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wilful and disobedient

Wednesday May 28, 2008

Notes for today –


          Why, oh why, do I continue to wear stockings when they only bunch around my ankles and feel uncomfortably restrictive all day? I mean they’re super warm but really?

          I officially have a problem playing Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS. I stayed up until midnight last night trying to get through World 7 and that is 3 HOURS LESS SLEEP THAN I USUALLY GET! As a result I look like I’m a pot smoker today with my red rimmed eyes and sleepy demeanour.

          I cannot promise though that I won’t do the same again tonight.

          Why is it that the cute little red pea coat that I want to buy, that is under $100, squishes my breasts into horrifically flat National Geographic boobs? Why oh cruel world why?

          I had Special Pork today for lunch, it was special and delicious.

          I have to spend this weekend in the country (not really the country but close enough for me when many people wear polar fleece and drive utes) and it’s going to be fricking freezing, hence the coat buying expedition. It’s for a cousins birthday party and the worst thing is I know I’ll spend most of the night outside smoking with the other dirty smokers and it’s going to get into the minus Celsius degrees and this does not make me happy.

          In addition I have my waxing appointment this Saturday that I’m going to have to re-schedule even though I am pretty hairy at the moment.

          That was a yeti image and a half there wasn’t it?

          George is officially a wilful pain in the arse kitten who has woke me up for the past few nights by licking my face. He also has no disregard for my authority and I’m pretty sure hates me and everything else in this world. Unless he’s sleepy and will curl up underneath my neck/ But then again he could be aiming to suffocate me, I do not know.

          Incidentally he is pretty much me in cat male form – wilful, annoying and disobedient.

          My hair is crap lately and I am feeling super fat.

          I’m pre-menstrual.

          Good times.


Tuesday May 27, 2008

I think starting an exercise stint while recovering from the flu was not my brightest idea. I’ve been walking in my lunchbreaks with Adam and it’s been nice and pleasant, except for the afternoon when I get very tired and would do anything for a nap.


But the walking is nice, it’s also lovely to actually feel some sunshine rather than leaving my apartment in the dark in the morning and coming home after dark each night.


I bought a Nintendo DS today, a black one. Like my BBQ it’s name will be darth, lower case I think. And a pink case. I am completely obsessed with playing Super Mario Bros at the moment and finished the damned game in a few days. That cannot be healthy, I’m dreaming of bricks and mushrooms and goombah’s.


Maybe I just need some naked love.


I tried lawn bowls over the weekend. And by try I mean I tried and failed. Badly. I drank $10 jugs of beers. And I sexually harassed, in a good way of course, the long haired rocker boy I spooned with a while back. It was a good day, even if I couldn’t get out of the habit of bowling like I was playing ten pin bowls, i.e. sending the ball down the court/grass/thingy as fast as I possibly could.


I have to make a stupid boy decision in the next week or so and I’m really not looking forward to it. It’s an age old dilemma – I like a boy, he has a girlfriend, the end. You’d think I’d have better ways of handling it after having so much practice of falling for so many unavailable boys but nope, apparently I subconsciously enjoy it or otherwise I wouldn’t keep doing it.


The new IT admin girl is just fantastic, I want to frame her and keep her around fforever she’s so good. In fact I’m tempted to poach her as a Voice girl so she can work for me. Unlikely but still. Plus she’s cute and wears great glasses, always important.


Anyway I have to head home and obsessively play Super Mario Bros and develop some RSI.


Thursday May 22, 2008


I spent the last two days on the lounge watching the Crime and Investigation channel, it was awesome as I have to bar myself from watching it at night as it freaks me the fuck out. Plus George kept me company, and be company I mean sleeping as close to my face as possible.

Although he did drag in a mouse he’d caught and killed a couple of weeks ago to play with in front of me. Apparently throwing it over the back fence will not deter him, nor screeching in a croaky voice to “GET IT THE F*CK AWAY FROM ME YOU DAFT F**KING CAT!”

I’m on two lots of antibiotics and at the moment they’re messing with me more than the actual flu, if you know me in real life I’d advise not asking any important questions or have any important conversations with me as I am capable of only looking blankly at you.

I also watched No Country for Old Men yesterday and I think I must have missed a bit because all of sudden it ended, and he had died, or had he? And where did the money go? And now I am just confused.

My doctor? Is very mean. I had white spots on my throat when I went to see her. She’s generally very tops and medicates me with the pill, the anti depressants and had the dubious honour of doing my pap test. However when she took a look at my throat and declared it not bad I had to say something. Generally along the lines of it’s pretty gross and way painful and really? Not bad?

She was trained in Munich and her name’s Olga.

She fixed me with an Olga-ian stare and said,”Another patient of mine has throat cancer. Her throat? Not good. Your throat? Not bad.”

I mean Christ, what do you say to that?

crash hot

Monday May 19, 2008

I was thinking of making the banner thing a little bit smaller, height wise anyway. When Adam set the site up he pointed out the administrator account to me with a very stern warning to not ever log on with that account.


Since he knows me very well you’d think he would’ve thought twice about banning me from doing something because when someone says to me “Don’t do that,” all I hear is white noise, and see a big flashing sign saying “How bad can it be? Just try it.”


What I’m trying to say is I’m going to be fucking around with some template html today and tomorrow, so if you come and visit during that time frame and things look messed up or just aren’t around anymore know that it will be my fault.


I’m getting sick, I’ve got another disgusting bronchial/chest infection thing. It’s like my 5th in as many months and I need to do one of two things to stop it reoccurring again – stop smoking, and take some antibiotics. The second I can do, the first is a little harder.


I took some cough medicine that allegedly was non-drowsy. Non drowsy my arse. They should have a non-retard strength because I am no use to anyone today.


I learnt a valuable lesson Friday night, the more I drink the better I can do the Robot dance, but the worse I get at bowling. In fact I even started incorporating the robot into my bowling delivery. I don’t think this helped the bowling accuracy whatsoever.


I also got spoon, but no inappropriate love from FacebookBoy aka Dude I went to school with. He is as delightful as he always was.


Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with Bec, I teared up when she came out of the change rooms. She just looked lovely and it touched my cold black heart. Although $4,000 for a dress? Excessive, even for me.


Anyway I think I’m going to go home, I’m really not feeling crash hot.


Friday May 16, 2008

Oh WordPress, how I love thee.

Welcome kittens, it sure is purdy over here huh?

I’m about to head off from work to go and drink and play tenpin bowls (drinking before, during and after – it is going to be awesome) but first I have to leave you with an image of me.

Today I’m wearing stockings (again – didn’t learn from yesterday) but today I’m also wearing a spencer (thermal undershirt thingy) because it is cold. But I’ve tucked the spencer into the top of my stockings. While I am intensely warm if I need to get undressed in a hurry or if I accidentally catch fire I am in a huge world of trouble…..

And yes gentleman, I am single.



Tuesday May 13, 2008

Thoughts for today –

– Why do I wear stockings to work? Yes, they’re comfortable and almost as warm as wearing trousers. But the bunching around the ankles? And the gusset? Not good.

– Why do I drink beer and stay out too late on school nights?

– To top it all off why bother going to trivia if you’re going to come in second place? Behind the team that the LawyerBoy is a part of? I mean why don’t you ask to be kicked when you’re down?

– Why when my alarm went off the morning did I hit Stop rather than Snooze?

– And why did I wake up when I’m supposed to leave the house to catch my train to the minute?

– I purchased my own domain today as well as hosting, and will likely to be moving to WordPress. It’s cleaner and looks neat. You shouldn’t see any changes here but I’ll let you know when it’s all up and running. If I don’t take down the innernet accidentally, of course.

– I’m going ten pin bowling and drinking with FaceBookBoy on Friday night and will be crashing at his house. Beth seems to think he’s got the cheater vibe about him and may make a move. I am, as always, in my own blissful happy place and seeing it no more than two old school friends catching up. Am I simple, naïve or bang on?

– My weekends are jam packed for the next month and I am not happy about it at all.

– Did you realise that girlblogetc is back? Do you realise how fucking awesome that is?

– I’ve tried for the past 3 days to not swear once during the day, in my head cursing is okay, but nothing out loud. I didn’t last past 9 a.m. on any of the days.

– Should go do some work before my brain completely gives up.


Sunday May 11, 2008

Had a great weekend, ate far too much and socialised far too much.

Mormon Housewife came down on Saturday for her birthday, this time with the babies in tow. Those kids are gorgeous, even if one of them is a ginge. So they came and destroyed my house and terrorised the cats for a few hours while I spoke to MH about many frivolous things including receiving a friend request on Facebook from a girl we did not like in high school, but who I went to school with from kindergarten. Her answer is don’t accept it as I don’t want to see her.

Valid point really.

My Dad returned from his holiday yesterday and came back with TATTOOS ON HIS HANDS! Fucking mid life bloody crisis hippy man. Honestly, they wonder why I rebelled by being straight laced. Did I ever tell you how I was going to get my eyebrow pierced for my 16th birthday and my Dad suggested a tongue ring or tattoo instead?


The walk on Sunday was good, although being overtaken by those fit birds in their 60’s is slightly embarrassing. Followed by Mario Kart at BeardedBoy’s house, and then the Mothers Day lunch – which my father came to.

Good weekend, I’m tired but good.

I’ve also decided to put a time limit on another boy crush I have. I have a strong belief that you’ve gotta learn something out of each relationship, and Mark taught me to take boys on their words – if they say they’re not interested or they wish things were different but they’re not, believe them. So BeardedBoy is out, TattooedBoy is out.

I’m tough like that *strikes muscle poses*

stuff part VVIVI

Friday May 9, 2008

This is what kept me awake last night. George is fascinated with my books and bookcase, and as a result spends most nights when I’m trying to sleep in, on or pulling out books. Drives me mental.

And this is me trying to take a photo the other night. George does not care for order, quiet, cleanliness, keeping still for photos or respecting your sleep.

I gave up after these.

Last night I went back to Madame Fling Flong’s and had a few cocktails and tapas with Paul. He did not listen to me when I warned him the mojito’s were evil. He learned though.

He also met Lily and thought he’d be able to charm her with tricks that had a 100% success rate. Lily is not capable of being charmed and hates you and everyone else in this world.

This weekend is bloody busy and I haven’t got any time to just sprawl at home which is one of my favourite things to do. Saturday is Mormon Housewife’s birthday thing, Sunday morning charity walk, hang out at BeardedBoy’s house, then to the Mothers Day lunch.

Life is relatively boring at the moment, things are good, work is good, friends are good, boys are annoying, stuff just rolls on you know?

Anyway, I should head home. What are you all up to this weekend?


Monday May 5, 2008
I had a most charitable day Friday that it seems I was going for the Mother Theresa award. If Mother Theresa only sporadically did charitable things, and had a smug warm and fuzzy feeling afterwards. Christ, that last sentence probably erases any good I did huh?

I finally sponsored a child and I signed up to do a charity walk for breast cancer. Granted the walk will only take an hour or so and the monthly sponsor cost is half of my waxing bill but it’s the thought right?

This weekend was lovely, weather wise it was gorgeous. So gorgeous that I spent most of Saturday afternoon on my back lawn in the sun reading. And fighting of George who kept trying to sleep on my book.

Stupid cat.

I also got a haircut. I officially have a bob and it is awesome. See!

I realised the other day that I’m now earning the mythical figure that as a teenage/child I thought I would be insanely wealthy. But I’m not insanely wealthy and I regularly count the days until I get paid. I’m 27 now and I suppose I just figured I’d own a house or a car by now, or even I imagine had my license. I don’t buy designer clothes, I don’t buy my jewellery from Tiffany’s, I don’t get my hair cut at some fancy pants hair salon. Instead I still buy my clothes from Target or Sussans or Jacqui E or if I’m feeling posh Witchery. I’ve only just started buying shoes my Myer’s rather than Target and I use Nutrimetics cosmetics or my left over Body Shop stuff I bought when I used to get a 50% discount.

I didn’t have this idea or this time line that I imagined myself to be at at this age but most of the time I’m blagging it, whether it comes to work, or dating or anything else and I wait everyday for someone to politely tap me on the shoulder and tell me sadly that they’ve figured out I have no idea what I’m doing and it’d be best for all concerned if I just left quietly.

This is normal right?

I’ve now spent the last few days having to listen to BeardedBoy talk about the new girl he likes. To this I say fuck right off. I realised that out of the 3 or so boys I’ve met recently I am now officially friends with all of them.

BeardedBoy – Friends, he likes someone else.
Tattooed Long Haired Boy – Still friends, he’s interested in 18 year old rocker girls.
FacebookBoy – About to head off for an extended holiday with the ginge minge girlfriend.

So now I’ve decided I am a leper and that is all there is to it. The End.

Oh, except that I’m organising an orphans Mothers Day lunch for kids who won’t be with their mothers where we will eat Italian food and drink wine. It’s going to be awesome.

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