzle is hitting closer and closer each day. I was a kid the last time Australia had a recession and let’s be honest had no idea what was going on, but it’s not much fun looking at one square in the face as an adult. Especially one who is very crap at the whole saving thing.

Poppy is going to stay at Sabine’s house for a week or two while I get things sorted here and get the landlord off my case. I don’t want her to go, as I type this she’s laying curled up next to me twitching in her sleep. I love having her furry little face around, so the upcoming few weeks is just going to be good motivation to get this new house locked in and sorted.

Wish me luck.


Thursday May 7, 2009

It appears my landlord really is a spawn of satan (in the form of a elderly Italian woman) as she’s not budging on the cat rule.

Unless she has a last minute change of mind when I hand in my notice, which I’ll do over the next week, I need to find a new apartment.

I actually went and saw one on Tuesday night, it is gorgeous and quiet and private and just as close to the city as I am now. It’s also just been renovated and is gorgeous and would cost me a grand $20 extra a week. Also, the next door neighbours? Nuns. For real, nuns. I want to live next door to nuns!

I put in an application for it so we’ll see what happens.

I really wasn’t looking to move, really do not want to move. I love my apartment and have been happy here for a long time, I hate packing, I hate stressing about moving, I hate being poor because all of my pay goes to paying cleaners and movers because I am far far too lazy and weak to do it myself.

But with important stuff like this I need to be forced to make a decision, I’m not a huge fan of unnecessary change. Actually just change generally gives me hives.  But it’s been a good run here so I figure I’ll just focus on the good parts of moving and finding me and Poppy a new (cat-friendly) place.

So, how’s everyone doing? Your hair looks good….


Update – Gah! No next door nun’s as neighbours for me. Onwards and upwards and all that.

I’m off to hang with the Mormon Housewise tonight, a.k.a. Meg. It’s awesome.

Have a great weekend kids!


Tuesday May 5, 2009



Dear Real Estate Agent,


Fuck you.


I’ve lived in my apartment for 4.5 years now, I’ve never been late with paying my rent despite you increasing the rent by $100 a week since I’ve moved in.


And you send me a letter telling me you’re aware I have a pet and that I need to get rid of her in 14 days?


Fuck you.


Getting rid of Poppy is not an option. Please, look how gorgeous she is. So you can either agree to my request that you give approval to keep her as a clause in the tenancy agreement or I move out.


Ball’s in your court.






Dear Work,


I only got back from a week’s holiday yesterday. I know the world continued to turn and all that while I slobbed away the week at home, but maybe you could reconsider working me like a pack mule? Just for another couple of days?









Dear Guy,


We’ve been friends for a long time, thing were messy in the beginning when I accidentally fell in love with you but after a long time things have been normal and awesome between us.


So cracking onto me, while you have a girlfriend, is way uncool and makes me want to punch you in the balls. It also means that stuff that I haven’t thought or felt in a good few years has come back to the surface, so while you’re now okay and merrily trotting along with your girlfriend as normal I’m left with the crap you brought up.


And I miss out on a holiday.









Dear Holidays,


I love you, I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you.


Preferably in pyjama’s and hoodies.


Always Yours





Update – I received this email back from my real estate agent. Looks like I’m moving.

Thanks for your email. The purpose of my first letter was to notify you that the owners weren’t in favour of having a cat at the premises. If we allow one person to have an animal on the premises we’d have to allow everyone else and the owners are not in favour of this.

We’d love you to stay on at the property but as I mentioned in my letter you’d need to make arrangements to have the cat removed accordingly.



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