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Friday Jan 30, 2009

Yesterday one of my co-workers just went home because they were “feeling blah.”


Seriously, if I’d known that that was all it took to head home early I would’ve been out of here aagges ago.


I’m thinking of using that excuse today to see if it works.


This weekend my plans include Adam’s engagement party Saturday night, which I’m making BeardedMan go with me since I don’t know many of his other friends and wouldn’t go if he wasn’t as I do not do lonesome wallflower. And my work sidekick officially closed her 500th IT job yesterday so she officially deserves cake.


But she’s gluten intolerant so I’m making her friands instead. Mmmm cakey goodness.


This short week after the public holiday on Monday has made me a little tired, I love a long weekend but it puts me into a lazy mindset.


A guy I work with today called me evil, and when I claimed that I was far too lazy to be properly evil he visibly shuddered at the idea of an energised and focused me. I imagine it would be terrifying if I really put time and energy into the business of evil.


Instead I’m lazy; so I bake friands, read and take naps and the world continued for another day.




Friday Jan 30, 2009


Kass tagged me with a photo meme taggy thing.

The rules:

1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images

2. pick the 4th picture in the folder

3. explain the picture

4. tag 4 people to do the same….

I don’t tag, and knowing some blogs I read and people I know via blogging you do not want to see what’s in their My Pictures folders.

This one? It’s first thing in the morning and my Dad and I are babysitting my niece (a.k.a. my cousins daughter but it’s easier to explain this way.)

We’re speaking to her mum on the phone, she is clinging like a frog to me (and copping a cheap feel) and looks like she’s eating my shoulder.

I have hair that looks like an awesome beehive. This is what I call “My Hair – The Just Woken Up Edition” as that is au natural styling.

Emme was going through a handbag stage where she had to have a handbag on her at all times. She’s now bigger and looks more like a little girl than a frog.

Dad took this, he’s a big fan of candid photos. I would’ve liked some notice so I could put on a bra at least. But I like it.




Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

God, I love a long weekend. Friday I worked back a little later than usual, then until Monday morning I did sweet FA.

 I didn’t leave the house Sunday, nor change out of my pyjamas. I made a batch of cupcakes which while I had a nap in the afternoon Poppy got into and licked every single one of them clean of the icing.


I woke up to no Poppy untouched cupcakes and a little cat in the midst of a sugar binge high.


Saturday was 35 degrees or something else ridiculously hot, so I cranked up the air conditioning and read, napped and played DS most of the day.


Before breaking for a nap in the afternoon.


It’s a hard life but someone had to do it.


Celebrated Australia Day by drinking beer and having a BBQ. Since I don’t drink at home (living and drinking on my own is a slippery slope to being a lush) I took over a whole bunch of beer that had been hanging in my fridge for ages. I ended up drinking 3 types of beer and for some reason it made me want to beat people up. Since the only people at the BBQ were people I like this wasn’t really an option, until DJ (Beth’s boyfriend) started getting lippy. So we slapped each other around for a while.


I really need to find a sleepover buddy.


I really need a Boys 101 course, or Men 101.


(As an aside – at what age do boys become men? I’m 27 and still see guys at boys, not men. My Dad’s a man, the boys I date are boys.)


I’ve always gone by the creed that boys are pretty simple in what they say and what they mean, and most of the time that’s true. But sometimes it’s complicated and I don’t know what to do. Do I back off completely? Do I occasionally check in and see how he’s doing? Do I wipe any memory of this and him and delete his numbers?


I do not know.


I need to end this better, so here Poppy has claimed her spot in the house. It is also why I tend to wake up to find her sleeping on my back, since I sleep in the middle of the bed I’m sleeping in her spot.


I feel much better about Poppy this week. I have to confess that last week I was worried Poppy was my rebound pet as having her just made me miss George more. It’s better though the more she gets used to me and I get used to her, in fact she’s even attacking me occasionally, which to me means she’s wilfully disobeying me so she’s becoming more and more my cat as the days go by.


Thursday Jan 22, 2009

Things that are irritating me this week.


       Use of LOL’s in people over 16. The only person I know who does it and it doesn’t irritate me is Kass. And she’s gorgeous and has hair I want so can get away with it.


I once ended a friendship with someone because they genuinely liked the Pussy Cat Dolls song “Dontcha.” Drastic yes, but they really liked the song and I am judgemental like that.


       Having my hair so short at the moment that I can’t put my hair into a pony tail. In this weather all I want to do is tie my hair up and get it off my neck like now. Summer has finally hit Sydney and it’s hot lately. Windy days and having my hair on my neck are both guaranteed to send me into an apoplectic rage.


To avoid this today, as it’s hot and windy today I have about 20 industrial strength bobby pins pinning all of my hair back. It is fantastic.


       Poppy last night deciding that rather than just timidly checking out the outside areas close to my door last night like normal (she’s having short supervised outside visits) to instead tear around my backyard like a mad man running from one end to the other at full pelt.


She has now had night time outside visits revoked.


       Work stuff. That’s all I’m saying about that.


Good things about today –


       I bought a couple of pairs of leather thongs (feet thongs) for summer , just because while I would love to wear nothing but Havaiana’s all summer I need to occasionally not wear rubber shoes. Unfortunately while these new little things are great, and look pretty and I can even wear them to work the material inside them is so smooth that I tend to slip and slide around in them. Not good for an already clumsy girl.


Solution – Raiding the work’s first aid kit, and using the strapping tape on the inside to create non slip wonderness.


Lucy = 1

Slippery Shoes = Nil


       It’s Thursday which means it’s nearly Friday, and nearly a long weekend.


       I’m really reaching here, today has not been so great.


Monday Jan 19, 2009

After the long break over Christmas weekends feel extremely short and I always feel ripped off come Sunday afternoon when I realise I have to get ready for a working week again.

Work is a bit weird at the moment, there’s been some relatively big management changes and everyone’s unsure of the impact of this. Double this by it being a global company I work for and this delightful economic climate and things are a little bit disconcerting.


Luckily the people I work with and my managers are bloody awesome.




Entries from a couple of years ago when  I was at my old job I was miserable. And working 12 hour days and working with men who were, to put it mildly, arseholes. Now I work with guys who are friendly and who I genuinely like and I can’t explain just how nice that is.


Poppy is lovely, she settled in a bit more this weekend and has taken to sleeping closer and closer to me each night. She’s slightly scared of outside while still wanting to see what’s out there. I’ll get her a leash I think, just until I’ve had her de-sexed. She would have beautiful babies but hell to the no.


I got given a well massive TV by DJ (Beth’s boyfriend) on Sunday. It is huge, so big that it doesn’t fit in my television cabinet thingy. Lucky I wanted to do a Freedom and an IKEA trip soon so I can get a bigger cabinet, and maybe a hall table and stuff. Size does matter apparently.


I think I’m a bit lonely at the moment. I went out for breakfast on Saturday with the kids and BeardedMan, afterwards he came back to my house and we just hung out for a few hours talking and I enjoyed it. And I forgot how nice it is just to hang out with a boy, but even better with someone I actually like  more than a friend,  and I think I would like that. How I go about that? No fucking clue. I am terrible with boys, especially the ones I like where I just end up saying stuff like, “So….I like cheese.” And then blushing and going quiet.


Because if that’s not a winning seduction technique then I don’t know what is.


The worst part of this, and I think what has prompted this paragraph was a dream I had Saturday night about the recent nice boy where he said that he took everything back and everything was all good and let’s hang out. Then I woke up and it’s like, mmmaaan! Stupid anti-depressants giving me stupid life like dreams.


Have some Poppy photos.



Eating my basket, afterwards wandering around with raffia stuck in her fur and teeth (she’s my kitten alright)



And all snuggled up.


Friday Jan 16, 2009


I got Poppy last night. She is just lovely. She didn’t enjoy the drive, at all, but within half an hour of being at my place was eating and sniffing around and smooching up against everything.


She spent most of the night just quietly exploring, and then early this morning she curled up on my chest. I left her leaping after a tennis ball this morning, so I think she’s going to settle in really well.


She is tiny, she’s not full grown like I thought. She’s only about 7 months old and she’s teeny. She’s sweet and playful and I really think I’m going to enjoy having her.


I did have to take down George’s lost posters I’d put up inside the apartment building though, which was sad. I’m still hoping he’ll come home.


But, so far so good.


In other news it is Friday and I cannot convey how happy that makes me. This week has been a long and busy work week. Tomorrow morning I’m having breakfast with Sabine and Beth, and then with BeardedMan (you know the work dude I had a crush on, but then got over? Yeah, he’s a friend now.) we’re going homeware shopping.


And that is my only plan for the weekend, the rest will be playing Animal Crossing on DS (obsessed), hanging out with Poppy and maybe napping a bit.



sad prat

Wednesday Jan 14, 2009

I’m a little bit sad today, which is no good.


But let’s get the good news out of the way first, the cat is officially mine and I’ll be picking her up tomorrow night. One of the names I was thinking of calling her (Penny) is actually her real name, but I’m really stuck on Poppy. It’s so pretty and girl-ish. But I’ll see how she goes with trying to change her name.


I’m a little bit lame because I bought a carry bag for her, it’s functional, it’s not like it’s a Louis Vuitton but really I have a perfectly good plastic/wire cat carrier at home. The thing I’ll need to get used to is that she’s an indoor cat, I’ve never really had an indoor cat. And my apartment is a ‘garden apartment’ on the ground floor that opens onto the backyard, so my doors and windows tend to be open when I’m home.


Will she get used to going outside occasionally or will she just creepily peer out from the windows forever?


Also she’s fully grown, but quite little. Here she is with the chihuahua, it’s only a teacup Chihuahua so she must be pretty small.


(I’m hoping they’re just sleeping, even if it looks slightly erotic.)


So, yes, tomorrow she comes.


Moving on to why I’m a bit sad, besides the fact I have to work late tonight to do an outage. You know Mark, the ex-boyfriend of mine? Who I’ve been having sleepovers with for the past – holy crap, I just worked out how long it’s been, I dated him in 2004 and we’ve been fooling around since then. 5 bloody years!


Wow. That’s lame.


Anyway, he now has a girlfriend and while yesterday when I spoke to him my initial reaction was a genuine ‘good for you’, I’m a little sad now. I know why, and I know it’s normal but it’s been a couple of sad months and I would’ve liked to avoid a bit more sad stuff.


In other news I went shopping today in my lunchtime and bought 3 new tops to make myself feel better. I felt great. Until I had to walk back to work in this fucking heat. I’m grateful that the summer weather is finally here but bloody hell it is hot out there.


And since I’m working til 7 or so tonight I slept in for just an extra half an hour this morning (I still got to work around 7:30 though, I do not know how that happens when I get in around quarter past when I don’t sleep in?) and that extra little nap time was lovely.


So yes, more positive’s than negatives, good. I can stop writing now and eat some chocolate.


Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

So, this is the cat I’ve been offered to take in.

I hadn’t seen her before but she’s gorgeous and from what FaceBookBoy was saying is very sweet but spunky (she plays fetch.)

I thought about it last night and I think I’m going to take her. I can’t stand the idea of her going to the pound.

cat lady Mrs Havisham

Monday Jan 12, 2009

I need my little side kick back at work. I am working solidly and frankly I am jack of it. She helps out with my work stuff, spending about 50% of her day doing the admin stuff I don’t really have time for.


The thing is people at work are saying, well now you’ll really appreciate her. And I’m like no, I’ve always appreciated her , she is awesome and as I used to do her work and my work together I’m more than aware how much time and effort is involved.


I just want my little M back.


I am a pretty good weekend. I think I broke a record Sunday morning when I had breakfast out and couldn’t finish. This is strange, I mean you do not get to be a chubby girl without a good dose of food love. But apparently when you order the ‘Velvet” eggs which are scrambled eggs folded with cream cheese and dill and smoked salmon they can defeat even the chubbiest of food lover.


Good though.


I’m retreating socially a bit more, unless it’s with my core little group. It’s annoying more than anything. I mean I don’t even have George to hang out with at home now so I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady with a cat.


Although someone has come up with that and I wanted to run it by you guys.


(Very strange actually, as soon as I got this news my first thought was must run it past Beth and the blog kids. You have become my surrogate combined 4th best friend J)


So I was speaking with Facebook/High school boy last night, and he mentioned a friend of his had a cat that was not getting on well with her Chihuahua. Because let’s be honest who really likes those yappy things. And she’s worried because she doesn’t know what to do with her and FacebookBoy asked if I was interested.


And I am. But I feel bad because George has been gone for 6 weeks. Which is an age, but also feels far too soon to be thinking about new cats when all I want is my George back. But if George isn’t coming back, and after 6 weeks this is looking really likely, do I be a cat lady Mrs Havisham forever hanging onto his blanket and toys?


I don’t know, I feel like I’ll be cheating but in the beginning I wasn’t too sure about getting George either and that turned out wonderfully.


I’m getting a photo sent through tonight which I’ll post. But does it feel too soon to you guys? Do I wait for a while more in the hope that he comes back?


Wednesday Jan 7, 2009

Last year was an interesting one, there were no life changing occurrences, there were no death’s, births, major heartbreaks, moves, new jobs or ends of friendships.


It was a relatively steady year in that the most stand out things were  


       Getting and raising George from wilful and disobedient and disarmingly teeny kitten to a pretty damned good companion cat.

       Finally realising the funks I have were not just funks but depression and taking action about.

       Trips – Fiji for the wedding of Beth’s brother and Kalgoorlie for Mum’s 50th.


It’s a good year when the worst things that happened were –


       Having my anti-depressants stop working and for a couple of months finding it difficult to even get out of bed, let alone socialise or be cheery.

       Having George disappear.


Actually no, those two things really did suck. But over a 12 month period there are far worse things that could’ve happened.


This year is all about getting shit together. I’ve applied for and been approved for a personal loan to pay off and close my credit cards, and put a little aside to buy a little run-around car. Paying off debt and saving is the thing for this year. I’m 27 and I earn good money and I have exactly $126.00 in my savings account until pay day on Friday, not good enough.


The boys? Not thinking about, I’ve had a pretty crappy run of bad luck and bad timing with the boys and I can’t think any more about it and it’s a little depressing. 2009 is not the year of the man.


Cat? I’m going to wait another month or two and then look into adopting a cat from the pound. Maybe one of those lovely older cats that just wants a good home and someone to look after it, maybe also a kitten. I miss George, and I miss having a meowing little face greeting me when I come home at night. George used to hang around the footpath when I was due home, he’d run up the block to me when he saw me and walk beside me back to the apartment. I miss that, and if he’s not coming home then it would be nice to take in maybe a new one. (Maybe the little tabby kitten called Baby on this  page. Oh dear lord, those ears.)


Friends? My friends are seriously, seriously awesome and I’d be lost without them. They are very much my chosen family and I want to continue that this year.


Family? My family are nuts. My mother is still living in a desert mining town and absolutely loves it. My sister is insane but is moving into her own apartment this weekend and has a good job that she enjoys. My Dad? I love him, it’s complicated at the moment but I just want him to be happy and content. He’s not right now, but I want him to be.


Otherwise things are just trucking along as normal and I like it that way.

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