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Sunday Sep 23, 2007

So I realised that I’ve yet to cover anything that happened over the last few weeks. Then I realised that not a hell of a lot happened. Except that –

– I had 2 weeks off and completely forgot i had a job to start and thought of myself as unemployed.

And just quietly? I had no problem with that.

– Postponed buying the house. The bank is not down with me being on a probation period at work for 3 months, which I understand. So we’re pushing everything back until December. It’s all well and good, I mean I could hate this job, or they may hate me and then I’m stuck with rent and a mortgage and frankly that would blow.

– I got, hands down, the worst hair cut I’ve ever gotten. Like so bad that I went home after it, drank a bottle of wine and ate a whole batch of cookies bad.

I asked for them to get rid of the mullet bit at the moment and a trim all over. I instead walked out with my mullet barely touched, my fringe barely touched and everything else was about an inch or so long. It’s Suzie Quatro/Carol Brady style when it’s straight and just out and out pathetic when it’s curly.

It’s the saddest thing and I know it’s pretty bad when I showed both my sister and Beth and they laughed their arses off.


So it’s straight and pinned up like all the time. Well, until the spiky short bits grow out. Which we’ve estimated will take a couple of months. So that’s something to look forward to.

– The new job is awesome. I’m working harder than ever, but most of the time I get to leave at 5. Leaving this early regularly is amazing. But I don’t particularly like it.

Don’t ask. I’m quite complex after all.

– Working with Adam has been going really well. He’s off to the UK for a couple of months for work and holiday so I guess I’ll go back to ignoring people at work and dodging lunch dates.

Again, don’t ask. I’m just not very social.

– I need a new boyfriend. And by boyfriend I mean a guy friend who will come and watch new Die Hard movies, come out and drink beer with me and then participate in sleepovers.

My current one sucks. And by sucks I mean we rarely catch up because he has the libido of a half dead 90 year old man.

And I realised that I am no good at making new guy friends. Mainly because I live in the Inner West and going out for drinks locally means you will meet a vast number of gorgeous gay men. And the other option is drinks in wanky city bars which is no good because they can be wankers.

So it’s either gay men or wankers.


– I went shopping on the weekend and I really did spend too much money.

See, my new uniform for work is pencil skirts and cardigans/cute knits. So I need a couple of different skirts in different colours, and wow who knew nice cardigans were so expensive.

But I got some peep toe little black wedges.

It’s good, but I think it means I’m back to eating 2 minute noodles for a while.

Good times.


Mr. Guinness:

Good move on the mortgage. Makes it a bit dicey when the outgo exceeds the income, take it from me. Why the 90 day thing, is that an Australian work thing?
Can’t comment on the haircut, but I’ve had a few where you go in, sit down, tell them what you want done, relax, close you’re eyes and then the next time you open them you’re looking at the lead Mohigan in “The Last” of the same! I suppose the worst part is then pretending life is normal and begging your hair to grow faster.
Have a good week, look forward to more posts.
Mr. Guinness

September 24th, 2007 | 5:40 am
colonel eggroll:

Allegedly, horse shampoo makes your hair grow faster. I’ve used mane and tail before, but my hair already grows fast so I couldn’t really tell the difference.

Glad to hear work is going so well. Yay for getting off at a decent hour! And double yay for cardigans and peep toe shoes!

September 26th, 2007 | 9:30 am

Alec – Yeah, most Australian companies have a probationary period of 3 months – if everything goes okay and they’re happy with you you become a full time permanent staff member.

Generally it’s just a formality, but I think it’s a good idea to wait until then anyway.

I’m being horribly responsible and putting the regular mortgage payments away anyway so I don’t get too used to them.

And your hair cut comment? Yep, that was pretty much how it went down.

Colonel – Seriously horse shampoo? That is so awesome, because really I can’t handle another couple of months of Carol Brady hair.

No siree.

(Cardigans and peep toe shoes are indeed cool)

September 28th, 2007 | 1:34 am
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