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Friday Aug 3, 2007

1. I got me some 4 hours sleep last night.

2. I went and saw Ash play with Chesty La Rue.

3. I also drank a wee dram of alcohol.

4. Although I was okay when I got to work, by lunchtime I wanted people to die just so I’d have some peace and quiet.

5. I’m getting a ‘bonus’ from work for being awesome. I think it’s probably more likely they’re grateful for work I’ve done and realise they should’ve made me permanent months ago so I wouldn’t be leaving but I’m going with the awesome angle.

6. Our CIO resigned this week, as I like and respect the hell out of this man, it’s only re-affirmed my resignation. If I hadn’t of resigned by now I would’ve now anyway.

7. The reason for work faffing about making me permanent was because the CIO wanted to take me with him to his new job. I told you I was awesome.

8. I have to be at work tomorrow at 7. On a Saturday. Ridiculous.

9. I sang so much last night that my throat is hoarse.

10. I left the following message on my sisters voicemail today –

“I am wearing high waisted pants! With pleats! People are losing sight and the will to live when they see me! How many more fashion don’t’s can I do today! Btw, you better have called Mum for her birthday.”

Seriously, short of chubby chicks in lycra or black stockings with white runners I couldn’t have picked a fashion don’t pair of trousers. (They do look cute but still, high waisted and pleats?)

11. Also ankle boots make no one look good. They are a vile smear on the history of footwear and if you’re wearing them and I see you I only have one thought in my head – Cankles.

12. God I’m tired.

13. I’m starting to freak out about starting the new job. Standard stuff really, what if I destroy my professional reputation, and Adam’s for recommending me, because I am shit house and I can’t handle it? What if I get sacked because I am crap?

14. I’m also going to be reporting to a female manager for the first time. It could be great, could be awful. We’ll see.

15. I really need to turn off the true crime show I’m watching because I plan to be in bed soon and I would like to sleep at some point without thoughts of creepy criminals.

16. Yep, bed.



I hate that late-breaking hangover after a big night out. It’s more soul-destroying than waking up feeling like crap.

At least when you start out bad “things can only get better”. Or so I’ve heard.

August 3rd, 2007 | 4:50 am

Work giving you money for being awesome is sweet. I haven’t been a manager at my job long enough to get in on the bonus checks (we can earn bonus every month if we’re doing well), but I can’t wait until I do.

Also, high waisted pants look good on no one. They, like so many other things (Ugg boots anyone?), should be permenantly black listed from the fashion rosters and arsenals of people everywhere.

August 3rd, 2007 | 7:58 am

Via e-amil please send me an e-mail address as I have many “forwards” I’d love to send you.(No I am a “chain breaker” and don’t do the chain letter shit. But I have a good network of “jokesters” who send some great stuff. (It’s what keeps us sane)
Mr, Guinness

August 3rd, 2007 | 6:52 pm

Gigglewick – It is isn’t it? I mean if the days starts off shit then at least the benchmark has been set.

But by starting off okay the come down hit me twice as hard.

Stupid late night and vodka.

Winter – I’ve never gotten bonus’ at work.

I come from the theory that the company shows it’s gratitude to you by paying you. If they think you’re doing crap then they fire you and stop paying you.

But actually being given a thank you gift thing has changed this slightly.

Like I’ve said before, you can totally buy my love.

(And I do own a pair of ugg boots. But because they never leave the house I keep them around)

Alec – Email link on the side of the page in the About Me section.

Although I must provide a warning that I tend to delete joke e-mails. Sender beware and all that jazz,

And if you send me a chain email I will totally block you.

August 4th, 2007 | 4:40 am
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