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Monday Jul 28, 2008

·         Man, I have an MSG induced headache. I’d complain more about it but I got to have special pork for lunch, and I’m sorry but that’s totally worth it.

·         House hunting Saturday was good. Long day, we did 8 hours of driving and then it took me 3 hours on the trains to get home so by the end of the day I think I was developing piles. But still we looked at a lot of houses and cemented some ideas we’d been tossing up about what to buy and where.


·         Also, country (and by country I mean about 3-4 hours outside of Sydney) New South Wales is awesome. I don’t realise just how noisy Sydney can be until you head out somewhere where there is no noise whatsoever. I miss it, I grew up on a farm, it was only for the first 6 or 7 years but man that type of lifestyle sticks with you. Leaving the house for a walk around the paddocks all I needed to have with me, even that young, were my gumboots and our Great Dane dog. We bottle fed the goat kids we raised, we helped milk the cows, we collected the eggs from the chickens, we saw some pretty horrific but natural stuff (putting down animals, and animals passing away) but that’s the type of upbringing I’d love to give my children.


·         It’s my Mum’s 50th this weekend so me, the sister, Beth and her boyfriend are all heading out to the middle of nowhere in WA to celebrate it. Mum moved out there 2 years ago and I haven’t been out there yet, mainly because really? I get to fly for 7 or 8 hours for desert and some mines? Really? But I think people were beginning to doubt that she had children, plus it’s her birthday and all. Although the country and western theme she announced for her party? Buckley’s chance of getting me dressed up. I was all set to do it, but then I found a gorgeous maxi dress today and it’s so much easier than having to buy a black dress <b>and</b> cowboy boots that I threw in the tool because I am all about the laziness.


·         Anyway, I have to get up at some ungodly hour (and I already get up at 5:30 on week days) for a 6:00 a.m. flight, and I spend nearly a thousand on flights so the woman can be bloody well happy that I made it out there. I mean, do I look like the type of person who does theme parties? Hell to the no.


·         Apparently no boarding places want to take George for the week I’m away. See he’s just over 6 months old so he’s old enough to be de-sexed, so I was planning on boarding him for a week at a place near my local vet, and while he was there getting him snipped, vaccinated and microchipped (btw – did you know they have a vaccination for cat leukaemia? As in they have a vaccination for cancer, sure it may be for cats but still. Is that not completely awesome?) Simple, easy, one fell swoop etc etc. Except that your cat needs to be vaccinated before they can be boarded. I hate a catch22.


·         Except they recommended this cat sitting company that means George can stay at home, and they come by once or twice a day and feed him and play with him and all for the same cost as having him boarded. Nice work. Also kitty connection I love you for agreeing to do it with only 2 days notice and being so nice and helpful. Seriously, if you live in the area use them.


·         Man, I don’t think this is an MSG headache. Dammit, I thought the tension headache had gone away!


·         I’m going to head home before it starts hailing or flooding or whatever this Sydney weather is going to do…


flying low

Friday Jul 25, 2008

I took the day off yesterday, this headache of mine that’s been hanging around for the past few weeks decided to remind me that it was there. Plus, it’s not like me to sleep through alarms or hit snooze and when I slept through my alarm for the second time this week I thought I’d pay attention.


So I munged out, watched TV, played DS, had a nap, took painkillers and came into work today and still had the headache. And then the building dude decided it would be a good day to test the fire alarms.


God times.



Also, just between you and me, I discovered my fly was undone. I’m trying not to think how long it was down for. Mainly because I’m wearing yellow Care Bear underwear. I’m sure it enhances my professional tone.



So this afternoon I get to head to my fathers place, and then tomorrow we do a road trip to look at houses. It should be good, but I just want to buy a place already. But we have an idea of what we want, and they’re out there, but because they’re so gorgeous they go quickly and we are slow so we tend to lose out.



LongHairedTattooedBoy is done. Seriously, Adam tells me that boys are stupid, and I try not to believe that it’s a widespread phenomena but I’m not going to wait around for 4 years like I did last time to see if the ex would get it together and I’m not doing that again here. Done-ski!



I received a friend request on Facebook from a girl I went to high school with. I don’t know why to be honest as the couple of times we’ve seen each other at weddings or whatever we’ve managed to comfortably ignore each other or have 3 line strained conversations.


So, I was all set to ignore it, when one of my oldest friends came around Wednesday night and told me her wedding that I’m going to will be attended by this girl and it’s likely I’ll be on her table. Fuck. Now I can’t ignore her without being rude, and I mean I could be rude if I wasn’t going to be sitting at her table. Stupid facebook politics.



I found out my upcoming mothers 50th birthday has been set as a country and western themed party. Because obviously moving to the other side of Australia wasn’t bad enough she decided to punish me more. At first I was trying to ignore it but now she’s all excited and I have to bloody dress up. I think my compromise will be a cute dress and cowboy boots, fair enough compromise surely?



The weekend away was awesome, all of my photos turned out to be crap. But here is the fire. That ended up eating pretty much everything we brought with us. The boys drank nearly 2 cartons of beer (there were only 2 of them) in a few hours. When we went out the next morning to clear up all of their bottles there was only one left as they’d taken to lobbing them in the fire to rapturous applause from the other.


And then they both passed out by 8.



I wore my gumboots, and feed horses and accidentally hit the cows with the food and there was no mobile coverage all weekend and it was creepy but lovely and we all agreed that we’d do this more often.


Anyway I have to go catch a train to the coast, hope you all have great weekends.


Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

It appears I’m having some issues with my comments. I swear it was not me.

But it is possible I may have buggered something up.

Either way there’s an ugly and way different shaped comment box work-around so you should now be able to leave comments. I hope.


Fingers crossed!


just quickly…

Sunday Jul 20, 2008

Just quickly, I just got back from the Great Catholic Escape weekend away and I’m a little tired and need some sleep.

Had a great time, the men made fire and got carried away on testosterone and ended up burning pretty much everything that wasn’t bolted down, slept a lot, fed the horses and accidentally piffed stuff at the cow’s heads, cooked a lot, wore my gumboots, no one had mobile coverage so there were no phones all weekend, we didn’t die in a Halloween style camping/cabin massacre and I read a lot.


I forgot my camera so had to buy a disposable one so photos to come in another few days, if anyone is on facebook and wants to be friends there’s already a bunch up (but then you do get to see my real name, spread it and I’ll have to kill you, but all of the other photos are there that I take and can’t post here.)


Thursday Jul 17, 2008

Eeeheee! I’m stealing wireless internet!

Seriously, why do people keep their wireless connections unsecured?

Because you know what happens if you don’t?

People like me will not only work from home all day tomorrow connected to your connection, but I will also be downloading porn later on. I mean look, good for me? Undoubtedly. Good for you? Not so much.

So, I’m working from home tomorrow. I’ll actually be working in the morning and then we head out of this city overrun with the World Youth Day kids to go and relax and drink and eat and nap and drink some more. Because the house we’re renting is on 20 acres I’m totally taking my gumboots.

I’m also slightly (only slightly mind you) ashamed that I’ve concocted and bought new clothes for a Hunter Valley, casual country-ish vibe wardrobe. Mainly it’s navy, white and cream tops with long cardigans. It’s my city goes country casual weekend wear.

And yes, that last paragraph made me cringe too.

This headache of mine is yet to go away, even with the power of nurofen. It’s one downside of taking anti depressants, my main visible sign of stress is I clench my jaw which is where I think this headache is coming from. Work is busy and I’ve taken on a bit more responsibility. Either way it’s still better than infinite sadness and exhaustion and not wanting to get out of bed.

Adam and I were talking about the LongHairedTattooedBoy. Mainly the lament that he doesn’t appear to want to spoon with me, well his actions do even though all signs point to that he does. He tells me that all men are stupid, boys especially. For someone who is routinely described as a pessimist I refuse to believe this. I mean surely, some boys are stupid. But all of them?


Anyway, I have some porn to download.

rock of love

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

I’ve finally accepted the fact that I have big hair. Big curly hair that does not do what I want. That is not tamed by product or styling and is best left alone. It is hair with character and I’ve accepted this.


This was brought on when my sister had her hair chemically straightened. I was nervous for her. I’m sorry, but any process that uses goop that permanently makes your hair straight when it is usually curly or wavy cannot be safe and risk free. Luckily it turned out great and her hair is all soft and nice rather than the burny burn I thought it would be. Although the new hair that grows through will be your normal hair, so luckily I did not get it because in a few months I would have a skull cap of curls followed by dead straight.




I have a massive headache. I blame being on a diet. Sorry, healthy eating plan. I’m pretty headstrong and having to follow a healthy eating thing is annoying, no matter that I’m choosing to do it. The one positive is that I’m eating less food but far more often, so I’m getting to snack. The snacks may be lame but a snack is a snack.



I just went shopping. Bought a couple of new pairs of jeans, and some winter stuff. This weekend is the “Great Catholic Escape” getaway, there are so so many extra people in Sydney for this World Youth Day thing, apparently more than was here during the Olympics. And since I live about 5 minutes from the city, and I have to go through the city to get to work I’m heading out of Sydney for the weekend and working from home Friday. God bless those crazy Catholics.



So the weekend plan is we’re hiring a house in the Hunter Valley, we will be eating, drinking, lazing around and playing board games. I have a chocolate recipe book I’ve been dying to try out and the house has a working oven (obviously this weekend there is an embargo on the 1200 calories thing.)

I’m sorry but if my bum is big at the moment then everyones can be thank you very much.



I went off the pill. Since contraceptive pills are as useless to me right now as taking tic tacs each night when I ran out last week I didn’t get the prescription filled. So here’s to even wilder mood swings each and every month!


At least the posts will be entertaining. Or alienate everyone. Either’s pretty interesting.



Every morning my barista tells me I look tired. Frankly, it’s beginning to fuck me off. Here’s my two main points –


          It’s 7 a.m.

          I have not had coffee because YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN IT TO ME YET.


Plus, it’s not like I’ve been out partying til dawn and scraped myself out of bed and into work. It’s me we’re talking about here, so odds on I’ve had at least 7 hours sleep.


So, thanks barista for telling me I look like crap each and every day. If you weren’t my coffee wench I’d never see you again.



Is anyone else as addicted to Rock of Love 2? You know that reality dating show Brett Michaels of Poison is doing. If not, watch it. It’s delicious.



Lily (Dad’s cat) is staying with me again because my father is off gallivanting around W.A. Turns out he’ll probably be moving there as well. The evil (supposed to be ex) step-mother moved over there a few months ago so he’s probably going to follow her.


What is it with my parents moving to the furthest state away from me? I can handle one parent living interstate. But two? That’s just pushing it.


There better be some kick arse Christmas presents is all I’m saying.


Friday Jul 11, 2008

Our office is fucking freezing. Apparently the air conditioning is not handling this cold snap and my desk is absolutely freezing and typing is an issue. I’ve already down a hunt around the office to see if I can find the thermostat but no dice, next stop, harass the building manager.


So it’s winter here right, and we’re just over half way through (I think.) I like winter, it’s cosy, it’s brisk and cold and lovely. But I’m a little tired of leaving my house in the dark in the morning, and coming back home in the dark. I’d like to sit in the sun for a while, and not winter sun. Plus seriously, we spend 3 months in darkness and cold and it’s not meant to send us batty or make us depressed?


Stupid Mother Nature.


Today at work has been bat shit crazy and I would really appreciate it if it could not be because if I have to take one more phone call I will deadset lose it.


Tomorrow I have my normal beautician appointment, and I’m not looking forward to it. Not the pain of the waxing, but having to take my pants off. I mean it’s cold, and no pants is just mean.


I’m also having breakfast with Beth which should be nice, we haven’t seen each other since things blew up a little while ago. It should be fine and it will be nice to see her. She’s been busy, she works in state politics and Iemma hasn’t been having a good run of it lately so she’s been working hard. Politics bores me in the sense that the majority of my friends work in it, so I get to  hear shop talk and frankly it’s a dirty game and I want no part of it. Interested, but bored and annoyed I’m surprised by some of the stuff that goes on.


I was so sure it was Wednesday yesterday, and was so very upset about that it was only halfway through the week. Then my Foxtel told me it was Thursday, and I didn’t believe it because I was so sure. I called my Dad to double check, because while I love my Foxtel it’s a bit of a bastard. Turns out it was Thursday and I only had one more day before the weekend. Win win! 


I bought a bag from our assistant girl (she will now be known as UberGirl). It is just gorgeous, and well made and it smells delightfully leathery. (I keep making Adam smell it.) Well hired, that girl.


So I started writing this earlier today and then my phone didn’t stop ringing and my eye started twitching and so I went shopping before I murdered someone. They call it retail therapy for a reason. I bought stuff, red cropped cardigan and navy and white striped t-shirt. Worn together it’s jaunty,  it’s pretty, I feel better now, the end.


LongHairedTattooedBoy continues to hover around the periphery of the saga of Lucy’s love life. (When did I start talking in the third person? I think that officially makes me a wanker.)  But I was helping him out with some stuff this week, but now it’s all done so we’ll see if the daily contact continues.


Why do I have to get the shy a.k.a. useless boys? I mean, he’s seen me naked, you don’t get to go shy when you’ve seen the girls already. There’s no crying in baseball.


The admin girl and I sit on our own in a pod of 4 cubicles, but for the past fortnight we’ve had a contracter sitting with us. She’s chatty. Chatty McChat. Does my head in. I’ve learnt to not ask her how she is in the morning because anything more than a cheery good morning is a guaranteed 15 minute whine about her mother, and kids, and how cold it is. And a few minutes ago UberGirl sent me an email going – Is she asleep?


She’d fallen asleep at her desk and was softly snoring.


Ah good times.



Monday Jul 7, 2008

I think I must’ve aged a few decades over the weekend as it appears I’ve hurt my back, done my back in, whatever it is old people do when they hurt themselves and have to shuffle around.


It’s all my fault. Turns out taking short cuts due to laziness is a bad idea. Who knew?


I wanted to move my bookcase, it’s a big old solid thing and I’m running out of room but I don’t have enough extra books to justify buying another one. So I was turning it on its side which would give me more room. Unfortunately I’d cleared out a couple of rows before I got lazy, said stuff it, and started moving the bookcase over. My back twinged as I lowered it to the ground and I had a very clear thought that this was not going to end well.



Moral of this story kids – Don’t be lazy. And if you’re going to be lazy have a strong person around to do the heavy lifting for you.



Oh dear baby Jesus. I just found out something that makes me want to marry the admin girl who works with me. Not only is she smart and efficient and gorgeous. She. Designs. And. Sells. Handbags.


She can design a handbag to my specifications. I just swooned when she told me that. She is going to bring in some samples this week for me to look at.


I hadn’t been having a good time of things lately, but that just made my day.



My Grandma knitted me a beanie, I was (as always) complaining about how cold it was when we visited last. (They live near Canberra, it’s freezing during winter, freezing.) So she asked me what I’d like and I received a package today with this in it.


It has ear flaps! 


It’s red!


God, I love my Grams.




I’ve been e-mailing the Long Haired Tattooed Boy all day, slightly odd, slightly confusing. Plus was supposed to not be contacting him as it only confuses me. Will try harder tomorrow.




Things are still weird with Beth, haven’t spoken to or seen her since the blow up but have messages each other. Don’t like fighting with her, and not fighting exactly but still not good. It’ll be okay I know that, I don’t think when you’re friends with someone for 15 years a spat like this is going to cause any lasting damage. More annoyed that I had to ask twice for something that bothered me.




I’m going back to the full Lite n Easy stuff, for the past 6 months I’ve just been doing the dinners but my expanding arse has meant I need to do something. So 1200 calories a day it is.




And by awesome I mean I will be hungry. Stupid laziness and genes.


Thursday Jul 3, 2008

Sweet baby Jesus, today has just exploded into a pile of busy, stress and cursing.

All I do is take one day off work and this is the punishment? And they wonder why people no longer take their annual leave.

I still love my assistant (she is not technically my assistance, but 50% of her work is given to her by me, plus she’s stated she’d like to work with just me so we’ve informally adopted each other) she is efficient and smart and she is a lot like me at 20 and I want her to have the same opportunities as awesome people gave me. She will be my boss one day.

So I had yesterday off work. I was not feeling well and tired and the thought of crawling out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:30 made me whimper. So I didn’t.

This week has just been a bit miserable really, weather wise, work wise, friend wise, boy wise, everything wise really.

I had an argument with Beth this week which really bummed me out, over her need to include everyone when we hang out. She has a habit of adopted ‘strays’, people who look like they need cheering up, or someone to hang out with. Unfortunately this stray is my sister and I wasn’t happy about it. Especially when they all went out on Sunday night without me. For me, this was not cool.

I’d raised it with Beth and my sister before, and then when Sunday happened I was pissed. I asked Beth to not and I got a ‘sorry you feel that way, but’ response. The sorry, but responses are full of shit and it annoyed me.  Kids, when your best friend asks you to do something because it’s important to them, just fucking do it. You may not completely get it or understand it, but if something is important to someone important to you? By proxy it’s should be important to you.

I wonder if I could fit one more ‘important’ in there.



I had a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon. It was quite disconcerting, I fell asleep when it was light and when I woke up it was dark. George was on my chest meowing at me to feed him.

Adam argues that a 3 hour nap is considered a sleep. I say anything under 5 hours is a nap, anything between 5 to 7 is a short sleep. I’m sorry but I love having 3 hour long naps, when you wake up and you have no idea where you are or what day it is? And you’ve drooled a little? That is a good sleep, my friends.



  See how the pink collar suits George? Alternatively see how this hot pink collar completely emasculated a male cat?

Whatever, this is what happens when you pee in my pot plants, and scratch me.

You’ve been warned.


 I really should have left work about an hour ago but as discussed there is still a lot of work to be done.


Did anyone watch the Australian Next Top Model finale? Is everyone as happy as I am that that botoxed awful plank Alex did not win and Demelza did?


I’ve decided I’m no longer going to waste brain energy on the Tall Tattooed Boy, it makes my head trying to figure him out and I am not into the thinking too much about stuff that should be solved the easy way – getting him drunk and taking advantage of him.

I’m at a loss with boys at the moment, so I’m not going to do much. It sucks being one of the only single girls in my social circle because it’s not often you go out with the express purpose of finding cute boys to dance the robot with. However as the robot takes a lot of time and energy and is not to be shared with just any boy it works out okay that we only have big nights once a month or so.


I’m now buying old Northern England pottery on Ebay because I found out a some of my grandmother’s family worked for certain pottery makers. I could call it historical importance collecting, but really they just made beautifully gorgeous crockery and I am now bidding on a gorgeous old tea set that has ducks on them. Ducks!


I’m giving up smoking in about a month, I’ve already started the mourning period already. Oh dear menthol cigarettes, how I will miss thee.


Now, I’m just talking rubbish so I’m going to head home.

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