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Sunday Sep 16, 2007

Alright, this is a quick test to see if I can damn the man and post from work without ever accessing the blogger website.

(I have no interweb at home L)

And without inadvertently giving out the company I work for, email address and contact details to the whole of the wuh wuh wuh. (That’s www. In special talk)

Because while I’d love to get calls from you guys the heavy breathing calls I’d get from the rest of the interweb would just be creepy. And make me want to shower.

The downside of course is because I have to get this through my email non swearing boring rules you may be without the Lucy cursing for a while.

But very very quickly –

– I love my job so much I want to kiss it on the mouth.
– I get to leave at like 5 (!) everyday!
– I know!!!

And that’s all I can fit in for today.

But hello, and I’ve missed you.


Chesty LaRue:

We miss you too!!!!!


Come back more often, k?


September 17th, 2007 | 2:54 am

We DO miss you too!!

September 17th, 2007 | 4:00 am

I third that.

September 17th, 2007 | 4:43 am

I was about to head down to Oz with a search party.

September 17th, 2007 | 5:42 am

Add me too!!!
Was just about ready to send out the Australian version of the “FBI” to find you!! (Actually I’d have called Denozo of NCIS first, I know he knows how to find women!)
Good to have you back, albeit from the office. Missed you!
Mr. Guinness

September 17th, 2007 | 8:48 am

Hooray! You’re back, even if only for five minutes. We’ve definitely missed you. 🙂

Glad to hear that you’re liking the job.

September 17th, 2007 | 12:15 pm

I second that I expect you will find a way back into this blogger place now that you have kicked the door ajar.
Catch you again soon.
Mark x

September 17th, 2007 | 4:34 pm

Ooh . That was very secret squirrel of you.

Did it work? Were you sprung?

The intrigue is killing me…

September 17th, 2007 | 9:01 pm

Yay! Lucy’s back! *happy dance*

September 17th, 2007 | 10:18 pm

Yeah, keep it up 🙂

September 18th, 2007 | 1:39 am
colonel eggroll:

Hooray! Glad you’re back! 🙂

September 18th, 2007 | 9:00 pm
Thursday's Child:

Welcome back! We missed you – and congrats on lovely new job!

September 21st, 2007 | 12:44 am
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