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Thursday Dec 20, 2007

Well, eating and drinking one’s weight in chocolate and alcohol is a lot more pleasant than I thought it would be.

I was taken out for lunch by a client yesterday for yum cha and it was absolutely delicious. I keep getting bottles of red wine and while it’s nice and all I don’t drink it, I have many alcoholic friends and family though so it will be drunk at some point. I’ve got our work Christmas party thing this afternoon (best Christmas party ever – half day of work, driven to the venue, body weight in steak and wine, and get to finish early!) and then the broken home Christmas party tonight at Beth’s house.

I’m a little worried that I’m going to turn up at Beth’s house completely sloshed and I’ll need a nap before I can start eating and drinking again. And because Beth is tough and mean she will not let me sleep – if this is the case she better start preparing to hold back my hair at some point tonight.

I’ve got a hair dressers appointment tomorrow to finally get the bob thing, as at the moment I’m rocking a bit of a mullet. It’s a tasteful, layered mullet but a mullet is a mullet. Mullet.

Girl topic – I went to the doctors last night for my first pap test.

Wow. Is that ever an uncomfortable and awkward test. At one point I heard my doctor say “Oh, that’s how you work it.” You don’t ever, ever want to hear these things when you’re wearing no pants and in stirrups. Ever.


I’ve finally finished all of my Christmas shopping and I’m not horrendously broke. I mean I’m slightly poor but for Christmas that is positively wealthy! Online shopping is an awesome, awesome invention that all lazy people should embrace. It’s like, you mean I get to shop, from home, and you deliver it straight to my door, gift wrapped, and I don’t even have to leave the house! Go team lazy!

I’m heading to Newcastle for Christmas and then to see the paternal unit and the Mormon Housewife afterwards so I will be out of internet connectivity for the next week or two.

Hope your Christmas day is spent in a carb and alcohol coma…..


Monday Dec 17, 2007
Good lord it’s been busy lately. I have the mind of a workaholic and the body of a slacker so in theory I like being busy. In practice if I could sleep for 12 hours a day I would.

Luckily work has been relatively busy, but good busy lately. Plus they gave us our work Xmas Christmas which was terribly cute in a tool box. Terribly cute until you have to carry the damn thing home on the train and feel like a butch plumber (although note the match belt and shoes. I co-ordinate rarely so it should be documented.)

But when you get it home and realise it includes a bottle of Chandon all is forgiven.

My liver needs a break. Unfortunately this time of year is very unforgiving of soft livers and the amount of drink catch ups, and work client Christmas presents (which are nearly always wine) and work functions that are on means I JUST WANT SOME SLEEP AND AN EARLY NIGHT.

Is it too much to ask?

One of my best friends got engaged over the weekend. It’s official, except for my sister (and I think her and her ex are only on a Friends style break), I am the only single girl in my group of friends. And even though I don’t want to I have to count the tattooed knob and Beth. Speaking with Meg last night I found out I’m her only friend who works full time (she’s a Mormon mum/housewife but still.) Seriously who knew it would be like this in my mid-twenties? I didn’t think I’d be in this position for at least a few years.

I bought >new shoes over the weekend (but in the black.) They’re cute and surprisingly were not made by Satan himself and are actually comfortable to wear. Shoes. That Are Comfortable! That right there is your Christmas miracle folks.

My mother flew over on the weekend and stayed at my house Sunday night. Because I attempt to be a good daughter every now and then I gave her my bed and I slept on an air bed. It turns out there’s a leak in the air bed and I woke up cold and sleeping on the hard ground at about 4 a.m. I really, really need to get a couch that is sleep-able on.

I have next week off work and realised that I am completely booked all bloody week. Why can’t I just mung at home and do as little as possible? Why do I need to see my family? At least I still have the last weekend and New Years at home, and now the bottle of champagne will be added to the nights plan and it will be awesome. Although Beth and the kids have changed their plans for the night from the wanky city restaurant/bar thing that I was avoiding to a bbq and pool party at one of our friends house, which is muchos annoying because that’s why I bailed on the original New Years plan. I figure if I hit 5 p.m. and I’ve dyed my hair, baked and eaten all of the biscuits and drank most of the champagne and feel like heading out at least I’ve got somewhere I can go where I can wear a party dress but no shoes.

Win win really.


Thursday Dec 13, 2007

Today I have been in such a good mood I have almost been giddy. Actually nay, I have been giddy.

I have done a fuckload of work, I’ve worn the cutest outfit where my belt matches my shoes (oh yes, even decided on before 6 a.m. this morning – I am a god) (Not the god, but a god) I’ve made plans to have breakfast and shopping tomorrow with Beth and Sabine (sister who is no doubt reading now – if you’re going to read find a breakfast place for tomorrow!) and hang out with my Mum on Sunday when she flies in, I’ve also worked out my Christmas wrapping theme (polka dots with yellow and blue ribbons – uber cute) and my hair is looking fantastic.

See, happily giddy!

(Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think I may be having a stroke because I am never this happy unless I’ve got some chocolate, beer or penis, or all three, in my vicinity.)

Speaking of no penis (segue!) the celibacy is coming along quite nicely. I think I’m officially in the Zen zone* and have been fine and dandy. I figure what’s 3 months out of 26 years? Especially starting the new year with new stuff, and besides I couldn’t be bothered doing my missing statement again for 2008 so I figure it’s a good clean way to start the year (good and clean but oh so sad)

I’ve been walking each day as well as sticking to the healthy eating plan, so it’s all peachy in the world of Lucy.

*Zen zone – After about 6 weeks of no love you get to the sad quiet acceptance stage where you don’t even notice anymore. It’s a safe and evil place to be.

builds character

Thursday Dec 6, 2007

I’ve made a vow. I’m going to be celibate for the next 3 months.

There are rules and loopholes and specifics but just know that if the sarcasm quota increases on this here page in the next few months? The first paragraph will be the cause.

This weekend is going to be spent with the paternal family for an early Christmas, being from a broken home you get two lots of Christmas’ and 2 lots of food and presents. It’s pretty sweet. Plus I get to leave work early too.

I finally finished by report. Doing it did my head in. Just ask Adam, I spent most of today yelling at him to write the damn thing for me! Then I’d try putting it in mid=conversations so maybe he’d absentmindedly agree to do it. Alas he did not. Then just before I leave today I’m going to send it to my boss and leave in a hurry because this weekend will not be spent dreaming about this goddamn strategy document.

Well that’s about it, I’m going to work this weekend mourning the lack of any kinds of naked for the next few months. It’s one of those things that will build character. Or something.

bored and boring

Tuesday Dec 4, 2007

So, nothing much has been happening. I slept for about 14 hours on Sunday and only changed clothes in the late afternoon when I got out of my pyjama’s and into track suit pants because I began to feel lazy and rank.

I went out on Friday night for a ‘civilised’ dinner and stumbled home after midnight horrifically drunk. And by horrifically I mean full with fantastic Vietnamese food, a lot of beer and great company.

I am stressing myself out completely over this report I have to write for work that I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WRITE. How do you write a technology strategy report for the next 5 years when some technology we’ll be using in 5 years has NOT YET BEEN INVENTED?

Stupid visionary and brilliant boss.

Adam is back in the country so at least I have someone to go to lunch with and complain about annoying wenches who try to go above my head because they don’t like decisions I make or pass on (and escalate to Adam instead – and no matter how many times he states this I do not work for him.) He also bought me back Minstrels chocolate and duty free cigarettes so that helped too.

I’ve done some of my Christmas shopping which is all well and good.

I’m going ahead with my ignoring New Years Eve plan (although my mother was horrified about my plans to bake biscuits and dye my hair) and am still happy with that.

I’m heading to see one side of the family this weekend, being from divorced parents this Christmas will be spent with one side of the family so I have to jam in the other side. But I do get to babysit my niece all day Saturday and it will be awesome. And by awesome I mean I will be exhausted by 10 am and make my Dad look after her while I sit outside and drink and smoke cigarettes until my cousin returns.

But overall stuff is still just stuff. There’s some things going on at the moment that I’m not going to get into and there’s some stuff going at the moment that I can’t get into yet. Which is very boring and far more mysterious than it needs to be but I realised the other day that I have no idea who reads this page and there could people I work with, and people I’m friends with and people I have slept with and I can’t just write the story of how I lost my virginity or the people I think are the bees knees because, well, they could be reading.

And I try to cling to whatever remaining shreds of dignity I have, however small.

Or if you’re reading this and don’t comment you could just say hi? That could work too I imagine…..

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