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Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Well, today has sucked boy wise.

I saw LawyerBoy last night and successfully avoided him all night. And then got bummed out that he didn’t come and say hi.

(Don’t try and analyse that one, it’ll just make your head hurt.)

And I found out today that BeardedBoy at work likes someone else, who we’re both friends with. This is supremely disappointing and I think tonight may be a wine and chocolate night for a double dose of Lucy is a loser vibe I’m feeling at the moment.

I was all set to write a chubby girl post but I’ll put that off for another day.

Except for that stuff is pretty good –

– Lily and George are together again and playing the same old roles – George wants to play Lily runs away hissing at him.
– I’m doing a charity walk in a couple of weeks and then following it up by having a big boozy lunch – I like balance.
– I saw long haired TattooedBoy last night, the first time I’d seen him since our sleepover, and it was very comfortable which was great. He is a nice boy that one.
– I’m going for a haircut on Saturday which should hopefully give me a bob once and for all. I am extremely excited by that, my hair has been fantastic since I’ve been going to my new hairdresser (modest, me?) so I’m looking forward to getting rid of the straggly mullet and having lovely new hair.
– I have been so productive at work today that it almost hurts me. I am like an efficiency machine.
– Anyway I just got told to leave by the CIO so I should go.

bit of this, bit of that

Sunday Apr 27, 2008

Quickly –

1. I’m going to be seeing LawyerBoy tomorrow night at trivia. I haven’t been to trivia in months and months but we’re going back and I just realised he’d be there. So far there has been one vote for ‘play it cool, pretend it never happened’ and one vote for wail like a banshee. Although I don’t mind occasionally wailing like a demented woman the low key approach is definitely something I’d prefer to do, I’m too lazy to bring it up and possibly cause a scene.

2. I spent part of my Saturday morning buying pregnancy tests for a friend, Friday day was spent celebrating/commemorating Anzac Day, Friday night was a meltdown because of said pregnancy fears caused by drinking wwayy too much alcohol. A lot of tears, a lot of hand holding. I spent the night and forced her to do a test the next morning. But luckily the result was negative so it’s all good.

3. I am officially boy crazy. The boys? The cute boys? The cute and nice boys? Are bloody everywhere. There is the BDM for one of the work projects I’m doing, there was the navy boy (friend of Bearded Man) who I met on Anzac Day while wearing full dress uniform including medals (hello sailor!) and a gorgeous young boy I met on Friday night who may have been only 23 but knew who the Smiths were (but my sister thought he was cute so that’s about it). Everywhere!

4. I get to babysit my fat former cat (poet!) Lily for the next couple of weeks. George is not going to be happy about, or will be very very happy now that he is more male kitten/cat than kitten and Lily is obviously a girl. Dear God I hope he doesn’t try to molest her because she will end him.

5. I didn’t get to play two-up Friday, and by didn’t get to I mean I was too busy drinking beer to play.

6. I was given a big pile of DVD’s to watch this weekend as I had nothing planned for Saturday and Sunday. My DVD chose this weekend to die and I couldn’t watch any of them. Stupid technology.

7. I had a discussion with Adam last week where we were talking about people taking your number and not really being that into you, or just being too blitzed to remember much of you. He prefers being called by the girl to be let down, his theory being it’s better to be told they’re not interested than having to wait and wonder. Whereas someone not calling to me is a massive sign of they’re not interested in you, but without the awkwardness of the call. I mean, I barely know them, do they owe me a call? And do I want to have an awkward phone call with a boy I vaguely remember what he looks like to tell me thanks for the night but no thanks. Agree? Disagree? Discuss.


Thursday Apr 24, 2008

The managers are not in at work today so as a result the IT kids are playing up. I had to have a….I was going say a stern talking to but that’s a little too school marm for my liking…..let’s say I had to give someone a bollocking for being slack.

I have no problems with people who just do the amount of work they’re required to and nothing else. I do have problems with people not doing that little work with anything close to dedication or any type of attention to detail. I mean Christ, I’d love to do an 8 hour day, and if I was doing those hours I’d be kicking arse with what I’m doing. But to only be here for 8 hours and being slack and not pro-active makes you a lazy shit.

I’ve vetoed going to a dawn ceremony for Anzac day tomorrow, I spoke with my Grandma and we’ll be doing it together next year. I mean even Grandma baulked at doing the dawn service, she’s like, “why would I want to get up at 3 a.m. to commemorate a an awful bloody war dear?” I will however be having breakfast and watching the Anzac march with the Bearded Man tomorrow and then drinking a lot of beer and losing a lot of money playing two up as well. I love the fact that in true Australian fashion a gambling game which is banned for 364 days a year is only legal on our main war memorial and drinking day of the year. God bless being Australian.

Ten for tails, indeed.

Although Bearded Man is still a work colleague/friend. *yawn*

I went shopping today at least, all of this rain is depressing and I’d had enough and decided spending money would cheer me up. And by had enough I just felt like buying new shoes so I did. They’re gorgeous little crocodile skin ballet slipper thingys. That sounds foul, they’re not, plus they have just that hint of toe cleavage. Aah toe cleavage you beautiful but disturbing thing.

For all the Canadia-philes out there he has not called and I’m pretty sure he’s left the country already. Slight bummer. He may have been only 24 but he was fun to make out with.

I had a fantastic actual birthday, work was nice and calm and I went out for yum cha with the kids I like at work. And then to Beth’s for dinner. This was a really good birthday and so far 27 fits me really well, it’s out of the early to mid 20’s and it just feels good. Well, also having left over ricotta birthday cake in my fridge is also pretty bloody good too.

Anyway kids have a good Anzac Day tomorrow and a safe weekend.

head still hurts

Sunday Apr 20, 2008


The weekend was big, so big that I am still feeling absolutely rubbish and need a nap.

I had my birthday celebration night thing on Saturday night, we started at 5:00 p.m., I got to sleep at 7:00 Sunday morning.

In short I/we –

– Went to BBQ King for dinner because if there’s nothing I love more than Chinatown food I don’t know what it would be.
– Although miniature cupcakes from Cupcake on Pitt come a very very close second.

– As does the ricotta tart/cake thing I had as well.
– I bought a new dress, I wore leopard print heels and I looked cute.
– I sent multiple inappropriate text messages to Paul. Poor poor Paul was sexually harassed by a drunken Lucy demanding spoon. I am not a lady at the best of times but it appears I am worse when drinking.
– We finished a bottle of vodka by 8 when we left the hotel room, there was only 3 of us drinking at that stage.
– We had shots, champagne, wine and vodka.
– We went to the bar at the Hilton hotel and the vapid shallow people in the bar sucked some of my will to live, as well as the $20.00 cover charge (a cover charged for a bar is fucking ridiculous), so we left.
– Mormon housewife had 5 years of swearing, drinking and fantastically offensive stories stored up (since the last time she went out) she let them loose on Saturday night and the boys loved her.
– I ended up dancing at some divey pub until 3 a.m. where I kissed a very cute boy on the dance floor.
– As I was leaving I met a lovely Canadian boy I will call Canadia. Before you know it I was making out with him on a street corner. Numbers were swapped with both boys. Apparently I am also a lush and a whore.
– Canadia was only 24. But he had a beard so he looked older. That is my defense and I am sticking to it.
– I got back to the hotel at 4:00 a.m. I got to sleep at 7:30 a.m. I woke up at 9: 30 a.m. for an 11:00 check out.
– As I was leaving the hotel I realised I was still very much drunk and had the shakes.
– I had a 2 hour nap yesterday and today I still feel very very ordinary.

Plus there’s so much other stuff that went on that I can’t put here, and photos that I can’t post because they’re either illegal, highly offensive or highly damaging to the participants. Stupid friends with no blogs.

Although my actual birthday is tomorrow this was officially the best birthday night ever.

slightly bigger

Monday Apr 14, 2008

I’m working from home today because my lounge is being delivered.

So they delivered it and it’s slightly bigger than I remember, and when I say slightly I mean it takes up half of my living room and it’s fucking massive.

Now smarter people than I am would probably comment that maybe I should have measured said lounge and my lounge room before I bought it. To them I say get stuffed. I grabbed one of the disposable tape measures from Freedom when I was buying it, but it’s stayed in the bottom of my bag since then.


Throw out half of the furniture and completely re-arrange my lounge room.


Yeah, I am awesome. Although that lounge is still massive, and I broke off half my toe nail moving my old lounge outside and now I am tired. So think I might have a quick nap.


Friday Apr 11, 2008

Man, I went to bed last night at 11, woke up at 7 this morning but decided that was far too early so dozed off until 11.
12 hours sleep is the shit.
Also turns out George is a big fan of the sleeping in because he slept very happily next to me the whole time. If you ignore a few little ear biting and face licking. Although he does enjoy sleeping as close as possible as you can see.
Also hi to me first thing in the morning.

The family is back from NZ this afternoon so Dad’s coming up and Sabine is coming over and we’re going to do lunch.I am a big fan of a late lunch, even bigger fan when it’s Italian in Leichhardt. Oh Leichhardt if you were a man I’d marry you.
Got a call from Bearded Man this morning, I didn’t realise but he’s moving down this weekend and is officially a Sydneysider. As he called at 9:30 this morning though I missed the call so possibly breakfast may be planned for tomorrow morning.
And yes, you may have noticed that most of my social thingys are food related.
Sweet sweet food.
I booked the hotel for my birthday weekend today, hello 5 star. Mormon Housewife is coming out for the night and I am so very excited. She hasn’t been out since before her first daughter was born 3 years ago. Technically she doesn’t drink or smoke but I believe this may be negotiable.
Anyway Pappy’s due any minute so I should go.


Thursday Apr 10, 2008

I made a not good dressing decision this morning and as a result I have non-appropriate cleavage for work today. I hate when this happens, just to clarify I rarely turn up for work with the girls out, but I now need to hunt around for a safety pin or staple to make said shirt less obscene.

The timing is also not good because I’m having drinks with Facebook/High School boy tonight. I’ve noticed a pattern I seem to have with boys where it seems to now be okay to stay over at my house without any visible issues. Because he lives on the other side of Sydney to me he suggested depending on where we drink we can crash at each other’s houses. Because I am lazy I want to drink near mine, but this means having him in my house.

I’m surprisingly not that comfortable with the idea of just having someone stay over (I’m weird about who stays at my house, I have to really like you to be cool with you staying) and also just the idea that it will be a boy who has a girlfriend who I’m not particularly interested in.

I think I’m going to cancel. I haven’t done a cancellation in a while and to be honest I couldn’t be bothered dealing with all of this stuff if I don’t have to (i.e. I am sticking my head in the sand because I don’t want to create problems where there aren’t any currently. I.e. I couldn’t be bothered going through the mind-fuck involved with another boys staying over, even if the mind messing is unintentional. In fact especially if it’s unintentional.)

I had 3 hours sleep on Monday night because of relatives staying at my house. We had a relative pass away in NZ, and because it was pretty sudden and I live closest to the airport they turned up just after midnight and were up again at 4 a.m. the next day. Because I tend to get up at 5:30 anyway I just got up and went to work early. Being at your desk at 6 a.m. is weird. And me on 3 hours sleep is just ridiculous, I should’ve gone home at lunchtime because I talked nothing but trash all day and did next to no quality work.

Anyway I’m off, have a great weekend.

*Update* I cancelled, I’m having drinks with Beth instead and will catch up with him for lunch or some other day time activity next week. I don’t want to have complications where they don’t need to be so that’s that.


Sunday Apr 6, 2008

I turn 27 in 2 weeks, this is very exciting as it means I’m further away from 20 each and every year (I didn’t particular enjoy late teens, early 20’s) and I get to buy a frock, stay in a posh hotel and drink a lot of alcohol to celebrate this.

I’m having drinks, and it initially was just for girls. But then I invited the gay male friend and before I know it it’s still girls (and honorary girls) but it appears that all of my separate friends will be mixing for it and it makes me feel a little nervous. I like to spend time with my friends one on one – breakfast with Adam on a Sunday morning, drinks after work with Paul, coffee’s with Beth, shopping with my sister.

And because my friends are so awesome one on one I’ve always been scared of mixing them because I worry that either my head or the world may explode.

Anyway we’ll see how that goes.

The weekend was great, I was sufficiently waxed and preened that I wore a skirt today to celebrate I didn’t look like a sasquatch. Of course it is bloody freezing today so the celebration hasn’t been as awesome as I’d planned.

I have been obsessed with boys lately in a way I never have before. And I’ve pinpointed it to actually being over Mark.

Even though for the past few years I’ve been technically single I always was able to be with someone I cared about, and by proxy get other stuff taken care of. And now, knowing that Mark is no longer an option at all has meant I am way single and it is really making me uncomfortable how hard I’m finding this transition. Like really hard and it is really starting to annoy me how much it annoys me. I don’t know, it just doesn’t fit me properly just yet and it’s fitting me like a too tight turtleneck.

In other news when I got to work this morning the sun had already risen. A woo hoo! God bless daylight savings ending. Unfortunately it also means it’s dark by 6 p.m. which is why I am getting out of here pretty much nowish to make sure I don’t have to walk home from the station after dark. I’m out.

Be good.


Thursday Apr 3, 2008

I have had far, far too much coffee today. Far too much.

As I type this my body is involuntarily twitching and every time I see Adam I keep singing Oklahoma and doing Jazz Hands at him.

(He’s going to see the phantom of the opera tonight and because I am an uncouth philistine I think he’s gay for going to see musical theatre.)

Tomorrow I’m going to drop a couple of hundred dollars so a couple of different ladies can tear my hair out, cut my cuticles out and generally hurt me. But afterwards I will have respectable looking nails again and not look like such a goddamn yeti.

Work has been pretty bad this week, talk of new staff has been flying all over the place and the impact of losing the admin dude who helped me out has really made itself known. To fully commemorate the shit that this week has been I bought some Smith’s songs from Itunes and will be mellowing out/cutting myself like a dirty emo cutter when I leave here tonight.

Mizanthrope asked a good question in what did Beth think of the bearded man and his general vibe towards me. I asked her and she said she wasn’t sure as he was difficult to read. This is Beth speak either meaning she’s not sure as she found him difficult to read or it’s her way of saying I don’t think he’s that into you but I don’t want to hurt you by saying it.

So I asked Adam (did I mentioned bearded man is a friend of Adams? No?) and he finally told me that he’s probably not looking for anything new at the moment as he’s still sorting stuff out and dealing with a long term relationship that ended late last year.

Information I could’ve done with at the beginning.

So yeah, bearded man is way on the backburner at the moment. But I got paid today and I need some new shoes (and y-fronts that actually fit me) so those are my new short term plans.

Wow, y-fronts and shoes. The excitement is overwhelming!

person, place, timing

Tuesday Apr 1, 2008

So things are a lot better today. Work was/is insane, plus the assistant who was helping me out with things quit on Friday with no notice, so everything I’d managed to move over to him to do has come back.


Anyone know of any kick ass IT administration people I can use and abuse and make get me coffee a few times a day?

So the weekend with the Bearded boy was nice and lovely. We spent Saturday looking at apartments for him, Saturday night drinking with the kids (him and DJ got on very well and bonded over Wii’s and Guitar Hero and even Beth liked him) and then spent Sunday lazing at the Botanic Gardens reading the newspapers and drinking coffee.

But there was nothing beyond just two friends hanging out and as I work with him I wasn’t willing to put into action the planned “Get him drunk and take advantage of him plan.”

I think the whole thing bummed me out most because in the last 3 months I have met a grand total of 3 awesome guys who are cool, decent, gorgeous and completely dateable. Unfortunately 1 is now a friend (bearded boy), one is looking for a different type of girl (tattooed vow breaker) and the other has just got a new girlfriend. 3 great guys in 3 months is more than I’ve met in the last 3 years and it’s bloody annoying and typical timing.

The good thing is I’ve moved up a step, you know how for each person for things to match up you need right person, right time, right place? I’ve been falling for the wrong type of guy for me for quite a while, at least now I’m meeting the right type of guy, the timing is just shit.

I’m going out for drinks tonight with the delightful but drunken gay man tonight for dinner. I’ve known him for years and we always plan to catch up for dinner and drinks but tend to get too drunk beforehand to make it to the restaurant. I believe tonight will end the same usual way – me sending drunken texts, eating dry rice cakes and falling over when I get home trying to get undressed. It’s hard being this sexy but you know I handle it.

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