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Wednesday Dec 24, 2008

Oh dear baby Jebus I am so glad that I have only 1 hour left of work before I get 10 days off.


10. Whole. Days.


I am practically giddy at the thought.


Work has been excessively busy, the staff here apparently missed the memo where they stop send work through so I can slack off. Missed them by a country mile as the people just keep calling, and complaining.


I have nothing planned for these 10 days away, nothing at all. I plan to nap, read, TV and movie watch, eat and drink my way through the break and it is going to be delicious.


I went to a Brazilian BBQ restaurant –  –  last night and ate my body weight in meat. Before that I drove arcross Sydney and the Harbour Bridge in an old convertible MG with the BeardedMan from work (platonically of course). Both were incredible enjoyable, the drive would’ve been more so if I had a bloody hat to control my hair. Because wow, you have not seen a girl jew-fro until you’d seen my hair yesterday.




Either way I am very grateful tomorrow is Christmas and that I don’t have to work for days and days and days.


Merry Christmas.

3 quick things

Friday Dec 19, 2008

1. Has everybody lost their ever loving mind?

I realise it’s so very close to Christmas, and holidays, but dear Lord. I took about a bajillion phone calls today at work, and every single person I spoke to was either erratic, vague, distracted or completely bloody senseless. Jebus wept, losing their minds.

2. I wore a white shirt to work today. I also bought a new pale pink Berlei bra on the weekend. Since it does good things to the girls, and it’s relatively skin coloured, I wore it. Now obviously the light in my bathroom when I checked the see through-ness of the bra was not very good at 5:00 a.m. because when I got to work and checked myself out in the full length bathroom mirror I discovered that the pink bra was actually very bloody noticeable under the white shirt. Very much so. So bad I had to buy a white single in my lunch break to hide my shame. Adam thought it was hysterical, he is an ass.

3. I am absolutely mesmerised by Beyonce’s thighs in this film clip, absolutely mesmerised. They’re hypnotic.

That’s all.


Thursday Dec 18, 2008

I’ve been working hard this week, getting up earlier than usual (and seriously, earlier than 5:30 a.m. should be made illegal) and logging in when I get home. It’s tiring but oddly enjoyabe.

I’ve been at my job for over a year now and while I’m working hard I do enjoy the work I do. I’m also a massive fan of staff sending me thank you notes with chocolate. That I really loike.

Still no sign of George. It’s been two weeks now and I’m beginning to get used to the idea that he’s not coming home. I hate the idea, but 2 weeks is a long time. I can’t throw anything of his out but his fur has been vacummed up and his paw prints on the bathroom mirror have all gone. I miss the furry little bugger.

This weekend our Mormon Housewife is coming to the city for a lady night. I bought a new dress (another black shirt dress) and there will be heels and it will be nice. I need her in my life, and she needs me. She took one path (marriage, beautiful babies and suburbia) and I took the other route (umm, single career city cat lady without a cat?) and when we have bad days it’s nice to call someone from the other side of the spectrum and get a little perspective. Plus despite being Mormon, and having a father for a bishop and a missionary as a husband, she is fantastically dirty and is so pixie-like that I want to bite her or frame her and keep her on my wall.

I have this problem with a friend on Facebook. I met this boy back in the day, and he’s always had this delightful girlfriend. But I was checking out his profile the other day and realised his relationship status was Single. And he apparently has been for at least a couple of months, but it could be longer or shorter. So now I want to ask him how he is and say how crap that must have been, but what if it happened like 6 months ago and I am the shittest friend ever?

I really need to be more observant.

Also, found the best dress ever at Etsy, I want to make out with this dress and have it as my date for New Year. Which I guess I will when I wear it. Score!

New Years Eve plans have been locked in, house party at K’s house which has a pool. I am all over that idea like white on rice. I will no doubt be sleeping in K’s room (as we always tend to room together being the only single girls of the group) which at least means I can get very sloshed on cocktails, swim while dangerously sloshed, and then pass out later all while being frocked up and wearing thongs. I’m sorry but that has all of the favourites covered.

 Anyway I’m off to bed, hope everyone is well.


Saturday Dec 13, 2008

(No George still, been a week now. I’m almost hoping he’s wandered off and found a new family, even though the idea makes me cringe a little, at least I’d know he’d be safe.)

I had a good day today, except for being woken up from a drool worthy sleep by a shrieking smoke alarm.

It was the one just outside my door in the building hallway, after 30 minutes the second one in the hallway felt left out and started going too.

It was this brain piercing shrill bloody noise, that WOULD JUST NOT STOP. And since the apartment building has insanely high ceilings do you think I could go out and destroy the alarms? No.

I couldn’t make it stop so called Beth and pleaded to go out to breakfast. Breakfast turned into Christmas shopping (I have officially finished my Christmas shopping – I am awesome) and then playing Gears of War with DJ, and then breakfast in the afternoon with Beth, DJ and K. I love those kids, they’re bloody fantastic and they’re my chosen family and I want to frame them and keep them on my wall forever.

In a non Gein creepy way of course.

The chosen family is the best part, I’m still not speaking with my Dad. He called me the other night but I’m just not up for talking to him yet. Having the argument with them at the wedding a month or two ago was the result of a decades long issue that has impacted me directly in a lot of ways (negatively) but I’ve never said anything about it to him, and neither does anyone else in the family, and so he’s continued this behaviour for a very long time with no one to say, “Dude, not cool, not cool at all.”

So I got to say it, and I suppose I just want him to realise that I mean it, and it’s not cool and if he wants to keep doing it I don’t want to be around him.

And that’s that.

Last week at the Wine and Cheese Awesomeness we were doing the let’s talk about atrocious things we’ve done while drinking. While there were some amazingly awesome stories, like the girl who fell into a bush while drunk, chipping two front teeth (which needed nearly a grands worth of dental work to fix) and giving herself a black eye was up there I realised I don’t really have my own. Except for a couple of times in my late teens where after drinking in the city, and in the long cab ride back to my apartment started feeling sick, and having to …ahem….throw up in my purse I’m a little bit too sensible to have any drinking war wounds.

(I even did that neatly, nothing in the cab because hell who wants to pay the $30+ cleaning cost?)

And while it shouldn’t, it makes me a little sad.

I’ve tried, I really have, like at the Fiji wedding we had our very own vodka lady who would constantly refill our drinks. K and I wanted to be those girls at the wedding, but alas the intense heat, humidity and different vodka meant we were only slightly mischievious.

So I think that’s going on my mission statement for 2009 – disgrace myself after drinking too much.

A girls gotta have goals, right?

Speaking of wedding photos I’ve finally found a photo, Sabine is also in this photo, and if anyone (this means you too Mark) makes a comment that we’re essentially wearing the same thing I will cut you.

sisters, who are not twins thank you very much.

sisters, who are not twins thank you very much.


Friday Dec 12, 2008

No George L


I had Wednesday off work sick, so I called around to all of the councils, vets and pounds in the area but no luck. The posters are going up around the neighbourhood tomorrow (once it stops raining) and then I just wait.


This week has fucking sucked and I cannot wait until it is over. I’ve been trying to just keep on trucking with the boy and the cat thing so I don’t get bogged down and have a little depressive meltdown. It works okay, sometimes when it’s busy at work though I get a little stressed, but hey work is called work for a reason. Not meant to be fun.


I was having drinks tonight with Beth and K, but it is cold and miserable tonight and I left my umbrella on the train this morning. Not good. Although now my hair is so big it’s technically a white girl-fro so that’s pretty awesome.


Tomorrow for some reasons is going to be like 30 degrees and hot, so breakfast tomorrow morning with Beth instead. Her and DJ share an apartment with the long haired tattooed boy I accidentally slept with earlier this year. And tattooed boy’s new girlfriend just moved in with them so they’ve got 2 couples in a relatively small 2 bedroom apartment. Beth is not handling the lack of space too well, so must make sure do not choose the busy poky little café tomorrow.


I always joke that with IT departments always kinda laying people off left right and centre that I’d fall back onto dog walking if I was ever made redundant. And man, I gotta be honest with you a career as a dog walker would be pretty sweet.


I think the only thing I’d miss would be my sweet salary.


Although I’m kinda scared of big dogs (actually just German shepherds) and I’m relatively lazy, so may need to finetune some details.


I think that I have terrible relationship karma, Adam disagrees with me on this, but geez I am not doing too well with boys lately. Absolutely no luck with them, it’s all bad timing, right guy wrong time, wrong guy right time, right guy has a girlfriend already.


So I’m think that maybe in a past life I was like Henry the 8th or something and I’m being paid back for all that chopping and beheading stuff he was into.


It’s just a little frustrating is all and I’m just a little tired of the hope and then the not. Combine that with my lack of sleeping buddy with George and it’s just been a long week, you know?

not a good start deux

Tuesday Dec 9, 2008

I should’ve known that sucky/bad things come in three’s.

Turns out in a day I lost my pet and BlogBoy. I must admit that is a personal record for me, losing a boy I liked and my pet all in one day.

Turns out either I have the worst relationship karma ever, or the timing still wasn’t right second time around. It’s not a good time for himto be starting something new; the reasons are complicated, but they’re good, decent reasons and I respect that and him for being honest about it.

Which makes it even worse I think.

Stupid nice, honest boys.

George is still not home either. So even though it’s Tuesday it’s been a long week.

Onwards and all that stuff right…..

(Speaking of diversions I was shopping online today, as I do, and came across this image (safe for work) which made me feel a little scared.  Why would you use that cat as a model? Whyyyy? You know he’s going to watch you while you sleep and plot your downfall in every possible way right?)

(I’m also only one present away from finishing my Christmas shopping. I am awesome. I bought this for Meg’s son, heh, peas like peace.)

(I shop when I’m upset or stressed out. And that’s why they call it retail therapy.)

not a good start….

Monday Dec 8, 2008

So George hasn’t been home since Friday and I’m officially starting to freak out. Him being away for a night is normal for him. He tends to sleep during the day and be out and about at night, and since he’s all fixed and no longer capable of being a Dad I don’t mind this.


But he didn’t sleep inside Friday night and he hadn’t touched his food when I got back from shopping on Saturday. And still wasn’t home by this morning (Monday.)


That bloody cat. I went walking yesterday to see if I could find him and no luck, and now if he’s not home by Tuesday I’m putting up posters.


I miss him, and while it’s 50/50 whether he’s just off gallivanting around (after all he’s still less than a year old and a boy) rather than the alternative (which I do not want to think about, thank you very much) I just want him to come home.


Also I got to sit next to the sleazy man on the train this morning. Joy! I’m sitting down, playing my DS and trying to ignore everybody since it’s 6:30 a.m. and it’s Monday and I haven’t had coffee.


Someone sits next to me, and I’m annoyed since there are heaps of other seats, and “God do you have to sit so close!” But I’m easily annoyed and go back to playing DS. After a while I realise that either something in my bag, that’s on my lap, is warming up or that dude has TOTALLY GOT HIS HAND ON MY THIGH!


I look across at him, he gets up and gets off the train. I’m furious with him, but I’m also annoyed at myself for not realising sooner and for not yelling at him. Who does that? Who seriously thinks that it’s cool to do that? I mean I see gorgeous boys in public I want to touch all the time, but to actually think it would be okay to do it?


Next time that happens (hopefully it won’t ever) I’m punching him in the balls.


On a lighter note I went to the Wine and Cheese Room  on Friday night and ate a lot of cheese (including a stinky blue sheep’s cheese that made me gag a little, and a lot of delicious soft cheeses and pate) and drank quite a bit of wine and champagne. I would put the night into my “I’m a Lady” category of nights, except that I made my cab driver go through the McDonalds drive thru as apparently a dinner of cheese and wine (while delicious) is not completely filling. And then I came home, ate my Quarter Pounder and watched a Cops marathon.


So maybe the first half of the night qualifies as a civilised “Lady Night”, the second half was pure me. And man, it was awesome.


Friday Dec 5, 2008

God, I discovered the beauty of kiwifruit today. I have missed out on a lot by thinking I didn’t like these babies.


So, appears I was an annoying blogger by mentioning the BlogBoy and then not giving any further details. I hate people who do that.


So, without naming names, there was a boy who commented here about a year ago. Let’s call him Paul. (I’m shit at pseudonyms) He met the girl he ended up dating days before commenting here, so when I met him in the real world he was an attached boy.


Unfortunately I liked said attached boy, so after hanging out with him for 6 months or so in a platonic-y way, but with me liking him, I finally told him I couldn’t be friends with him anymore as it was too much, and not fair for everyone and I didn’t want to do my standard pining thing I do so well.


Hence this post.


Then on Thursday he sent me an email, saying he kinda digged me too, and turns out he broke up with the girlfriend quite soon after the email, and wanted to catch up if I wanted to.


Which we did Tuesday with the latest James Bond, and sushi and making out on George Street.


So, ah, that’s where we are. We’ll catch up again soon. And for now, that’s all I can write.


Tonight I’m going to the Wine and Cheese Room. An actual bar serving nothing but wine and cheese. Since I am fucking starving with this healthy eating I am going to devour the cheese and the wine.


It’s going to be awesome.


Monday Dec 1, 2008

Oops, I forgot to update. Turns out I was too busy –


       Drinking my body weight from a slushee machine at a party I went to Saturday night. An alcoholic slushee machine. With a litre of vodka in one side, a litre of rum in the other. I had a purple tongue the next day and a splitting sugar headache hangover. It was worth it, every brain freeze too.

       Being indecisive about what to wear at said party. Because I was helping set up I took the clothes with me to change into. I brought 4 dresses, and Beth brought a 5th one of hers for me to try. 5 dresses? Is excessive even for me. Plus, no cardigan. Even though there was a thunderstorm and it got cold, and it was an outdoor party.

       Getting nervous about this boy thing. I’m going to the movies tomorrow night with a boy (well, a man) (going out on a school night? Must mean I like him.) He is pretty awesome and once I figure out if he reads here still I’ll be able to write more or less.( If he still does ‘hello, see you tomorrow!”.) Although I did meet him after he commented here. Apparently Adam joking about meeting boys through this here page was not wrong. (About everything else? Yes.)

       Starting my healthy eating thingy. Turns out quitting smoking makes your arse grow. Stupid quitting. So I spent my first lunch break (had a warm thai beef salad – twas lovely actually) looking up recipes on line. I am a food and nicotine addict.


Will write more tomorrow.

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