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Monday Mar 30, 2009

Man, I had a great weekend.


Sunday was spent lying slightly hungover around the house, trying to medicate a headache hangover caused by drinking, amongst others, 4 vodka and red bulls in half an hour while waiting for The Killers to come and play at the V Festival.


Oh, V Festival, you beautiful over-18 festival that was well organized, clean and not hideously crowded. Even though it took us 40 minutes to line up for food the beer line was only 5-10 minutes and frankly I like your priorities.


We headed to the sister’s place for pre-game drinks before the bands we wanted to see were playing. A few too many beers and I was slightly sloshed already. I forgot how much bloody fun I have at concerts, I’m a rock girl and I’ve been scared off too many clubs my friends have dragged me to that play bullshit dance music. But many a dirty drunken festival is where I am comfortable at.


I saw the Kaiser Chiefs while waiting for a hotdog right next to the main stage. Those guys are bloody fantastic.


And The Killers. *sigh* I love those guys and they played for an hour and a half and as per the last time I saw them they were fucking amazing. I danced and sang along so much I was hoarse, it was Beth’s first time at a festival so I got to sing along with her and I just really really enjoyed myself.


Doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is so pretty it hurts.


I’m pretty sure Poppy has completely settled in now, my take on it is she’s starting to bite and play with me which she never did before, and she’s also started to sleep on the pillow right next to my head. So now I’m tossing up with the idea that getting a second cat now is probably not the right idea, but how can I leave Tabitha alone in the pound?


But when Poppy is as lovely as this, surely it should be doubling the awesomeness and one more small step towards creating my cat army?


I’m going to try and convince Beth to come for a drive on Sunday to meet her and get a second opinion before I decide.


I’m also trying to decide whether to have birthday drinks, I’m 28 in a few weeks but I’m a big supporter of keeping my separate friends separate. I mean Beth and Adam don’t get on well, but Beth and Meg do. But Bec and Meg can’t stand each other, I’d like Mark to come but Beth can’t stand him (for good reason) and it just kind of goes on. But I don’t want to not see my friends, God, maybe I just get enough people to buy me enough birthday drinks that I don’t know where I am and will therefore miss any awkwardness? That could work.


Adam is in Bali for a week, and usually we have a coffee catch up in the morning that breaks up the day. So today I just worked solidly and it was boring. So in my lunch break I went and bought a couple of pairs of new work shoes. Pictures to come. So Adam, maybe you’d like to come back soon so my credit card doesn’t die of exhaustion yes?

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Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

I gave blood yesterday, I didn’t enjoy the experience to be honest. It didn’t help that when I was walking back to the office with Adam (a seasoned blood donor) he told me the nurse who’d done my blood letting was a butcher and that he and his fiancé would refuse to have her looking after them when they came in.


Nice to know.




As part of the prep stuff though I had to weigh myself. I don’t own scales because I’ve never been hugely concerned with the size of my bum. It is what it is, plus I worry about enough stuff already so I’ve always not cared a huge amount.


Unfortunately the number on the scale indicates I’m a chubster and that I’m at my heaviest ever weight, which is, you know, depressing.


It started with quitting smoking and putting on a few kilo’s. The rest is me being lazy and eating too much.


Start Rant – It actually really effing annoys me when fellow chubsters blame everything and anything for the reason they’re overweight. Except for a really small number of people who suffer from genuine medical issues (thyroid and slow metabolism, etc etc) the main reason chubby people are chubby is because they eat too much and/or don’t exercise enough –  End Rant


Today has been heavy on work meetings, which has been fun. And by fun I mean exhausting and hearing high level stuff that I really don’t want to know. I like my restructures and redundancies to be surprise attacks.


I think tonight I’m going to bake, Adam and his fiancé are getting way stressed about organising their wedding and I think mini chocolate cupcakes will help.

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Monday Mar 23, 2009

Yo. Work has been busy today, way busy. I imagine it would be satisfying if I wasn’t so lazy.

Speaking of lazy, say hello to bullet point –



 – On Friday I wore my gold ballet slippers to work. It turns out to be horrendously sunny and I ended up blinding myself whenever I looked down.


 – This weekend I went to the farmers markets near my place, they were freakin’ awesome. I went with BeardedMan (aptly titled as I feel like I am his beard, because we do all of these insanely couply things, yet it is strictly platonic. It makes me feel weird because it doesn’t feel weird.) I ended up walking out with wheels of brie, fresh flowers, lots of chorizo, this garlic jam stuff that I could eat with a spoon, and new herbs for my dying garden.

I am a big fan of the place, especially since Toby’s Estate have a stall there and give me sweet sweet coffee early in the morning.
 – I made mini cupcakes Friday night and they were the teeniest, delicious things I have seen since George was a kitten. Because I am chubby enough I gave most of them away. But not before I sampled a few to make sure they were okay.
 – I turn 28 in a few weeks and I’m a little bit excited. I think I’m going to book out a room in a cocktail bar, wear a dress and become extremely inebriated. It could be awesome.
 – I have to donate blood tomorrow for the first time and I have such an irrational fear of needles that I am feeling nauseous already.  I’m doing this to prove to Adam that I am not actually evil, and can do good things. But at the moment I’m just hoping I can do it without passing out and vomiting at the same time. Seriously, needles make me light headed and queasy before they’ve even penetrated my skin.
 – I went back to my Carol, my tops hairdresser, who gave me back awesome hair. She is the business, even if she thinks Beth and I are actually sisters. And that my name is Mimi. Seriously, my real name has one syllable, and sounds nothing like Mimi.
Whatev’s, she does nice things to my hair and I can forgive her for pretty much anything.
 – I removed voicemail from my work desk phone a month or so ago and it was the sweetest, nicest month I’ve had. Then my boss made me put it back on. By midday I had 12 new voicemails, I cleared them and I’ve now got 6 new ones.  I may be the IT Comms chick, but I really fucking hate voicemail.
 – I have the V festival this weekend, and get to see The Killers and Snow Patrol. That is all I really want to see, but now comes the hard part – what the hell I’m going to wear.
 – I’m tired now and my voicemail flashing light is driving me nuts, so I’m going to head home.

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Tuesday Mar 17, 2009

I made a 4 cheese fettuccine for dinner last night and I fear my arteries will never forgive me. But damn it was good. Although a pile of nearly half a kilogram of cheese is quite awe inspiring.


I’ve been cooking quite a lot lately. A couple of months ago my microwave made a very very loud and scary cracking sound and since then I haven’t used it. Which has been good and bad, bad because I can’t just chuck a Lite n Easy dinner in the microwave, but also good because I have become a recipe hound. Usually I avoid the recipes made almost solely from cheese and cream but it’s been nice to cook again. I’ve mastered the friand and I’m trying to work out how to use my new icing piping thingy to make cupcakes and ice them like this . So far, I am losing because the icing consistency is crap but soon I will be awesome. And fat.


Boring stuff to report – I’m not going to be dying my red hair anymore, one of my friends just dyed their hair red and I do not do copy cat. I had my beautician appointment Saturday and tried the next wax down from a Brazilian, I am a big fan and totally get to keep my underwear on while getting it which is a win in my book (when related to beauticians any way.)


I’m going to adopt another cat, ever since George went missing in December I’ve been checking out the web page of the pound place. There’s been a cat there called Tabatha since last August who is the sweetest looking thing (albeit with a massive head) and I’ve been thinking about her. Can you imagine your pet in a cage for the past year? The idea of it makes me sad, she’s about the same age as Poppy and I think I’m going to go and visit her and adopt her.




(I’m not going to link to the page because it will make you sad, or make you want to adopt a cat.)


This takes me into quasi crazy cat lady territory which I’m okay with. I mean look ,if I was a guy and had a couple of dogs I’d just be the dude with a couple of pets, since I have breasts and already own a cat I am crazy cat lady already, why not just accept and embrace the stereotype?


I’ve got a wedding coming up in a couple of weeks and I think I’ve found the dress, well I’ve already bought it from the innernet so it better be right. It’s a grey wool dress with a gorgeous Jackie O style collar, since it’s going to be held near Canberra it’s going to be fricking cold for the reception so I will be channelling someone far far more graceful than I Because graceful people do not eat so much cheese that they call their best friend and ask for them to come over and rub their stomach because it hurts.

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Friday Mar 13, 2009

So, I’m not sure if I’ve written about this but Adam is getting married this year to his poor, poor suffering girlfriend J.

Initially the plan was to have the wedding in Fiji and I was way looking forward to another week in Fiji because damn, I like that place.

Then it turns out I became un-invited after they decided to do family and best man/woman only.  I was bummed. Adam and I have been close for nearly 10 years and to not be there on such a big day, especially after helping him through so many of the past girlfriends, I was also hurt.

So I did what I do best, I nagged him mercilessly for the past 6 weeks. I guilt tripped him, I was out and out harassing him asking where my invite was. All the while grudgingly accepting of the fact that he and his fiance are low key people and a small private wedding suits them perfectly.

I totally got invited today. See, harassment clearly pays off!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I finished my last root canal session last night, and while i’m $600 poorer I’m also all good now. Next step wisdom teeth extraction! Awoohoo.

When I visited Meg (the Mormon Housewife) last weekend I noticed she had the most beautiful armchair ever that I seriously tried to make her give to me I loved it so much. She’d found an old antique chair with crappy fabric,  had it re-upholstered and had this chair for less than $20.00. She is making me a matching pair for my birthday and I seriously seriously want to hug them I will love these so much. I love having crafty friends.



Poppy has decided that she has explored enough of the apartment now at cat level and has decided to graduate to the high places. I was washing the dishes the other night, and could hear her bell in the apartment somewhere so knew she was inside and okay.

When I finished I casually looked up and realised she’d been on top of the cupboards that I can’t even reach for the past half hour creepily staring at me. I don’t know how she got up, and she wouldn’t come down with me in the room so I don’t know how she got down but apparently she likes it.

poppy hearts martha

Fucking weirdo.

After spending 3 days last weekend with 10 other women full time, and sharing a room with my alcoholic sister, I am needing some quiet time. So this weekend I’m seeing my beautician (and discussing non-Brazilian waxing stuff) Saturday morning, having a sleepover Saturday night and all the other times will be spent napping, playing Super Mario on the DS, reading and watching  me some crime TV. God, life is good.

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Monday Mar 9, 2009

I had a pretty nice weekend considering I spent three whole days with 10 women on a hen’s weekend.

The house on the beach was fantastic and we all had enough space without getting in each others way or on each others nerves. I drank a lot, I ate a lot, I took a nap each day, I shopped a little and I just generally had a relaxing weekend.

Except for getting home yesterday where I actually trusted CityRail’s timetable. Stupid of me really.

 I am grouchy today and I’d prefer not to be at work. I left home on Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. and got home last night at 6:00 p.m. and I hate when I spend next to no time at home on a weekend.

Poppy was happy to see me which was nice, although she talked non stop for the first hour I was home. And being away from her for a few days I am almost positive (yeah, yeah, I know I was almost positive of her being pregnant last week) that she’s not pregnant. Just slightly tubby.

Which is a shame as I was looking forward to building my own cat army.

Anyway, since if I keep writing in this mood I’ll end up whining or complaining or something else utterly self indulgent and whiny I think I’ll head off.

Ps – We had a spam comment attack over the weekend that Adam seemed to fix, since the fix though I haven’t received any new comments so if you’re having issues commenting send me an e-mail at theantilogy(at) the gmail fot com.


Thursday Mar 5, 2009

Well, things I learnt from the comments on the last post  –

– Boys do indeed dig long hair.
– You girls are far smarter than I and don’t shell out too much money each month to get Brazilians.
– Pubic hair related posts are well popular.
– Adam is a hippy.
– Mark’s comment of “Max bush is fine by me. A man who can’t cope with a proper bush is not a man at all” is hands down awesome.

I’ve also taken some of your excellent advice and will be keeping my hair at this length, and avoiding the down there waxing.

I have a long weekend this weekend, to attend a hen’s thingy. My cousin is getting married so we’ve hired a house near the beach for the weekend which will be full of many many women. I’m hoping that it will be relaxing so I can read and chill out and hang out, but I don’t think that’s even possible with 10+ women in a house.

Oh god, what will the line for the bathroom be like in the morning?

I was going to have my 3rd and final root canal session this afternoon but I’m too poor and I need to work back late so I’ve re-scheduled it for next week. I am so relieved it’s almost over I want to kiss my dentist on the mouth if she hadn’t charged me $1,300 for hurting me and MAKING ME CRY. I can only suggest that if your dentist ever EVER suggests root canal do not do it. Do everything in your power to avoid because it has been the most physically painful thing I’ve had to go through. Ever.

Poppy gets to hang out on her own for a couple of nights, with Beth coming over to feed her. We’ll see how she goes as it’s the longest I’ve been away from her. At least, unlike Lily, she doesn’t ignore me for days afterwards.

In other Poppy news I’m almost positive she is pregnant. God, I’m too young to be a grandmother. She was laying on her back last night (LIKE THE HUSSY SHE IS) and I could no longer say she was getting chubby from me overfeeding her. Unless she puts on weight weird then Poppy is going to have beautiful babies.

(Hang on – I just did some google research and now I’m confused. Can female cats only mate/get pregnant if they’re on heat? Kass – Help!)

Man, my head hurts.

q & a

Sunday Mar 1, 2009

 Last night my friends and I had our a monthly ladies date. This time in Kings Cross. I was reminded how much I hated the Cross when within the first 10 minutes we saw a domestic between a couple, drug dealers, homeless people and someone beating the crap out of another man.

Good times. 

We’d planned to have dinner and cocktails at the Victorian Room but when we were told there’d be a two hour wait for dinner we had a couple of cocktails and had dinner at another restaurant. I think I’m going to have my birthday dinner at the Victorian Room, it’s gorgeous and is all dark wood floors and antique lounges.

If only it wasn’t in the Cross.

So, I have some questions –

1. I’ve been tossing up between growing my hair out a little, and getting it cut back to the short Pob cut I loved so much. I asked Adam what he thought and he tells me that just as chick digs scar, men dig long hair. So, boy readers, is this true, false, discuss?

2. I feel the need for a sea change. And since moving isn’t an option (I love my people too much) I’m not left with a huge amount left to make a massive change with. And my job has been wearing me down, not the company or the people I work with because frankly I work for an awesome company and work with awesome people, so maybe it’s more apt to say the career I have has been wearing me down. And I don’t know if this is normal, does everyone else get depressed after lunchtime Sunday at the thought of another work week? Does everyone else think of taking a sick day every morning as the alarm goes off?

3. I’ve also (actually let me put in a warning here since I’m discussing pubic hair and let’s be honest, not everyone is as classy as I as am and wants to read this) been thinking about quitting with the monthly Brazilians. While I prefer having them done because hello, God, when you think of the effort and pain and cost involved it doesn’t seem worth it. So, for people the girls and boys who are as uncouth and shameless as I am what do you do or prefer?

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