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Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

Man, did this morning (midday, and early afternoon) completely kick my arse.

Today, or more specifically certain people I work with, has exhausted me. Completed destroyed any good anti-depressant vibe I had when I got up this morning.

Here’s the thing that really fucks me off.

I am quite good at my job. I know this because I do the work that my role requires, I deliver what I’m supposed to deliver and I manage what I’m supposed to manage with tangible results. Oh yes, and they pay me a large amount of money to do all of this.

I really shouldn’t be in a role where I have direct contact with any type of client or staff that I have to support because if one more person sends me a sassy or snotty e-mail today I have no idea how I’m going to react.

Actually I know exactly how I’m going to react and it’s going to involve me losing it and a lot of swear words.

Because complaining just because you don’t like how things are done is not a valid excuse for being a complete prick. And complaining to me because you don’t want to actually take me up on any of the offers I make to you to help you shows me you just want to bitch and moan. And complaining because you’re a fuckwit just means you’re a fuckwit.

God, demanding people who expect everything with no effort themselves will be the end of me at this company.

Also I still have my chest infection, I really should’ve stayed in bed today and I am really going to enjoy the beers I’m having after work because 1 more day like this and I’m sorry Adam you’re going to be stuck doing my job again because I’ll be quitting in a pink fit to become an unemployed slob who will spend all day watching TV. And it will be wonderful.

slightly unwell

Monday Jan 28, 2008

Wow, I am cranky (could be PMS) and my hair is absolutely shit today.

I’ve had great curly hair all weekend, so I thought I’d see if I could do it for a work day. Answer – I cannot. Humidity + curly hair = Shit and 50 bajillion bobby pins to hold in the sproingy-ness that is my hair.

I had a great weekend though, I slept a lot, I drank a lot on Sunday (turns out our Australia Day BBQ was the day after Australia Day for a still unknown reason) and although we started drinking Sunday at midday and kept going for 12 or so hours I was still in bed just after midnight.

I was well enough the next morning to go have breakfast.

Although I bailed out on the pedicure plans afterwards. I just don’t see the point of pedicures, I really don’t. Facials? Sign me up. Manicure’s? Most definitely. But pedicures for when I’m going to spend all week in closed in pointy shoes? Complete waste of money.

Besides, saving up for a holiday sucks for spending money willy nilly. I’ve got get $2000 together before I fly out so I can spend my two weeks parked in the pool bar drinking pina colada’s. There was a tense moment over the weekend where it looked like the wedding may be called off. Is it callous if I’m going to go to Fiji regardless if the wedding is on or off? (It’s all fine now, apparently jitters are quite real when a 25 year old man is getting married and realising forever is really forever.)

I saw M (the driving force behind the celibacy vow) on Friday after work, completely by chance. As with all encounters with ex-boyfriends and ex-spooning buddies I avoided being seen by him which was best for all parties. It was strange; I hadn’t seen him for a while. The good thing is I had nothing to say to him. Baby steps, people.

I actually feel rubbish at the moment, this is not good. It’s a sore throat again (I’ve had 2 chest infections and numerous sore throats in the last few months) and it’s really making me look into the quitting smoking.

(Just as a caveat I am not well and grumpy so comment on the qutting at your own risk)


Thursday Jan 24, 2008

Praise the lord, hallelujah and all of that jazz.

I have found a dress to wear to the Fiji wedding.

Remind me to never get married, because I have spent most of my free time for the last 2 months trying to find this goddamn dress and I really thought I loved shopping, but you know? I don’t when I have to find something. Wrings all of the fun out shopping.

So after going into Myer every single day last week (I wish I was exaggerating) I decide to give it one last try before I gave up and wore a sack. And I find my perfect dress, in my size, the last one at half price. And a perfect pair of black swimmers all for just over $100.

And yes, you may call me the shopping god from now on.

Today is casual Friday and as usual I’m boycotting it. Well, my stance on Casual Friday is if I’m wearing is if I’m wearing colour and/or flat shoes then I’m casual. Unfortunately that’s not enough, apparently.

Look, I don’t like wearing jeans to work. I really don’t. How the hell can someone expect to take me seriously when I’m wearing jeans and yellow ballet flats? Answer, you can’t. How can you tell who is important and who isn’t if all the men are wearing khaki or denim? Answer, you can’t.

And if my manager didn’t look so disappointed in me every non-jean wearing Casual Friday I’d boycott it completely.

(Holy shit – This is my 300th post. Don’t you guys feel incredibly special to be a part of it?


Yeah, bit of an anti-climax really)


Tuesday Jan 22, 2008

I think the fortress is a wee bit stronger now.

Hello *waves*, thanks for coming.

(One of the few things I learnt from my parents was to say thanks for having me after being in someone else’s house. Not much else really….)

Long story short, I (very stupidly) set up access to my theantilogy email address on a Blackberry I used to use at company I worked for. I activated POP on my email account a few weeks ago and all of my e-mails to here, including copies of all of the comments you guys leave here, were forwarded to the Blackberry which is now used by a manager.

Said manager logged a job with the IT department, they linked the e-mail account to me and to the blog. I obviously used to work for the IT department so the likelihood of guys I used to work with reading here is there. Hence the shut down and POP removal.

Plus, all of my emails! Ugh, the idea of people reading them makes me ill. I can only thank my lucky stars that the occasional dirty emails I exchange with a guy friend weren’t sent or received during the past few weeks, because wow.


So yes, again, thanks for coming and I’ll probably be moving to a proper .com address in the next month or so but I’ll post it here before that happens.

(Thanks for having me)

lock down

Sunday Jan 20, 2008

So, turns out my antilogy fortress is not as strong as I’d hoped, hence the locking up on Friday.

Sorry for the no notice but I kinda had to shut it down late Friday, and left work, burst into tears and went home to drink wine.

Lucy = Strong under pressure.

I hate it when people do this, but right now I need to lock up for a little while, see how things go and possibly move sites. If you’d like me to add you to read when I close down here just comment or send me an email at theantilogy [at] gmail [dot] com. I’d love to take all of you with me, so if you do miss the cut off just go over to Adam’s page and leave a comment and I’ll pick it up there.

I went out on Saturday night, it was our first girls only night in a very long time with no boyfriends, girlfriends or other high maintenance friends. I frocked up and it was lovely. And by lovely I mean we started off at the Argyle, and ended up at the *shudder* Orient dancing to a live band while avoiding dirty backpackers and other groping men at 3 a.m.. God bless The Rocks, I thought there may have been a reason I haven’t gone there in a few years.

I got home at 3ish and slept despite the 5 or 6 Red Bulls. Woke up Sunday far too early to have breakfast with Adam who apparently doesn’t like to sleep in.

I really, really would like another day or two off. And just checked my calendar and its Australia Day this weekend so hello long weekend. I love when that happens…..


Thursday Jan 17, 2008

Confessions –

– I cannot watch Borat.
Simply cannot. I love Ali G, but find Borat makes me cringe. Tried watching the movie with friends, tried it on my own. Cannot watch it.

– I hate wearing high heels.
I love how they look, I hate how they feel. Today I’m wearing a beautiful pair of pointy toed crocodile skin black heels. Gorgeous. Yet I am having difficulty with the whole walking thing today, it’s slightly awkward I must admit.

– I don’t understand girly girls or manly men.
I just don’t get them. I have nothing in common with a girl who’s main aim in life is to co-ordinate their clothes and look polished all the goddamn time. I have nothing to say to the dude who genuinely likes drinking an uber amount of beer and getting into fights. (I like a man who likes a beer, just not the type of man who likes drinking whole kegs.) My Dad is a hippy librarian – I didn’t grow up with football (just soccer), fights (we talked our way out of anger) fast/loud cars (we walked or Dad had a motorcycle) so I don’t get it. And frankly I think burping contests and the word wang are funny so the girly girls just make me a little confused.

– I didn’t care what people thought.
I don’t care what people think of me, I honestly don’t. I figure there’s always going to be people who like me, and there’s always going to be people who don’t like me so you know *shrug* can’t win ‘em all.
Until Adam told me that I’m likeable and I was quite disappointed. I mean at every job I’ve had I’ve had an arch nemesis – someone who drove me absolutely mental with everything they said and did. And to find out that I’m not special enough to be someone’s arch nemesis? Makes me sad.


We had birthday cake at work this morning for…..someone’s birthday. Normally I avoid these things, 1. because I am well fed enough thank you, and 2. I may have to speak with work people. Today I went in and ate a cake that made me speechless it was so good. I actually had to close my eyes after the first bite because it was so so good, so good.

And yes, I’m sure this related to the celibacy thing. Shut up.

I’m dragging my sister and Beth out to the city tomorrow night for drinks. Sabine is not handling the transition back to single life very well, as everyone knows drinking a lot helps with this so that’s the plan. Because I’m obsessed with dresses I want to wear a dress which means I need to buy a new dress. Another one.

I’m going to hate dresses once summer is over. I mean I’m sorry but not everyone can do mini dresses and they are everywhere at the moment. I like to buy dresses that hide my thighs not displays them. *shudder*


Monday Jan 14, 2008

I really need to get myself a lesbian.

I had dinner with friends last night, 3 out of 4 are raging lesbians. All I know is Eva, whose house we were at, cooks like no one else I know, cleans like a demon and I love hanging out with her and her friends.

Adam has found a slight flaw in my plans, in that I actually prefer men. Pfft, mere details.

Okay, so this 3 month thing was a really, really stupid idea. Like one of my worst ideas yet. I’m only just over half way and you know the worst thing? My DVD player has broken, so not only can I not watch the last episode of Season 3 of Greys Anatomy. But I have no porn.

I’m being tested and I am failing miserably.

There are some loopholes in the vow (I mean I made the vow – did you think I wouldn’t put some exit clauses in there?) though which I’m looking into. Because I’m sorry BUT I’M NOT A MACHINE!

(Also any of the cool girls who read here – all of you, obviously, should go over to Paul’s blog and give him some advice so he doesn’t think that all girls are completely fucking insane, like this post may lead you to believe.)


Sunday Jan 13, 2008

This hasn’t happened here before, and it could be complete paranoia. I wrote about something a few weeks ago (hello pap test), then a couple of days later on a blog I occasionally read wrote a post slamming people for writing about this particular topic.

As I’m not a big believer in coincidence all I have to say is – fuck off. Remove the link to my page and stop reading.

For fucks sake, I never claim to be classy, or particularly even close to lady-like, go and read lol cats. if you want something cute and inoffensive.

And end of rant.

Yesterday was so disgustingly hot that by 9:30 on my way to breakfast it was 31 degrees. This is not cool, I understand its summer and all but really. I think I’ve found the dress for the wedding, but now I have a new quandary, it’s a very gorgeous Morrissey dress but it’s nearly $500.00. I earn enough to be able to pay this much but it seems excessive. Should I or shouldn’t I?

Also, it looks like the LawyerBoy has a reprieve from the reject pile. Turns out he’s been on holiday (which I knew) but only got back yesterday (I didn’t know he was away for that long). He bumped into D.J (Beth’s tattooed boyfriend) yesterday and mentioned he was going to call me.

We’ll see how that goes.

I ended up only having to work until about 8:30 on Friday night. Best.Upgrade.Ever. Came home, ordered Thai, watched TV, the end.

This 3 month thing has gotten way old very quickly. I’m officially supposed to finish in the beginning of March, but because that seems so very very far away I’ve decided to count the few weeks beforehand that were spoon free before I made this stupid vow of celibacy.

Remind me if I ever decide to do this again that it is a very stupid idea.

thug life

Wednesday Jan 9, 2008
Tomorrow I get to do my first after hours work since starting at the new job 4 months ago. And because I have an awesome manager instead of coming in at my usual time and working through til midnight, I get to come in late! Who knew you could do that?

So I get to sleep in tomorrow and stay up late tonight. Good times people, good times.

The holiday vibe has well and truly worn off, at least work wise anyway. People are annoying me.

I think the irritation I’ve got today is a combination of having to be nice for the past week with Mum, PMS and people being fucking annoying

On a lighter note here’s a photo from Christmas of me and the sister. See, she now lives in the Eastern Suburbs and I live in the Inner West so this is our Eastside versus Westside stance.

The hard core look I was going for is slightly ruined by Sabine’s cheery university top, my politician wife’s hair and the massive grin on her face. She has no concept of thug life.

(And yes, we are very very white.)


Tuesday Jan 8, 2008

I’m so hungover today that typing is making me nauseous.

And because I was up at 4 a.m. to see Mum off to the airport I think I might still be slightly drunk.

After nearly a week of having someone staying at my apartment I’m going to go home, tidy up, taking off my pants and watch the final episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Although having someone do my washing and make me dinner after work was absolutely wonderful, I should look into getting a house husband who could do this. Any offers?

Last night I went for drinks with Mum and Beth and DJ (new nickname for the tattooed boyfriend) and as usual it was only supposed to be a couple so Beth and Mum could catch up (Beth is the daughter Mum always wanted – sociable, doesn’t tease her and likes drinking.) I stopped count at 6 beers.

Not a good idea for a school night.

God, I really feel sick.

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