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Monday Oct 29, 2007

See now, this article pleases me immensely. You know how I was complaining the Sleepover Boy isn’t into a beer drinking girl which I thought was an abomination against all laws of Lucy and nature?

Yeah, I knew there was just something wrong with him.

So my horrific haircut of late August is almost ready for a haircut. I was speaking with Meg about getting a bob, ala Katie Holmes, she had one but turns out they cut the back of the way way short, like almost shaved.

I cannot do a shaved head no matter how gorgeous the front looks; I’ve got the body type that doesn’t take much – a bad outfit, a bad haircut – to slide into lesbian territory. And not the gorgeous lipstick lesbian stereotype, more dyke’s on bikes type of thing (there’s a float thing in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian parade for the “Dykes on Bikes” mainly lesbians on motorcycles – and them’s some scary looking females.)

Not pretty, whatsoever.

Because I’ve now insulted a whole section of the female community and the boy who makes out with me I should move on.

I had a dream last night that one of my friends called me fat. I remembered about it this morning and almost raised it with them for being so mean. I should not eat any type of cheese before I go to bed. Or at least start differentiating between dreams and real life a little better.

My new boss called me a sad prat today because I was excited about a new system I’m rolling out on Thursday. I think I love him a little.

I’m going to go and drink beer; I’m still trying to hook Beth into coming. Because otherwise it’s just me drinking on my own. And this is not good.

Daylight savings is awesome, the not getting dark until nearly 8? Love it, love it. It’s still light when I get home and that to me always ends a day well. Plus, it’s good weather for sitting in an outdoor area at a pub having a beer.

Good plan.



But do men think there is a difference based on what beer women drink? Should she order a Schooner, a Middy, or rather than settle for draft should she so a little bit of refined class and skip the VB for a Boags?

October 29th, 2007 | 11:41 pm

Indy, why on earth are you asking me what men think?

I need men like you telling me what boys think in situations 🙂

Personally a girl who drinks VB kinda scares me but I’m a wuss so have no idea how it translates to men.

I’ve moved to the stage of acceptance without any knowledge or understanding of men. It’s a far happier place to be 🙂

October 30th, 2007 | 5:05 pm

Dykes on Bikes have a float? I thought they would just have, you know… bikes.

As for girls drinking beer, well you should drink whatever the hell you want. Anyone who’d think the less of you for swigging on a stubbie of VB deserves a swift kick in the cock and a wave goodbye. And speaking personally, I’m used to girls drinking beer. A neat scotch would be something new, but I think I could handle that as well.

Also if you ever feel like a beer and don’t have anyone to go with, feel free to message me.

October 31st, 2007 | 7:53 pm

Oh Mark, you’re far too literal for your own sake, no they don’t have a float.

And the thing is most normal, cool boys have no issue with the beer thing.

And yes, we’ve yet to go the meet and greet. I still say that there be a meeting with you, nailpolish and I so I can just watch you two fight.

In Newtown, in one of the roof top bars.

October 31st, 2007 | 8:17 pm
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