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Tuesday Nov 4, 2008

It’s been a busy week. And yes, I realise it’s only Tuesday, thank you very much.

Friday night I had a few drinks at the Lenin Bar, god bless you vodka bar, bless you. I had 3 drinks and toddled home slightly sloshed before pouncing on the UnsuitableBoy (unsuitable because he is an ex.)

Apparently George is cooler than I thought as even though he’s terrified of other people he smooched up against UnsuitableBoy in bed and tried to sleep on him.

UnsuitableBoy is allergic to cats.


(It won’t be a regular thing, he is still as emotionally retarded as ever. I like him still, I have to be to make out with you, but I don’t like like him anymore. So all good.)

Saturday morning I got a frantic call from the bride of the upcoming wedding. A week before her wedding and she hadn’t seen her dress, and they weren’t entirely sure where the dress was as it was kinda lost in transit. She hadn’t had a bridezilla moment (she’s a sweetheart) but she pulled a tearful tantrum and they managed to locate it. Since she was on her own I went with her to see the fitting. It’s beautiful but still not entirely what she wanted and the correct lace is coming from Hong Kong. Whether they’ll get it done in time I hope to God so. If they don’t I’ll be naming and shaming them.

Make my friend cry damned bridal boutique.

Then after I went and helped Beth move. It sucked, moving always does. She’s moving in with DJ for a few months to do a trial living together thing, if it works out they’ll move out and get their own place. He was tremendously excited, Beth a little nervous. But I did manage to steal a Goodies t-shirt from him. Seriously, that man has got more t-shirts than I have clothes.

Then there was pizza and beer and bed. Nice.

I bought shoes to go with the dress for the wedding this weekend, they are gorgeous and coincidentally (read: no coincidence) they match the new bag Sophia I bought.


Hello ladies.

(They look white, but they’re a cream canvas material.)

This weekend I’m heading to the Hunter Valley for the wedding with my Dad and sister. I grew up with Bec, have known her since we were babies and the idea of seeing her get married makes me want to cry. In a good way but cry nontheless.

I also have to see a buttload of girls we went to school with. Half of them I can’t stand, so that should be interesting. And by interesting I mean I’d prefer to stab myself with a fork than make small talk with them. But it’s B’s wedding so it’s not about me.



I think cats solely seek out those that are allergic to them. But yay for make out!! Everytime I read about you drinking I want to go to one of my favorite bars that make the best cosmo’s 😛 I think the shoes are abosolutely perfect!! Remember to break them in a bit this week before you have to be in them all day this weekend. Your feet with thank you.

November 5th, 2008 | 2:58 am

I know, they’re evil like that and I think it’s why I’m a cat person….

Great minds think alike, I’m wearing them to work tomorrow. I mean I can always kick them off at my desk if they hurt.

November 5th, 2008 | 7:10 am

“I like him still, I have to be to make out with you, but I don’t like like him anymore.”

thx for the moment of second-person there. Hawt!

November 7th, 2008 | 3:41 pm

Anything for you my dear, I’ll make sure there’s more 🙂

November 7th, 2008 | 3:44 pm
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