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no mushrooms?

Friday Sep 28, 2007

– There is a three day weekend, starting as soon as I leave the office. I think the plan is to buy a maxi dress (hello roomy goodness), have bbq’s, drink beer, swim and sleep. And I’m sorry but if that’s not the ideal weekend then Ii don’t know what is.

(Unless you also got to go shopping and get laid. That would be the ideal)

– I went out for drinks and dinner last night with the old work kids. You know you have a great night when a $1000 dinner tab is made up of more alcohol than food. Welcome to Lucy’s hangover.

– I saw a woman at Wynyard station the other night who had to have carny style dwarf genes in her family. Because I was tired I had to physically restrain myself from shouting out “CAARNNNNYYYY!!!” at the top of my lungs. (There were delays due to track work and I had no book. I was terribly terribly bored)

– I am horrendously overwhelmed and overworked at the moment. I realise it will get better but I totally need an assistant. The likelihood of me actually getting an assistant is so far from likely it’s not even funny. But a girl can try.

– And I do actually love what I’m doing, I’m so pumped about the new systems I’m going to be putting in to place. I mean I get to hang out at the Cisco lab to see all of the awesome new equipment and cool gadgets next month. I love reporting to my boss and had forgot just how supportive some female managers can be. The head dude sends out e-mails signing off with ‘rock and roll’, and tends to work past me shouting out “Work harder Lucy!” and bags the living shit out of me. And I love it. I’m just not good with the learning new things, and recognising that I can’t learn everything in my first day.

Stupid learning curve.

– I’m finding myself sneaking back at work to stay after 5pm. It’s almost like when I’d quit smoking, and started back up again having to surreptitiously spray myself with perfume and chow down on breath mints. I try, I really do to leave on time and not worry about the work load but it’s slowly killing the workaholic side of me.

– I went to my local Thai place last Sunday night for dinner because I couldn’t be bothered cooking. Beth came over Monday night to hang out so we ended up getting takeaway from the same place. And when I was asking for my usual, the girl chimed in before I could finish with, “And no mushrooms right?”.

Look, I like it when my cafe knows my coffee order. But the food ordering knowledge just feels like a fatty comment waiting to happen.

I’m totally going there again tonight,

– I am gearing up for summer. I hibernate for 9 months of the year, before becoming this beer/cocktail drinking, dress wearing, raging whore for the remaining 3 months. And I love it. I’ve decided I will be drinking some drink involving guava juice and it will be awesome.

Except for my shit hair.

– Also lessons learnt today, wearing a skirt + wearing a g string + strong winds = unpleasantness.

Anyway I should go home now,

proper update

Sunday Sep 23, 2007

So I realised that I’ve yet to cover anything that happened over the last few weeks. Then I realised that not a hell of a lot happened. Except that –

– I had 2 weeks off and completely forgot i had a job to start and thought of myself as unemployed.

And just quietly? I had no problem with that.

– Postponed buying the house. The bank is not down with me being on a probation period at work for 3 months, which I understand. So we’re pushing everything back until December. It’s all well and good, I mean I could hate this job, or they may hate me and then I’m stuck with rent and a mortgage and frankly that would blow.

– I got, hands down, the worst hair cut I’ve ever gotten. Like so bad that I went home after it, drank a bottle of wine and ate a whole batch of cookies bad.

I asked for them to get rid of the mullet bit at the moment and a trim all over. I instead walked out with my mullet barely touched, my fringe barely touched and everything else was about an inch or so long. It’s Suzie Quatro/Carol Brady style when it’s straight and just out and out pathetic when it’s curly.

It’s the saddest thing and I know it’s pretty bad when I showed both my sister and Beth and they laughed their arses off.


So it’s straight and pinned up like all the time. Well, until the spiky short bits grow out. Which we’ve estimated will take a couple of months. So that’s something to look forward to.

– The new job is awesome. I’m working harder than ever, but most of the time I get to leave at 5. Leaving this early regularly is amazing. But I don’t particularly like it.

Don’t ask. I’m quite complex after all.

– Working with Adam has been going really well. He’s off to the UK for a couple of months for work and holiday so I guess I’ll go back to ignoring people at work and dodging lunch dates.

Again, don’t ask. I’m just not very social.

– I need a new boyfriend. And by boyfriend I mean a guy friend who will come and watch new Die Hard movies, come out and drink beer with me and then participate in sleepovers.

My current one sucks. And by sucks I mean we rarely catch up because he has the libido of a half dead 90 year old man.

And I realised that I am no good at making new guy friends. Mainly because I live in the Inner West and going out for drinks locally means you will meet a vast number of gorgeous gay men. And the other option is drinks in wanky city bars which is no good because they can be wankers.

So it’s either gay men or wankers.


– I went shopping on the weekend and I really did spend too much money.

See, my new uniform for work is pencil skirts and cardigans/cute knits. So I need a couple of different skirts in different colours, and wow who knew nice cardigans were so expensive.

But I got some peep toe little black wedges.

It’s good, but I think it means I’m back to eating 2 minute noodles for a while.

Good times.


Friday Sep 21, 2007

Man, I keep meaning to update this and the whole new job “HOLY CRAP I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING AND AND MY MEMORY IS SHIT!!!!” moments means I’m neglecting my little Antilogy patch.

The emailing in of the last post almost ended in disaster, although I remembered to remove my email signature I forgot about the automatic disclaimer on the bottom of each email that’s added after I send it. So for a micro-second my company name and also some other details were posted. Luckily panoc and terror makes me quick and I removed it. Also Adam gave me the low down on removing internet monitoring.

God bless working in IT and all it’s dodgy stuff.

All up life is good, work is new and good and although I’m still trying to work out how everything works here the technology and systems are all familiar so that’s awesome.

I wish death on the old voice person who did my job but struggled with everything. It’s just bad manners to not clean up your old shit when you’re leaving a job.

I’m failing a little with the 5 o’clock finishes. You know this work life balance I’ve been complaining I never achieve?

Yeah, turns out I’m not so good with that. Who knew my workaholic side overrides my slacker tendencies?

And I’m also struggling a little with the meeting new people, well mainly I know everyone’s faces I just have no idea who they are or what they do. Including people in my own team, so that’s slightly embarassing.

But I seem to be doing okay. And by okay there’s been no talk of firing me and walking me off the premises. Which is lucky because I know I wouldn’t be going quietly or gracefully.

Anyway this weekend I’m celebrating my first full pay in over a month by going shopping and spending a buttload of money. Because that’s how I roll.

Sunday Sep 16, 2007

Alright, this is a quick test to see if I can damn the man and post from work without ever accessing the blogger website.

(I have no interweb at home L)

And without inadvertently giving out the company I work for, email address and contact details to the whole of the wuh wuh wuh. (That’s www. In special talk)

Because while I’d love to get calls from you guys the heavy breathing calls I’d get from the rest of the interweb would just be creepy. And make me want to shower.

The downside of course is because I have to get this through my email non swearing boring rules you may be without the Lucy cursing for a while.

But very very quickly –

– I love my job so much I want to kiss it on the mouth.
– I get to leave at like 5 (!) everyday!
– I know!!!

And that’s all I can fit in for today.

But hello, and I’ve missed you.

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