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Monday Nov 24, 2008

I’ve lived in my apartment now for 4.5 years. I love it, it’s in a massive old shabby Federation style building that they’ve divided up into apartments. High ceilings, nice polished floors, and a decent sized 1 bedroom apartment that doesn’t hurt to pay rent on each fortnight (even if they keep increasing the bloody rent, it’s still cheaper than the majority of places out there in Sydney.)

I could get a newer place, with a nicer kitchen and bathroom, in a more secure fancy pants apartment building. But I like my crumbly old building. The staircase is the original oak from the 1800’s or whenever the hell this place was built and it’s got character.

It’s also good because the walls are like a foot wide so it’s relatively quiet and it stays cool during summer and warm during winter.

So, why is that even though there are walls that are solid brick (or cement, or something else solid) that I can still hear every time my fucking neighbour yawns? Why, I ask? Because he is the noisiest yawner to ever bloody live.

I mean Christ, I have double glazing windows and solid freaking walls yet still hear his sing song yawning every night.

Flaming heck.

I’m Christmas shopping at the moment, trying to do it all online this year. Partly out of laziness, and partly to avoid my standard Christmas shopping experience which is manically trying to find everything on Christmas Eve. While panic is indeed a great motivator I’m trying to be good. So far Dad is getting this bag, I figure he’s a librarian who would suit a nice man satchel type thing. Hope he likes it. Actually I’m still not speaking to him so if he doesn’t I’ll return it and buy shoes for me instead.

Win win!

Oh, you know how two of my new favourite top/blouses were stolen off my clothes line the other week? I totally won (won what I do not know yet, but follow me with it) because I found one of the blouses on sale for half price in my size over the weekend. Sucked in clothes stealers with great taste, sucked in!

George is still gorgeous, you know when children do that motion when they want to be picked up where they walk right in front of you and lift their arms up to be lifted? He does that now with me, very sweet. He’s still sleeping outside at night, but it’s kind of nice then when he does stay in side with his smoochiness.

I have a masquerade party thing to go to this weekend, so far the dress plan is to wear a normal dress and just buy one of those lame masks to match. I seriously hate themed parties, there is simply no need for them. I mean a party is a good thing right – friends + alcohol = good. Why ruin it with a silly dress code?

I had to go to the doctors tonight, and even though I booked an appointment for 15 minutes after they opened I still had to wait for 45 minutes, just to get my prescriptions renewed. I’d see if I could just call up and swing by to pick them up but my doctor kind of scares me, and I don’t think she’d be down with that. She has yet to see computers as required equipment and my ‘chart’ is written on a piece of paper in her old style Munich handwriting. So I just book an appointment, and then bring a book and try not to think about hurting an old lady because she won’t hurry the hell up.

Anyway my bed is calling, did you have a good weekend?


Mr. Guinness:

Not a bad weekend (see my post on “Holidays,Culture, and eclectic stuff” (, but not bad. And since Friday at 4pm (Official Weekend Opening time) I’ve recieved two job offers! Maybe weekends should be longer. Close of business today is the last day for my current boss to decide whether he wants to sell the business to me and a partner, or I’m out of there. (Ate up the savings already, time to be a productive dude again and take other peoples money!)
Writing a cute blog this morning you might like as well, Titled “Bless me Father,…where’s your money?”
Have a great week. And for all of you looking for an ultimate Christmas present for an inquisitive friend, I highly reccommend a book titled, “The Bedside Baccalaureate” (It’s sub-title is “A handy daily cerebral primerto fill in the gaps, refresh your knowledge, & impress yourself and other intellectuals” ISBN 978-1-4027-5632-0
Have a great week (short one for me, only Monday , Tuesday, half of Wednesday and then off til the following Monday!!

November 24th, 2008 | 11:38 pm

My weekend was alright, I took a hazard perception test so that I can get my open licence and virtually killed some pedestrians, but still passed! Whooo!

Also, highly tempted to buy that manbag for myself. I love leather mansatchels.

November 25th, 2008 | 6:38 am

Alec – Aren’t you the lucky one with the long weekends and gambling with priests. Nice. Also bonus points for trying to have Thanksgiving at the pub, somehow having your wife veto the idea wasn’t too surprising 🙂

Let us know how the job situation goes too.

RAT – You are seriously insane with your yoga and pilates on the weekend. My weekend consisted of hanging out with friends, going out for breakfast and having naps. I feel way lazy by comparison.

It is a nice bag isn’t it, I hope he likes it.

Nice work on the licence too, I’m on my 3rd lot of my L’s. One of these days I’ll get over my fear of going over 40 and other cars and get my P’s….

November 25th, 2008 | 7:37 pm

My kitteh Aubrey does that same paws up action to be picked up too, it’s so cute and makes me feel very special 🙂

November 27th, 2008 | 5:48 am
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