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Thursday Oct 25, 2007

I don’t know about you but on a Friday night after work I try to either drink a lot of beer and stumble home late and make out with the Sleepover Boy, or I like to go straight home, get into tracksuit pants and mung out in front of the TV until I fall asleep watching Antique Roadshow.

I enjoy doing those things, not having to jump on a train for two hours to go visit the paternal unit and Meg the Mormon Housewife. While I love these two dearly I wish they lived closer. Or always came to visit me rather than me having to travek to them. Either one would be nice.

The step mother (or the ex step mother I should say now – yes, there’s back story there but family dysfunction is boring, especially my own families dysfunction) looks like she’s been getting into my Dad’s on line accounts, email and stuff mainly. So tonight I get to hack her out and maybe do some mean stuff to her like sign her up for a lot of dwarf and leprechaun porn when my Dad’s not looking? He doesn’t want any more problems though but I just want to fiercely destroy anyone who fucks with my family.

It should be interesting.

I received my mobile bill last night. As you might know I don’t have internet access at home anymore because I’m affronted that I do not get a laptop and internet with my job (translation: I need to buy a laptop and get a wireless connection but am too lazy and tight to pay for it for myself as I’m not used to it)

What this means is I’ve been checking my email and a few choice blogs on my phone.

$400.00 worth of email and blog apparently.

So now, not only could I have purchased a wireless router, or put a deposit on a laptop for that amount, I now have no router, no laptop and a $400.00 phone bill for looking at my email and an itty bitty screen.

When did bloody internet get so bloody expensive?

Also, did you know that it now costs about $2.50 for a litre of milk? When the fuck did that happen? Keep in mind I’ve been buying milk since I was a kid so I’m not sure why this is a surprise but for some reason I always thought that a litre of milk was $1 and 2 litres was $2.

Must stop being a knob and realise prices have risen since I was 5 and must keep up with the times.

(But it’s like $5.00 for a 3 litre. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? And why are our dairy farmers not filthy rich with those prices?)

Anyway, I’ve got to go and jam in a peak hour train for a couple of hour so have good weekends.

(And I will not be checking emails or comments over the weekend because between milk and the internet I AM BROKE)



The dairy farmers aren’t rich because the foreign companies who buy their milk don’t give them much more than what they were given ten years ago yet they charge us more to put it in their supermarkets. Hence why the the dairy farmers produce their own milk and sell it locally. It used to be pauls but they are owned by a german company now called palmalat (sp?) and so you will find the local milk is sold under dairy farmers brand.

October 27th, 2007 | 3:36 am
colonel eggroll:

Milk is expensive here too. It’s gotten to where a gallon of milk costs more than a gallon of gas.

You should teach the ex step a valuable lesson. Never get on an IT kid’s bad side! I can understand not wanting any more trouble, but sometimes giving someone just a little taste of their own medicine makes you feel better about the situation.

Or maybe I’m just evil.

October 28th, 2007 | 6:07 am

Gena – Yeah, I know. I was actually raised on a dairy farm run by my parents.

Colonel – No, see that’s not evil at all. I mean family is a whole other matter when it comes to pissing me off.

Plus I mean she should’ve known better 🙂

October 28th, 2007 | 1:44 pm

ex-stepmother. I have one of those and now I know what to call her, other than swears!

October 29th, 2007 | 12:08 am

Well i guess you learn something new everyday then.

October 29th, 2007 | 4:23 am

Mark – God I love dysfunctional families, I had an ex-step father too so I’m glad it’s not just my family.

Gena – I know, granted it was a little organic dairy farm (bloody hippies) but I was raised a bit of a farm girl and am far too comfortable with cow shit and animals than I’d prefer.

October 29th, 2007 | 10:58 pm
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