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Monday Feb 23, 2009


My weekend was lovely but busy, I’m such a baby but I tend to hate having weekends where I do a lot of stuff. Actually I think the correct description for that is lazy but meh.

So, you know how I was heading to the home region to catch up with my Dad and see Meg (MormonHousewife)?

I headed off from work early Friday afternoon to catch the train to the coast, it takes about an hour and a half and it had been a long week so I was looking forward to chilling out for an hour on the train and just hanging out with Dad for the night. I get to the train station and Dad’s not there.

An hour and a half later – still not there.

I had to call Meg and have her rescue me, and put me up for the night, oh and feed me and get her babies out of bed to come and pick me up.

Dad had forgotten I was coming, he’d left his mobile at home before heading out to an art exhibition for the night so called me Saturday as I was on the train home.



I had a lovely night with Meg and her babies. Her daughter loved the tutu and slept in it, her son is only 1 so I don’t think he appreciated the Star Wars t-shirt as much as I did. Meg bought me coffee (there’s no coffee in their house) made the spare bed up for me and was a godsend and I am so bloody glad I have friends like her.

We went shopping Saturday, I saw a few girls from high school and managed to avoid talking to everyone of them. Awesome. I also bought 5 pairs of shoes for $70.00 (3 for me, 2 for Meg to say thanks.) Bargain!

Sunday I had breakfast with Beth and K – I had corn fritters, haloumi, spinach and poached eggs and almost needed a post-sex cigarette. After I helped Beth unpack her and DJ’s new apartment, it is an awesome place but it was hot and Beth has a lot of stuff to unpack.

And now I need another weekend to recover.

I thought maybe now that George was gone I’d get my childhood stuffed dog, Dobby, back.

Apparently not.



poppy and dobby

weekend stuff

Monday Feb 16, 2009

Ha, someone’s quitting attempt is not going well – I just found a used nicotine patch in the ashtray downstairs.


No Segue!


I had a lovely weekend, it was lazy and except for breakfast and beautician on Saturday morning I did not leave the house at all. Even though bushfires are still raging in Victoria in disgustingly high temperatures it’s barely crawled over 20 degrees here and has been raining for a week. Even Poppy didn’t want to go outside (she’s a delicate petal and doesn’t like to get her feet wet.)


I have to go out to dinner tonight for a friend I’m not a huge fan of. She’s the only one in my core group that I’m a little bit meh about, but as the girlfriend of a core member she’s got an automatic in. It’s weird, I can’t pinpoint what it is about her that I just don’t get. I think it’s her sense of humour, it’s slightly out of whack from mine and I feel awkward. My friends are all funny, they make me laugh til I hurt, so it’s a bit odd to have to fake laugh. I don’t like fake laughing.


But it’s at a Chinese restaurant so I am way happy.


I’m visiting Meg this weekend, the MormonHousewife. Her daughter gets a tutu and her son gets a Star Wars tshirt am the awesome Aunt who will teach them bad words and encourage her daughter to have a career. Gasp!


Each month I go to my favourite beautician in the world who waxes my eyebrow, gives me a Brazilian and tints my eye lashes. Every 2 months I go to my most favourite hairdresser, Carol – I love you , and she cuts my hair and does all types of stuff to it that makes it look nice for 24 hours. I cleanse my skin, moisturise, brush my teeth every night and day. I get manicures and pedicures generally every month. I exfoliate once a week and put a leave in treatment in my hair fortnightly, I shave my legs every few days and I wear make up every work day.


And I’m a low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty. I mean I showered Saturday morning and didn’t shower again until Sunday night, and I wore the same tracksuit pants all weekend and on weekends I do nothing with my hair (literally nothing, big sunglasses are my weekend hair cover up).


That is fucking insane, is this normal? When did low maintenance become high maintenance?


(Just quietly – the eyelash tint is the only one of the above that I would not give up, seriously, I never wear mascara anymore and it looks like I do. Lazy beauty tip!)


Thursday Feb 12, 2009

Update  – The root canal was terrible. Awful, terrible, horrendous.

I need a hug 🙁


I’ve gone to update this page every day this week and just haven’t had a chance. Work does not like me.


Poppy is horrendously adorable. She’s taken to hiding behind doors, and furniture and under my bed before springing out at me. When George used to do it he would draw blood and would do it constantly and I would have to tap him. Poppy on the other hand doesn’t use her claws so just hits me with her paw and then runs away.


So far, except for the drive over when I brought her home, she hasn’t drawn blood. And except for constantly messing up my rugs when she tears around the house she has turned out to be delightful.


This week has been busy with work, I try not to stay back past 5. I figure if I’m in the office at 7:30 each morning then that’s fair enough. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, and trying to leave at a reasonable time is actually starting to stress me out since I leave what feels like piles of work when I walk out the door. Stupid career guilt.


I have my second root canal session in about an hour. It should be okay, at least now I know I need a buttload of anaesthetics to my mouth as apparently 20 jabs are not enough but 21 is peachy keen. I’m a little scared but from what I understand I may only need 2 sessions rather than the 3 which would be awesome. I dunno, I’ll see how it goes and hopefully it will be better than last week.


I had a sleepover Saturday night, there’s something oddly satisfying about sleeping with someone and then sending them off to church. Is it possible that I will pay for that remark during my dental appointment? Why yes, I believe I will.


I’m thinking of dyeing my hair red, dark red. Like Addison from Greys Anatomy I think if I do this I’ll need to do it in autumn winter when I’m at my palest, I mean really, when was the last time you saw a tanned red head? As my sister and I were saying the other night about it, it has the possibility to be absolutely awesome or absolutely horrifying, and frankly 50/50 are good odds to me.


Speaking of hair, my hair is FINALLY long enough to jam into a pony tail. Sure, I have to use a bajillion bobby pins to keep it up, and sure, it is the worlds teeniest ponytail, but man it’s nice to have my hair off my neck.

(See! Teeny!)


Things that are making me sad this week are the Victorian bushfires, summer in Australia is not complete without bushfires but fatalities are relatively rare. But when you look at these fires they’re predicting nearly 300 victims and literally whole towns have been destroyed in pretty much a single day. I can’t even imagine it and seeing and reading about it daily is making me sad.


It’s horrific and I think what is making it worse is every man and his dog having a forceful opinion on whose fault it is. It just doesn’t seem appropriate and I can guarantee if I or someone else they’re spouting their self appointed authority to had lost someone in the fires they wouldn’t dare try it. I mean Jesus, that’s what the royal commission will be for, keep your layman opinions to people who want to hear them.



Just quietly, how delightful is this news photo though? Koala’s are wild animals, no matter how docile and quiet they appear in zoos and wildlife parks. You have to think that for a wild animal to willingly come to a human and take water from it means it’s not a normal situation.

oh dear

Thursday Feb 5, 2009

My teeth are pretty good today. I worked from home yesterday and got used to the antibiotics which make me wonky if I don’t eat much, since I can’t chew on one side on advice from the dentist, and since I can’t chew on the other side because hello infected wisdom tooth, I’m stuck to eating soup and yoghurt and other food fit for babies so I’ve been a bit wonkier than usual.


I’m hungry and craving a steak or chips.


Below is why I am a cranky person at work, luckily this email was sent to the UberAssistant I work with because my response would’ve been something along the lines of asking if they were an idiot, asking if they were serious, asking when New Zealand had become the same country as Australia, and what international meant to them.


From: Idiot Person
Sent: Wednesday, 4 February 2009 4:46 PM
To: UberAssistant
Subject: International Roaming


Hi UberAssistant


Can you please tell me if I’ll need the international roaming facility on my mobile phone when travelling to New Zealand?




I mean really?


Anywho short and sharp today, will post again soon.

so very bad

Tuesday Feb 3, 2009
You know, the weekend started really well.
I had a moochy day Saturday before frocking up and heading into the city for Adam’s engagement party. I didn’t know many people going, so on the way in with the BeardedMan I made him promise to not leave me alone (all the nagging of a girlfriend but none of the benefits!) But I met one of Adam’s friends from Brisbane who was as troublesome as I thought he would be but also very nice and ended up chatting (and drinking) with them until about 1 a.m.
I was their wingwomen, and let me tell you when boys realise you’re willing to help them find a girl they relax the usual man rule of what is okay and what is not okay to discuss with girls.
To that I say Adam, your friends are disgusting.
In the most charming way possible, but still.
I stumbled home, without making my cab driver go through McDonalds drive thru (with every ounce of drunken will power I had) and went to bed.
I woke up Sunday morning wanting to die as my head felt like it was about to split open. As is my usual hangover cure I ate, baked and slept my way through it. But it was touch and go there about whether I’d ever be able to drink again.
The headache continued, but less so for the rest of the day but I also felt one of my wisdom teeth coming through, and hurting a bit, but I thought it was just my body being pissed off at me and taking revenge.
I woke up Monday morning after barely sleeping Sunday night as every touch of the right side of my face on the pillow woke me up and nearly made me cry.
I went into work today, made a dentist’s appointment hoping it was just me being a big girl or something that could easily be fixed.
I walked out an hour and a half later with a prescription for my infected and ABSCESSED wisdom tooth, and had my first round of root canal done. Apparently the wisdom tooth needs to come out, but can’t be until the infection is fixed up. And since I had a chipped molar on the other side of my mouth that would be needed once the wisdom tooth was out I needed root canal. The needles weren’t bad, I don’t know how that works exactly but I think because the needle is so thin that it just doesn’t hurt.
When she started drilling through and hit the nerve, and needed to inject more local numbing stuff DIRECTLY INTO THE OPEN NERVE I’m not ashamed to say I cried little. It hurt. So very much.
So yeah, walked out after paying $500+ dollars, and with 2 more appointments to go back in for the other 2 sessions.
I came back to work for a few hours, but I started to regain the feeling back in the root canal side, and the antibiotics for the wisdom tooth kicked in and I had to leave.
Which is why I’m working from home tomorrow, and whimpering a little today because I now have pain on both sides.
But hey, at least it’s getting fixed right? And even though I have to give up my NZ holiday that was scheduled for a fortnight away as I have to pay nearly $1,500 for the root canal which is my spending money for the trip, I’m sure there’s a silver lining right?
Ah yeah, I forgot the painkillers, they’re definitely a bonus.
Also when I’m sick Poppy curls up next to me like this, which is definitely good.






Ha! Two good points! I am totally the glass half full girl.
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